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scapail abscond, absconding, abscondment, avoid, elude, escape: ny lhig da fer jeu scapail Bible; get out

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gyn scapail unescaped: bwooishal ny cruink as sleityn roie v'ad fo ve er nyn mooin reesht, 's gyn scapail voue bio. PC

absconding (v.) feolagh, scapail

abscondment (n.) chea, scapail

get out (v.) aarlaghey; geddyn magh; scapail: I couldn't get out of it - Cha dod mee scapail jeh. DF idiom; tayrn; (intj) magh ass: Get out! - Magh ass shoh! DF idiom

unescaped gyn scapail

elude (v.) cosney roish; scapail; shaghney

abscond (v.) feolaghey, roie er chea, scapail

chosnys will gain: Agh adsyn chosnys roue, nee ad scapail Bible

yinnin (=Ir. dhéanainn) I would do: Yinnin siyr dy scapail Bible

escape (v.) scapail; shaghney; cosney roish: I still had hopes of his escape - Va foast jerkallys aym dy gosnagh eh roish. JJK idiom

escapes scaap-ys; scaapail: He sees everything, nothing escapes him - T'eh fakin dy-chooilley red, cha nel veg scapail eh. JJK idiom

shall not cha negin: Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden - Cha negin diu gee jeh dy-chooilley villeysy gharey Bible; cha jean: he shall not escape - cha jean eh scapail Bible

baare y chliwe point of the sword: thousane thousaneyn spyrryd roie dy chion roish baare y chliwe dy scapail nyn gione, PC

colleishyn colleges: Ny yeih shen as ooilley, ta caa ayn dy bee Mannin scapail veih paart jeh ny reddyn agglagh ta taghyrt ayns ny scoillyn as colleishyn ayns Sostyn as Bretin ec y traa t'ayn. Carn

dooinney (=Ir. duine) pl. deiney fellow, human, husband, man: cha ren dooinney jeu scapail Bible [O.Ir. duine]

dowanagh cosmic, cosmical; global, terrestrial: T'eh grait dy vel Mannin cloie er ardane dowanagh nish as by chiart dooin scapail veih rumbyl Voir Sostyn tra vees mayd abyl shen y yannoo. Carn

drid jogtrot, trot: Ga dy vel Major jannoo eab ennagh dy scapail veih scadoo y Thooder, dy firrinagh she guilley drid y Thooder t'ayn. Carn

gymmyrkey mess fructiferous, fructification, fructify: As y fooilliagh t'er scapail jeh thie Yudah, nee foast fraue 'ghoaill sheese, as gymmyrkey mess seose. Bible

jehsyn (emph.) of him: fenee jehsyn ta er-chea, as jeeish ter scapail, as abbyr, Cre ter jeet erriu? Bible

pooaragh influential, mighty, powerful: ny smooinee dy scapail my laue's fey laa, mish s'lhoys nish dty chumrail ayns mean dty hiyr dy hrial nee oo'n Jee ta ooilley-niartal pooaragh, ny nagh nee. PC

raghtanys indigence, need, want; rigour: Ren Fiona McArdle, Karin McArdle, Stewart Bennett, Peddyr Shimmin, Peddyr Karran, Dave Fisher, Ian Morrison and Steoin Blackburn scapail veih'n raghtanys jeh vea ayns Mannin, ga nagh row eh agh rish daa laa. Dhoor; indiscretion

scaapit untaken: agh y ghoayr huittys y lot er dy scapail, bee eh er ny hebbal bio roish y Chiarn, dy yannoo lhiasaghey lesh, as dy lhiggey'n raad da son goayr-scaapit gys yn aasagh Bible

avoid (v.) scapail; shaghney: Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife - Ny-yeih, dy haghney maarderys, lhig da e ven hene ve ec dagh dooinney Bible; shaghyn: But avoid foolish questions - Agh shaghyn questionyn ommijagh Bible; chea roish: Avoid it, pass not by it - Jean chea roish, ny gow liorish Bible


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