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screeuit written: V'ad gaccan nagh row yn lioar feer screeuaght er-yn-oyr nagh row ee screeuit ec-hene. Carn

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caartrey screeuit libel

ennym screeuit signature

ennym screeuit reeoil sign manual

written screeuit; screeut; scruit

handwritten (adj.) laue-screeuit

sign manual (n.) ennym screeuit reeoil

subscript (n., adj.) fo-screeuit

undersigned (v.) heese-screeuit

fo-screeuit signed, subscript

heese-screeuit undersigned

laue-screeuit handwritten

libel (v.) caartrey ayns screeuyn; (n.) caartrey screeuit

bible (n.) bible: The bible says - T'eh screeuit 'sy Vible. DF idiom

signature (n.) ennym screeuit, screeuys; ennym: Put your signature to it - Cur dty ennym rish. DF idiom

signed cowrit, signit; fo-screeuit; signal; screeu: He signed with a cross - Screeu eh e chowrey. DF idiom

chengaghey (v., n.) tongue: Cha nel shen red noa, son shicherys, tra ram lioaryn er nyn screeuit ayns ny chengaghey celtiaghey. Carn

Chreestiaght (f.) Christendom; (Yn) Holy communion, Holy sacrament, Holy Communion: Ta fer elley e co-haggloo er shirveish y Chreestiaght enmyssit " Shibber y Chiarn," screeuit ayns Baarle as jeant ayns Gaelg liorish yn arrymagh Philip Moore. Carn

jeh'n vee shoh chaie ultimo: Tra va mee ayns Derrybeg (Doon ny Ghoal) ec jerrey jeh'n vee shoh chaie, vrie Alan Heusaff jeem dy screeu red ennagh mychione lioar screeuit ec Polig Monjarret (Toniou Breiz-Izel) jeh kiaull Britaanagh. Carn

lane-yerkallagh optimist, optimistic: Va skeeal screeuit tammylt beg er-dy-henney liorish fer jeh ny loayrtee shinney ayns nyn lhing-hene ta smoo lane-yerkallagh as t'eh soilshaghey magh dooin nyn gurrymyn. Carn

reagheyder administrator, arbitrator, arranger, decider, editor, organiser, organizer, settler, umpire: Va e fockleyn currit sheese er recortysser rybbanagh as eisht screeuit sheese ec reagheyder. Carn

Kione Doo Black Head: Ta seaghyn mooar orrym nagh row greie-recortys ayn ayns ny laghyn shid hug Caesar orryms as er my vraar "Kione Doo" dy screeu sheese yn sheean hene jeh'n Ghaelg echey as cha nee yn aght screeuee ta ry-geddyn ayns Gaelg screeuit. LTQ


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