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seaghyn (f.) pl. seaghynyn adversity, affliction, grief, grieving, sorrow, tribulation; woe, troubles: ta ymmodee uilk as seaghyn er duittym orroo Bible; (v.) trouble, vex

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ass seaghyn out of trouble: Shoh adsyn haink ass seaghyn mooar, as t'er niee nyn goamraghyn, as er ghiallaghey ad liorish fuill yn Eayn. Bible

jannoo seaghyn vex: Cha row red erbee jannoo seaghyn da dys haink yn vee gy-kione, as rish shiaghtyn v'eh ny lhie feiy'n laa sy lhiabbee fo aggle mooar gyn obbraghey noadyr. GB

cur seaghyn da grieve

vex (v.) boirey er, cur farg er, maghlaghey, jannoo seaghyn, seaghyn; cur sneih er: and vex them in his sore displeasure. - as ver eh sneih orroo ayns trimmid e yymmoose Bible; seaghney: Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him - Cha jean oo seaghney joarree, chamoo hee oo tranlaase er: Bible; cur seaghyn er: Neither shalt thou take a wife to her sister, to vex her - Chamoo ghoys oo ben as e shuyr, dy choyrt seaghyn urree Bible; (y) chraghey: for God did vex them with all adversity - son nee Jee ad y heaghney lesh dy chooilley arkys Bible; (y) heaghney

tribulation (n.) seaghyn: When thou art in tribulation - As tra tou ayns seaghyn Bible; fuilliaghtyn

girrey shorter: Ta seaghyn gaase liorish boandyrys, ta seaghyn marroo ayns traa sgirrey na obbyr. EF

adversity seaghyn

grieving seaghnagh; seaghyn

out of trouble ass seaghyn: Seldom is a hasty man out of trouble - S'tiark ta dooinney siyragh ass seaghyn. JJK idiom

troubles (npl.) dowrinyn: and many evils and troubles shall befall them - as nee ymmodee uilk, as dowrinyn tuittym orroo Bible; seaghyn: He shall deliver thee in six troubles - Nee eh uss y livrey ayns shey seaghyn Bible

woe (n.) coe, donnys, merg, smerg; seaghyn: Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? - Quoi ec ta seaghyn? quoi ec ta trimshey? Bible

affliction (n.) arkys, donnys, seaghyn, smeih

grief (n.) graue, guiy boght, seaghyn; pian

grieve (v.) cur jymmoose, cur seaghyn da, seaghnaghey; craidoil

angaish agony: Nee seaghyn as angaish aggle y chur er Bible

cramp complex, intricate; plague, pestilence: mychione caggey, as seaghyn, as cramp Bible

shooyll walk: Ga dy vel mee shooyll ayns mean seaghyn Bible

uilk evils: tra ta ymmodee uilk as seaghyn er duittym orroo Bible

hasty (adj.) gaskeydagh; joltee; siyragh: Seldom is a hasty man out of trouble - S'tiark ta dooinney siyragh ass seaghyn. JJK idiom; tappee

oppression (n.) chenjaght, chenjys, drogh-chorrym, laue-lajerys; tranlaase: and looked on our affliction, and our labour, and our oppression - as yeeagh eh er nyn seaghyn, y deinys, as y tranlaase ain Bible

trouble1 boir, seaghyn; boirey: She has nothing but trouble - Cha nel veg eck agh boirey. JJK idiom; boiraghey, boirey er, jannoo er, seaghnaghey; trubbyl; tooilleil

boiragh bothersome, puzzling, uncomfortable, unsettling, upsetting, vociferous, worrying: Ta deiney boiragh cur yn ard-valley fo seaghyn Bible

cha neaisht-ym I will not hear: son cha neaisht-ym roo tra nee ad geamagh hym ayns earish nyn seaghyn Bible

chenn See shenn (yn) old: as eshyn ta loo er y thalloo, nee eh loo liorish Jee yn ynrickys; er-yn-oyr dy vel yn chenn seaghyn jarroodit, as dy vel ad keillit veih my hooillyn. Bible

er e cheeayll sane; on his mind: Jymmoose as troo, seaghyn as anvea, aggle y vaaish, as corree, as streeu, as ayns traa ny fea er e lhiabbee, ta e chadley-oie cur shaghrynys er e cheeayll. Apoc

smaylyn sparks: Ny-yeih ta dooinney er ny ruggey gys seaghyn, myr ta smaylyn yn aile getlagh lesh yn yrjid. Bible

trimshaghyn sorrows: bee craaghyn thallooin ayns ymmodee ynnydyn, as gennaghyn as seaghyn: ad shoh toshiaght trimshaghyn. Bible

ymmodee ynnydyn sundry places: bee craaghyn thallooin ayns ymmodee ynnydyn, as gennaghyn as seaghyn: ad shoh toshiaght trimshaghyn. Bible

ymmyrkey seose carry up: T'ad er nyn ymmyrkey seose 'syn aer, as sheese reesht gys y diunid: ta'n annym oc lhe•e ersooyl er coontey nyn seaghyn. Bible

sorrow bran; seaghyn; smeih; sou-aigney; trimshey: There was a note of sorrow in his voice - Va blass trimshey ayns e choraa. DF idiom; dobberan: She made a great display of her sorrow - Ren ee musthaa mychione y dobberan eck. DF idiom

succour commar; commarey; coamrey, cur cooney da; fastee; cooney lesh: when the Syrians of Damascus came to succour Hadadezer king of Zobah - tra haink Syrianee Ghamascus dy chooney lesh Hadadezer ree Zobah Bible; kemmyrk: thou art my succour, haste thee to help me - she uss my chemmyrk; jean siyr dy chooney lhiam Bible; (to); (dy) niartaghey: he is able to succour them that are tempted - t'eh pooaral dy niartaghey lhieusyn ter nyn browal [lesh seaghyn.] Bible

Kione Doo Black Head: Ta seaghyn mooar orrym nagh row greie-recortys ayn ayns ny laghyn shid hug Caesar orryms as er my vraar "Kione Doo" dy screeu sheese yn sheean hene jeh'n Ghaelg echey as cha nee yn aght screeuee ta ry-geddyn ayns Gaelg screeuit. LTQ

lheie ersooyl blow over, die out, dwindle, wear off: Ta'n drualtys eck er lheie ersooyl dasyn. DF; (as ice) vanish; waste away: derrey va slane sheeloghe ny deiney-caggee e lheïe ersooyl veih masteyn cheshaght Bible; melt away: ren creeaghyn y pobble lheïe ersooyl, as vad lhag myr ushtey Bible; fade away: Nee joarreeyn lheïe ersooyl, as bee ad agglagh ayns ny ynnydyn follit oc. Bible; pass away: myr ny strooanyn tad lheïe ersooyl Bible; consumed: as lesh chiass ny greiney tad lheïe ersooyl Bible; be no more: derrey ta ny niaughyn lheïe ersooyl, cha jean ad doostey Bible; fly away: Nee eh lheïe ersooyl myr dreamal Bible; depart: Nee bishagh e hie lheïe ersooyl Bible; scattered: Myrgeddin liorish deayrtey neose ushtey tan bodjal trome lheïe ersooyl Bible; worn away: Ta my aalid er nimmeeaght lesh eer seaghyn: as er ny lheïe ersooyl kyndagh rish ooilley my noidyn Bible; done away


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