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seat1 (n.) aashag, jeelt, lhiabbee, stoyl, thoyn; soiag: She offered me a seat in her carriage - D'arr ee dou soiag ayns e carriads. JJK idiom; soieag; ynnyd-soie; (v.) soiaghey

seat2 (n.) (of government) ynnyd

Inexact matches:

back seat (n.) soieag chooyl; soieag yerree

box seat (n.) soieag immanagh

bracket seat (n.) soiag loodree

bucket seat (n.) soiag varril

communion seat (n.) (yn) chroa

corner seat (n.) soieag chooilley

country seat (n.) thie cheerey; steat-cheerey: She has rented a country seat near the town - T'ee er n'ghoaill er mayl steat-cheerey er- gerrey da'n valley. JJK idiom

ejection seat (n.) caair hilgee

folding seat (n.) soiag fillit

garden seat (n.) soieag gharagh

judgement seat (n.) stoyl briwnys

mercy seat (n.) stoyl ny myghin; stoyl-myghin: And thou shalt make a mercy seat of pure gold - As nee oo yn stoyl-myghin dy glen airh Bible

outside seat (n.) soieag vooie

seat belt (n.) cryss sauchys

seat box (n.) coyr fo hoiag

swivel seat (n.) soiag chassee

tub seat (n.) soieag hubbyr

window seat (n.) soieag uinnag

Seat of the Gap (n.) Soie yn Vaarney

Shieling of the Seat (n.) Eary ny Soie

Take a seat (impv) Bee dty hoie

caair hilgee (f.) ejection seat

chroa (f.) (yn) communion seat

soiag chassee (f.) swivel seat

soiag fillit (f.) folding seat

soiag loodree bracket seat

soiag varril bucket seat

soieag chooilley (f.) corner seat

soieag chooyl (f.) back seat

soieag gharagh (f.) garden seat

soieag hubbyr (f.) tub seat

soieag immanagh (f.) box seat

soieag uinnag (f.) window seat

soieag vooie (f.) outside seat

soieag yerree (f.) back seat

steat-cheerey country seat

stoyl briwnys judgement seat

mercy-seat (n.) stoyl-y-vyghin: covering the mercy seat with their wings - coodaghey stoyl y vyghin lesh nyn skianyn Bible

coyr fo hoiag (f.) seat box

stoyl ny myghin mercy seat

aashag (f.) couch, seat, sofa; (to sit on) pad; boss, embossment

Bee dty hoie (impv) Take a seat

cryss sauchys (f.) safety belt, seat belt

Eary ny Soie Shieling of the Seat

Soie yn Vaarney Seat of the Gap

thie cheerey country house, country seat, grange, villa

jeelt (f.) saddle, seat: Cur jeelt er yn assyl dou dy varkiagh Bible

soieag (f.) seat, tuffet: Ghow eh yn soieag echey reesht. DF; cushion

stoyl-myghin mercy seat: As er-y-skyn ny cherubim dy ghloyr scaaghey yn stoyl-myghin Bible

forward1 lheah, mogh-appee, shenn-chreeney; er toshiaght: The seat is too far forward - Ta'n soieag rour er toshiaght. DF idiom; ry-heet; toshee; er oaie: Carry it forward - Cur er oaie eh. DF idiom

I will appear higyms kionfenish: I will appear in the cloud upon the mercy seat - higyms kionfenish ayns y vodjal er stoyl y vyghin Bible

offered arrit, heb; chebbit: Offered wares were never good - Cha row rieau cooid chebbit mie. JJK idiom; d'arr: She offered me a seat in her carriage - D'arr ee dou soiag ayns e carriads. JJK idiom

rented er mayl: She has rented a country seat near the town - T'ee er n'ghoaill er mayl steat-cheerey er-gerrey da'n valley. JJK idiom

trousers (n.) breechyn: He split the seat of his trousers - Sceilt eh thoyn ny breechyn echey. DF idiom; breetchyn, breetçhyn

wayside (n.) cheu y vayr, oirr raad; lhiatteen raad: Eli sat upon a seat by the wayside watching - va Eli ny hoie er stoyl rish lhiatteen raad Bible

lhiabbee (=Ir. leahadh, Sc. leabd) (f.) pl. lhiabbaghyn bed, couch, litter, seat, seating: hayrn eh seose e chassynsy lhiabbee Bible; (of river) course; (of hare) form

soiaghey determine, establish, fix, implant, let, letting, mounting, pitch, place, plant, repose, seat, set, setting, settle, set up, situate, synchronize: dy voddym soiaghey my hooillyn er Bible; incursion, installation, posture, situation, station

stoyl (=Ir. stol) pl. stuill seat, stool: Ta mish my Yee, ta mee soie er stoyl Yee Bible

stoyl-y-vyghin mercy-seat: tra ta mee troggal seose my laueyn gys stoyl-y-vyghin dty hiamble casherick. Bible

thoyn (f.) anus, rectum, vent; pl. thoynyn See toinn arse, backside, behind, bottom, bum, buttock, posterior, seat: Eddyr daa stoyl ta'n thoyn er y laare. DF

ynnyd (=Ir. ionad) pl. ynnydyn centre, locale, locality, location, pitch, place, position, post, quarter, resort, spot, stage, stand, station: hug Joseph ynnyd da e ayr as e vraaraghyn Bible; (spot) place; (of government) seat; stead, substitute

ynnyd-soie seat: as va mullagh yn stoyl-reeoil runt cheu-chooylloo: as va geayltyn er dagh cheu jeh'n ynnyd-soie, as hass daa lion [dy airh] liorish ny geayltyn. Bible

hold up cooyl-chlea; lhiettrimys; shassoo; tannaghtyn ny hassoo; troggal seose: when I hold up my hands towards the mercy-seat - when I hold up my hands towards the stoyl-y-vyghin Bible

town (n.) balley: The river on the banks of which this town is situated - Yn awin er ny brooinyn ecksh ta'n balley shoh shassoo. JJK idiom; valley: She has rented a country seat near the town - T'ee er n'ghoaill er mayl steat-cheerey er-gerrey da'n valley. JJK idiom


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