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sea (n.) faarkey; Juan Gorrym; keayn: The whole fleet is at sea - Ta'n slane flod er y cheayn. JJK idiom; mooir: Is the sea not calm enough? - Nagh vel y vooir kiune dy-liooar? JJK idiom; cheayn; muir; (the); (yn) aarkey; (gen.) marrey

Inexact matches:

Antarctic Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Antarctagh

Arctic Sea (n.) (The) Mooir yn Arctagh; (Yn) Vooir Arctagh

at sea (adj.) er y cheayn: The whole fleet is at sea - Ta'n slane flod er y cheayn. JJK idiom; er yn aarkey

Baltic Sea (n.) (Yn) Faarkey Baltagh; (Yn) Vooir Valtagh

Bering Sea (n.) Mooir Bering

Black Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Ghoo

brazen sea (n.) faarkey prashey

Caribbean Sea (n.) (The); (Y) Vooir Charibagh

Caspian Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Chaspagh

Celtic Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Cheltiagh

Dead Sea (n.) (The); (Y) Vooir Varroo

deep sea (n.) marrey mooar

head sea (n.) faarkey toshee

high sea (n.) faarkey trome

Irish Sea (n.) Mooir Vannin

lumpy sea (n.) faarkey brisht

Mediterranean Sea (n.) (The); (Y) Veanvooir

North Sea (n.) (The) Mooir Hostyn; (Yn) Keayn Twoaie

of sea marrey

open sea (n.) reamys marrey

Red Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Ruy; faarkey jiarg

salt sea (n.) aarkey-sailjey; faarkey sailjey; keayn saljey

Sargasso Sea (n.) Mooir yn Amlee

sea air (n.) aer varrey

sea anchor (n.) aker varrey

sea anemone (n.) askaid; askaid varrey

sea angler (n.) breckeyder marrey

sea angling eeastagh marrey

Sea Bank (n.) Broogh Marrey

sea bank (n.) broogh varrey

sea bathing snaue faarkey

sea battle (n.) caggey marrey

sea bed (n.) grunt ny marrey, thoyn ny marrey

sea beet (n.) beetys marrey

sea bindweed (n.) scurb ny traie, lus chianglee ny marrey

sea bird (n.) eean marrey, eeanlee marrey, ushag varrey

sea biscuit (n.) brishtag cheayin

sea blast (n.) blest keayin

sea blite (n.) lus ny gless

sea boots (npl.) bootsyn marrey

sea bottom (n.) thoyn ny marrey

sea bream (n.) carroo

sea breeze (n.) fynneraght varrey, geay varrey

sea buckthorn (n.) bugogue varrey

sea calf (n.) raun

sea campion (n.) lus ny brooinyn hraie

sea carrier (n.) erreyder marrey

sea carrot (n.) carradje varrey

sea chart (n.) caslys marrey, mooir-chaslys

sea chest (n.) coyr varrey

sea clubrush (n.) shuin varrey

sea coal (n.) geayl marrey

sea coast (n.) cheau ny marrey; coose ny marrey; slyst ny marrey: Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast - Smerg da cummaltee slystyn ny marrey Bible; oirr ny marrey: he came and dwelt in Capernaum, which is upon the sea coast - haink eh dy chummal ayns Capernaum, ta rish oirr ny marrey Bible; ardjyn ny marrey: and from the sea coast of Tyre and Sidon - as veih ardjyn ny marrey Tyre as Sidon Bible

