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scansh (f.) consequence, importance, moment, momentousness, regard, respect: Dy jarroo cha ren ad scansh jeh'n cheer eunyssagh shen Bible

Inexact matches:

gyn scansh regardless: Gyn scansh ny cooish y hoiggal. DF

ard jeh scansh sheansagh vooar area of special scientific interest

carrey jeh scansh valued friend

cur scansh da notice, underline: Eaisht-jee rish nyn greeaghyn eu gyn cur scansh da nyn sporranyn. Carn

fer gyn scansh nonentity

gyn scansh da irrespective: Gyn scansh da'n chostys. DF

jeh beggan scansh trivial, unimportant: Ga dy vel Nerin jeh beggan scansh myr cheer, er aght keoi ennagh ta ny Americanee coontey ee y ve scanshoil ayns caggey eddyr America as y Roosh. Carn

regardless (adj., adv.) gyn scansh: Regardless of cost - Gyn scansh da'n chostys. DF idiom; meerioosagh, neugheillagh, neu-hastagh

consequence (n.) eiyrtys, foaynoo, scansh

importance (n.) bree; foaynoo: Woman of great importance - Ben jeh foaynoo mooar. DF idiom; frioose; scansh: It is of the utmost importance - Jeh'n scansh smoo t'eh. DF idiom; trimmid

irrespective (adv.) gyn scansh da

momentousness (n.) frioosaght, imraaght, scansh

regard scansh: That's not of much regard - Cha nel shen jeh monney scansh. DF idiom; jannoo soiagh jeh, jannoo frioose

unimportant (adj.) jeh beggan scansh, neuscanshoil

nonentity (n.) anvioys, fer gyn scansh, neunhee

trivial (adj.) fardailagh, gyn foaynoo, jeh beggan scansh, neuscanshoil

underline cur linney fo; cur scansh da

valued friend (n.) carrey jeh scansh; carrey mooar

area of special scientific interest (n.) ard jeh scansh sheansagh vooar

strateyshagh strategical, strategist: She cooish jeh scansh strateyshagh ashoonagh t'ayn BS

moment1 (n.) thootch, thootchey, thurrick, tullagh, tullogh; shallid: Wait a moment; it's locked - Fuirree shiu shallid; t'eh glast. JJK idiom; frioose; scansh

respect arrym: Respect is due to old age - Ta arrym cair da shenn-eash. JJK idiom; (n.) ammys, leigh, scansh; (v.) jannoo soiagh jeh; ennaghtyn

utmost jerrinagh; (pref.) s'; smoo: It is of the utmost importance - Jeh'n scansh smoo t'eh. DF idiom; sodjey; s'odjey: I am doing my utmost - Ta mee jannoo my chooid s'odjey. DF idiom

carnaneyn-caggee ramparts: cha jean ad soiaghey scansh jeh ynnyd lajer erbee, son nee ad tilgey seose carnaneyn-caggee as goaill eh. Bible

cur coontey da narrate: S'crowreydagh shoh as heemayd yn scansh jeh shoh erreish dooin cur coontey da'n feanish elley. GB

dooinney coar nice man: Dooinney coar t'ayn, agh s'leayr nagh vel eh toiggal y scansh jeh'n chengey. Carn

eggoayllyssagh ecological: dooyrt Mainshtyr Henderson dy vel e rheynn goaill rish y scansh eggoayllyssagh jeh thalloo ny crink. BS

gorley disease, festering, malady: Sleih ta coayl yn chengey oc, cha nel ad surranse lesh gorley ta jeh beggan scansh. Carn

litcherys1 idleness, indolence, inertia, laziness, slothfulness: Eaddagh jesh, litcherys, goaill eaysh ec y chiollagh -- ren Harry soiaghey scansh er veg jeh ny reddyn shoh. MB

neuchorrymid inequality, partiality: As jeh ooilley ny oyryn er-lhiam dy vel neuchorrymid ny red jeh smoo scansh. Dhoor; incapability

oaiys (f.) perjury: Son edyr t'ad ass nyn geeayll tra t'ad ayns nyn reaïd, ny phadeyrys breagyn, ny dellal dy neu-chairal, ny gyn scansh 've oc jeh loo-oaiys. Apoc

notice cur scansh da, cur tastey da, goaill baght jeh, tastal; cur geill da: She doesn't take much notice - Cha nel ee cur monney geill da. DF idiom; goaill tastey jeh: It slipped my notice - Cha ghow mee tastey jeh. DF idiom; baght; fogrey: Display a notice - Fogrey y chur seose. DF idiom; fogrey scuirr; fys; geill; raaue; tastey

jeeraghey direct, erect, level, point, rectification, rectifier, straighten, straightening, unbend; (as gun) aim, focus, train: Treealtys, va currit roish ec John Houghton, oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Doolish Twoaie, myr cooish jeh scansh theayagh, ren eh jeeraghey er daa red. BS; straightens


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