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scryssey cancel, cancellation, elimination, erase, forage, grin, growl, pare down, rub out, scrap, scrape, scrape away, scraping, scratch, shave, sneer, strike out, wipe out, write off: Son s'coan t'ad er scryssey harrish lhott inneen my phobble Bible

Inexact matches:

scryssey jeh eliminate

scryssey magh abolish, amortize, blot out, delete, efface, erase, erasure, obliterate, scratch out, scrub, shatter, strike off, wear off: Lhig dooin scryssey magh yn leigh shoh. JJK V'eh scryssey magh looghyn. DF Reireyder-troar, Graham Shimmin, t'eh gra dy vel kuse dy haghteraghtyn er nyn scryssey magh er y gherrid kyndagh rish y traastey mooar politickagh. BS Ren eh scryssey magh yn fockle. DF; (as vision) blur; abolition, abolishment, attrition, deletion, obliteration

scryssey magh focklyn bowdlerize

scryssey magh marranyssyn debug

erase (v.) dolley magh, scryssey, scryssey magh

abolish (v.) moogh; mooghey; astyral; astyrt; scryssey magh: Let us abolish this law - Lhig dooin scryssey magh yn leigh shoh. JJK idiom

abolishment (n.) scryssey magh

amortize (v.) maihaghey, scryssey magh

attrition (n.) scryssey magh

blur3 (v.) (as vision) milley, scryssey magh

bowdlerize (v.) scryssey magh focklyn

elimination (n.) femblal, scryssey

erasure (n.) dolley, scryssey magh

obliterate (v.) scryssey magh

pare down (v.) scryssey

rub out (v.) scrissey, scryssey

scrape away (v.) scryssey

scratch out (v.) scryssey magh

strike out (v.) fosley; scryssey

deletion (n.) goit magh, scryssey magh

efface (v.) glenney jeh, scryssey magh

ineffaceable (adj.) do-scryssey

ineradicable (adj.) do-scryssey

obliteration (n.) dolley magh, scryssey magh

shatter (v.) mynvrishey, scryssey magh, smoashal

do-scryssey ineffaceable, ineradicable

abolition (n.) astyrt, dolley magh, mooghey, scryssey magh

cancellation (n.) dolley magh, noi-oardagh, rassey, scryssey

delete (v.) dolley magh; goaill magh; scryssey magh

eliminate (v.) cur jerrey er, jiooldey, scryssey jeh

forage (v.) cur foddyr da, ronsaghey, scryssey; (n.) foddyr

scrape creoiys; scrabbey; screeb; screebey; scryssey

scraping kinneig; scrabbey; screebagh; screebey; scryss; scryssey

sneer connaasagh; faghid; grinderys; jannoo gannidys er; scryssey

strike off (v.) bwoalley jeh, giarrey jeh, scryssey magh

wear off (v.) lheie ersooyl, scryssey magh

wipe out (v.) cur fo hart, scryssey

write off scryssey; slane coayl; slane juailys

growl buirroogh; buirrooghey; gurr; gyrn; gyrnal; rooit; scryss; scryssey

scratch claamey; ingney; jeh'n traa; rassey; scrabage; scrabey; screeb; screebage; screebey; scryssey

shave (v.) baarey: I must shave - Shegin dou baarey. JJK idiom; scryssey; shaval

cancel (v.) cur ass, scryssey; dolley magh: They cancel each other out - T'ad dolley magh y cheilley. DF idiom; duillag ynnyd, lheanagh ynnyd

debug1 (v.) (compute) jee-chrontaghey, jee-loghtaghey, jee-outaghey; scughey cronnyn, scughey foiljyn, scughey lheamyssyn, scughey marranyssyn; glenney marranyssyn; dolley magh marranyssyn, scryssey magh marranyssyn

grin (v.) feeacklaghey, grindee, grynli, scryssey; gyrnal: To grin and bear it - Gyrnal as cummal er. JJK idiom; (n.) grangan, gyrn, scryss

scrap caggey; giarrag; meer; monney: There is not a scrap - Cha vel monney. DF idiom; ribbag; scarrick; scran; scryssey; trustyr; brooillagh; smooirlagh; greim; minniag; fooillagh

scrub (v.) scooirey, scryssey magh; scooir: Give the table a scrub - Scooir yn boayrd. DF idiom; (n.) scrub

Shee, shee (impv) Pax, Peace, peace: Son s'coan t'ad er scryssey harrish lhott inneen my phobble, gra, Shee, shee ; tra nagh vel shee nyn gour. Bible

blot out (v.) cur mow; dolley: and blot out their name from under heaven - as dy bollagh dolley ass yn ennym oc fo niau Bible; dollaghey, mooghey, scryssey magh; cur ass cooinaghtyn: that thou shalt blot out the remembrance of Amalek - dy der oo ass cooinaghtyn ennym Amalek Bible


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