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scrape creoiys; scrabbey; screeb; screebey; scryssey

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scrape along (v.) screebey roish

scrape away (v.) scryssey

scrape off (v.) screebey jeh

scrape through (v.) goll trooid

scrape together (v.) chymsaghey, corlaigey, prughal, raakey

I will scrape sheeb-ym

prughal scrape together

scrabbey scrape, scraping

screebey jeh scrape off

screebey roish scrape along

scryssey cancel, cancellation, elimination, erase, forage, grin, growl, pare down, rub out, scrap, scrape, scrape away, scraping, scratch, shave, sneer, strike out, wipe out, write off: Son s'coan t'ad er scryssey harrish lhott inneen my phobble Bible

corlaigey rake, rake over, scrape together; raking

creoiys neatness, predicament, scrape, severity, stoniness; (of frost) bitterness; (of the law) rigour

raakey rake, rake out, rake over, scrape together; raking

screeb (f.) abrasion, scolding, score, scrape, scratch: Screeb jeh'n phenney. DF

chymsaghey accumulate, gather, pick off, round up, scrape together, congregation: nee oo chymsaghey ny jeeassyn Bible; gathereth; gather up

goll trooid scrape through, undergo; go through, pass through: As myr v'ad goll trooid ny ard-valjyn livrey ad daue ny oardaghyn dy reayll, va sarit liorish ny ostyllyn as y chanstyr va ec Jerusalem. Bible

screebey abrade, abrasion, chafe, claw, dress, friction, grate, graze, itch, rasp, scrape, scratch, scrawl, scuffle, stridulate: ghow eh shlig chrockan dy screebey eh-hene Bible; clawing, scraping, scratching, striking [O.Ir. scrípaid]

sheeb-ym I will disperse, I will scrape: sheeb-yms ersooyl yn verchys eck myr joan Bible


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