Sea Containers (npl.) Cummeydaneyn Marrey

sea craft (n.) baatyn beggey marrey; keird marrey

sea crossing (n.) jurnaa

sea cucumber (n.) cucowr marrey

sea defence (n.) coadey marrey

sea dog (n.) raun

sea eagle (n.) urley marrey

sea eel (n.) astan marrey

sea elephant (n.) raun mooar, raun stronnagh

sea fennel (n.) cabbash hraie, cabbash varrey

sea fern (n.) freoagh marrey, renniagh ny marrey

Sea Field (n.) Magher y Cheayn

sea fish (n.) eeast marrey

sea fisheries (npl.) eeastagh-marrey

sea fishery (n.) eeastagh marrey

sea floor (n.) grunt ny marrey, thoyn ny marrey

sea foam (n.) barrag, barrag varrey, dredje, girwein, kesh varrey

sea fowl (n.) eean marrey, eeanlee marrey

sea hardgrass (n.) faiyr ny marrey

sea holly (n.) cullyn traie, hollyn hraie

sea horse (n.) eagh marrey

Sea House (n.) Thie ny Marrey

sea ivory (n.) faasaag ny greg

sea kale (n.) caayl ny marrey, caayl traie, cabbash hraie

sea lamprey (n.) creayll

sea lavender (n.) lus lheeah ny traie

sea lawyer (n.) leighder marrey, sharkagh

sea legs (n.) cassyn marrey

sea lettuce (n.) sluggane

sea level (n.) ardjid ny marrey

sea light (n.) soilshey marrey

sea line (n.) bun ny speyr

sea lion (n.) raun chleayshagh

sea loch (n.) logh varrey

sea lord (n.) chiarn y lhuingys caggee

sea mark (n.) cowrey marrey

sea monster (n.) raun

Sea Mount (n.) Cronk Marrey

sea mouse (n.) lugh varrey

sea mud (n.) laagh varrey

sea music (n.) kiaull marrey

sea nettle (n.) bayrn mooar

Sea Nook (n.) Cooil ny Marrey

sea nymph (n.) ben jee varrey; moidyn varrey

sea oil (n.) ooill rauney

sea otter (n.) dooarchoo marrey

sea passage (n.) marrinys; turrys varrey

sea passenger (n.) troailtagh marrey

sea pea (n.) pishyr hraie; pishyr voorey

sea pebble (n.) mynchlagh varrey

sea perch (n.) kereyder

sea pie (n.) pye ghort

sea piece mooir-chaslys

sea pink (n.) blaa ruishagh

sea plant (n.) losserey varrey

sea plantain (n.) cabbag aalin

sea poppy (n.) barrag wuigh

sea power (n.) cummaght varrey; mooir-chummaght

sea purslane (n.) lus y phollinagh; lus y voorey

sea risk (n.) gaue keayin

sea rock (n.) sker

sea rocket (n.) lus y chladdee

sea rock-lichen (n.) dooid ny greg

sea room (n.) reamys marrey; reamys shiaullee

sea salt (n.) sollan marrey

sea sandwort (n.) lus ny geinnee

sea scorpion (n.) jialgan sonney

sea scout (n.) scrialtagh marrey

sea shanty (n.) arrane marrey

sea slater (n.) grannag

sea slug (n.) shilleeid varrey; shilleein marrey

sea snail (n.) crammag varrey

sea song (n.) arrane marrey

sea speed (n.) bieauid lhuingey

sea spray (n.) cooryn marrey

sea spume (n.) dredje; folt ny ben marrey

sea squirt (n.) askaid

sea tangle (n.) fam firryn; slat varrey

Sea Terminal (n.) Ynnyd Varrey

sea thrift (n.) kione jiarg; neaynin traie

sea tide (n.) tidey varrey

sea trip (n.) turrys marrey

sea trout (n.) breck gial

sea unicorn (n.) un-eairkagh marrey; un-eairkan marrey

sea urchin (n.) crockan traie; kione chiyt

Sea View (n.) Reayrt ny Marrey

sea voyage (n.) marrinys

sea voyager (n.) troailtagh marrey

sea water (n.) saailley

sea wife (n.) moir-vollan

sea wind (n.) geay varrey

sea wormwood (n.) ullymar varrey

sea-worn stone (n.) mooirlaig

sea wrasse (n.) kereyder

South Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Yiass

Tasman Sea (n.) Mooir y Tasman

territorial sea (n.) mooir reillt

Weddell Sea (n.) (The) Mooir Weddell

White Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Vane

Yellow Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Vuigh

bathe in sea (v.) (to) faarkey

black sea bream (n.) carroo doo

Cairn of the Sea Edge (n.) Carn y Claddee

columnar rock in sea (n.) eekad

common sea urchin (n.) kione kiyt

Dry Sea Rock (n.) Carrick Creen

high promontory in sea (n.) mooirveinn

Isle of Man Sea Terminal (n.) Boayl Troailtee Varrey Vannin; Stashoon Marrey Ellan Vannin

isles of the sea (npl.) ellanyn yn aarkey

margin of the sea (n.) oirr ny marrey

of the sea keayin; (gen.) varrey; (ny) marrey: Because of the dangers of the sea - Kyndagh rish danjeyryn ny marrey. DF idiom

old sea dog (n.) shenn varrinagh

Place by the Sea (n.) Mooiragh

rock in the sea (n.) carrick

rolling of sea glog; soodraght

romance of the sea (n.) druaightys ny marrey

Sea of Azov (n.) Mooir Azov

sea of blood (n.) logh vooar folley

sea of faces (n.) millaghyn oaie

Sea of Galilee (n.) faarkey Ghalilee

Sea Rock of the Cliff (n.) Carrick ny h'Eaynin

Sea Terminal Building (n.) Troggal Stashoon Marrey

Sea View Cottage (n.) Croit Shilley Marrey

Shore of the Sea (n.) Traie ny Marrey

small sea rock (n.) skellig, skerrane

South Sea Islands (npl.) Ellanyn ny Marrey Jiass

Star of the Sea (n.) Rollage ny Marrey

toss on sea surlaghey

windy with choppy sea (n.) earish glonkagh

wreck of the sea (n.) mooirchoor ny marrey, mooirchooir ny marrey

Isle of Man Sea Terminal Buildings (npl.) Troggalyn Stashoon Marrey Ellan Vannin

marrey (gen.) sea, of sea: nee shiu campal rish oirr ny marrey. Bible; of the sea

thoyn ny marrey (f.) sea bed, sea bottom, sea floor: Lhong y chur da thoyn ny marrey. DF

raun (f.) pl. raunteeyn, raunyn sea calf, sea dog, seal, sea monster: Ta eer raunyn ny marrey tayrn magh nyn sheeintyn Bible

arrane marrey sea shanty, sea song

cabbash hraie (f.) sea fennel, sea kale

dredje (f.) sea foam, sea spume, spume

eeanlee marrey (npl.) sea bird, sea fowl

eean marrey (n.) sea bird, sea fowl

eeastagh marrey sea angling, sea fishery

geay varrey (f.) sea breeze, sea wind

mooir-chaslys (f.) sea chart, sea piece, seascape

reamys marrey leeway, open sea, sea room, seaway

troailtagh marrey sea passenger, sea voyager, voyager

kereyder comber, hackler, sea perch, sea wrasse, waxer; (of wool) teaser

marrinys (on ship) boat passage; cruise, sea passage, sea voyage, voyage


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