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screebey abrade, abrasion, chafe, claw, dress, friction, grate, graze, itch, rasp, scrape, scratch, scrawl, scuffle, stridulate: ghow eh shlig chrockan dy screebey eh-hene Bible; clawing, scraping, scratching, striking [O.Ir. scrípaid]

Inexact matches:

fainey screebey (f.) scraper ring

gyn screebey unscraped

lhieen screebey trail net; (for mines) trawl

screebey drommey back scratching

screebey jeh scrape off

screebey roish scrape along

cur screebey skeab er brush over

abrade (v.) screebey

abrasion (n.) screeb, screebey

back scratching screebey drommey

clawing (v.) ingney, screebey

friction (n.) screebey

itch (n.) screebane, taghys; (v.) screebey

scrape along (v.) screebey roish

scrape off (v.) screebey jeh

scraper ring (n.) fainey screebey

scratching (v.) screebey

scrawl screebey; screebeydys

stridulate (v.) screebey

trail net (n.) lhieen screebey

trawl2 (for mines) lhieen screebey

unscraped gyn screebey; neuscreebit

chafe (v.) chehghey; jiargey; rubbey; screebey

brush over (v.) cur screebey skeab er, skeabey

claw1 (n.) croag, ingin, spaag, spuir; (v.) screebey, ingney

graze (v.) fassaghey, gyndyr, pastyral, yndyr; screebey

scrape creoiys; scrabbey; screeb; screebey; scryssey

scraping kinneig; scrabbey; screebagh; screebey; scryss; scryssey

scuffle costreppey; jannoo boiranys; screebane; screebey; streeu

grate (n.) clean aile, grate, cleeah; (v.) cur cleeah er, jeestyrnee, screebey

rasp caignan; caigney; craiughan; craiughey; jeesternee; screebey; (n.) shleeuan yiarn

scratch claamey; ingney; jeh'n traa; rassey; scrabage; scrabey; screeb; screebage; screebey; scryssey

striking bwoalley: It's just striking - T'eh bwoalley nish. JJK idiom; labbal; lhieggey; screebey

shlig (=Ir. slig) (f.) (pl -yn) body, scale, scale pan, shell, test: As ghow eh shlig chrockan dy screebey eh-hene; Bible; splinter

dress (n.) eaddagh: Native dress - Eaddagh ny cheerey. DF idiom; gooyn: A dress in white silk - Gooyn jeh sheeidey bane. DF idiom; (v.) baarey; coamrey; cur eaddagh er; cur mysh: Dress the children as quickly as possible - Cur mysh ny paitchyn cha tappee as oddys shiu. JJK idiom; jannoo coamrey da; jeshaghey; jesheenaghey; lhiasaghey; pollal; screebey; skeoghey; stolkey; kiartaghey


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