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scaan pl. scaanyn apparition, ghost, spectre, spirit, spook: Agh v'ad seaghnit ayns nyn aigney as agglit, as heill ad dy nee scaan v'ad dy akin. Bible; glass, reflection; image: va scaan roish my hooillyn Bible; double

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jannoo scaan ghost, ghosting

scaan baaree shaving glass

scaan sniaghtee snowblink

scaan sniaghtey snowblink

snowblink (n.) scaan sniaghtee, scaan sniaghtey

ghost (v.) jannoo scaan; (n.) scaa goanlyssagh, scaan, scaanjoon, spyrryd; scaa: The man who was passing himself off as a ghost - Yn dooinney va son y scaa da. DF idiom; faaish; ashlins

ghosting (v.) jannoo scaan

shaving glass (n.) scaan baaree

spook (n.) scaan

image (n.) caslys: for in the image of God made he man - son ayns caslys Yee hie dooinney er croo. Bible; cochaslys; jalloo: He is the image of you - T'eh dty yalloo hene. DF idiom; soyley; co-yalloo; scaan: an image was before mine eyes - va scaan roish my hooillyn Bible

reflection (n.) aahoilshaghey, aahoilshey, aasmooinaght, scaan

spectre (n.) arraght, scaan; ashlish; boggane

spirit annym; annymoilid; bun as bree: The spirit of this law - Bun as bree yn slattys shoh. DF idiom; creeoilid; inchyn; liggar; rught; scaan: Raise a spirit - Scaan y voostey. DF idiom; spyrryd: The spirit that breathes through his work - Yn spyrryd ta ry-akin 'syn obbyr echey. DF idiom

apparition (n.) arraght, ashlins, faaish, scaa, scaan, scanjoon, taishbynys; buggane, fynnodderee, lhiannan-shee

loaghtee behold: Sheeyn ayns shoh dty vair, as loaghtee my laueyn Bible; handle: loaghtee-jee mee, as jeeagh-jee, son cha vel feill as craueyn ec scaan Bible

double daa cheayrt: Double as long as this - Daa cheayrt cha liauyr as shoh. DF idiom; dooblaghey: Double up paper - Pabyr y ghooblaghey. DF idiom; doopley; dooble: At the double - Dooble-happee. DF idiom; doobley; dooblit: Double lock - Glass dooblit. DF idiom; (to); (dy) gholl mygeayrt; filley; kink; lappal; mooadaghey daa cheayrt; daa wheesh, ghaa wheesh: I am double your age - Ta mee daa wheesh yn eash ayd. DF idiom; lhannoon; scaan

glass (n.) glenney: I have to put new glass in it - Shegin dou cur glenney noa aynjee. Bunnydys; gless: Will they have a glass of wine? - Bee gless dy feeyn oc? JJK idiom; glonney: Glass-works - Caardee glonney DF idiom; scaan


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