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saynt ny foalley (f.) concupiscence, lechery, sensuality, sexual desire: Son ooilley ny ta sy theihll, saynt ny foalley, as saynt ny sooilley Bible

saynt (f.) pl. sayntyn avarice, concupiscence, covetousness, lust, thirst for knowledge: T'eh fo saynt jollyssagh fey-ny-laa Bible

Inexact matches:

cur saynt da covet

nagh vel saynt ec er unenviable

saynt y teihill concupiscence, sexual intimacy: shennyfa mariuji nan alltyn talluinagh, mardrys, niauglenid, saint niauui, saint olk, as saint y tyyl, ta shen toyrt ammys dy iallunyn. PB1610

concupiscence (n.) glieemian, saynt, saynt ny foalley, saynt y teihill

avarice (n.) saynt, sondid

covet (v.) cur saynt da: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house - Cha der oo saynt da thie dty naboo. DF idiom; mooaraghey

thirst for knowledge saynt

covetousness (n.) saynt; sayntoilaght; sheginys; sondid

sexual intimacy (n.) saynt y teihill

zoophily (n.) baagh-graih, baagh-saynt

baagh-saynt zoophily

sensuality (n.) gimmanys, saynt ny foalley, soyllarys

sexual desire (n.) saynt ny foalley, yeearree ny foalley

lechery (n.) bockeeys, boggeeys, cannid, cannooid, cannys, gimmanys, reaid, saynt ny foalley

unenviable (adj.) drogh; nagh vel ry hroo; nagh vel saynt ec er; neuhrooagh

eirinee yeomanry: Ta saynt shiaght eirinee ayns saggyrt erbee. DF; farmers

jollyssagh avid, greedy, immoderate, insatiable, rapacious, voracious: T'eh fo saynt jollyssagh fey-ny-laa Bible

merchantys merchandise: trooid saynt nee ad lesh goan cluicagh jannoo merchantys jiu Bible

farmers (npl.) eirinee: Any parson has the lust of seven farmers - Ta saynt shiaght eirinee ayns saggyrt erbee. DF idiom

lust (n.) cannoo, glieemian, mian, rouanys, saynt, yeearree ny foalley; (v.) er cannoo lurg, mianey, sayntaghey

parson (n.) saggyrt: Any parson has the lust of seven farmers - Ta saynt shiaght eirinee ayns saggyrt erbee. DF idiom

neu-chooie vile: Smaghtee-jee er-y-fa shen ny oltyn thallooinagh eu, maarderys, neu-ghlennid, yeearree neu-chooie, drogh vian, as saynt seihltagh Bible

sayntoil covetous, lustful, voluptuous: dy chooilley yeearree sayntoil as toshiaght saynt ny foalley. CS

thie (=Ir. teach, Sc. taigh) pl. thieyn building, habitation, home, house, indoor, residence, residency: Cha der oo saynt da thie dty naboo CS; homeward; domestic

merchandise (n.) cooid: She perceiveth that her merchandise is good - Tee fakin dy vel yn chooid eck vondeishagh Bible; cooid hraghtee; kionneeaght, margeeaght; marchanys; marchantys: but thou shalt not sell her at all for money, thou shalt not make merchandise of her - agh cha greck oo ee eddyr son argid; ny jannoo marchantys jee Bible; merchantys: And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you - As trooid saynt nee ad lesh goan cluicagh jannoo merchantys jiu Bible

miandagh desirable; desirous: ny lhig dty aigney ve miandagh er e vee blaystal Bible; fanciful; lustful: As ren earrooyn elley jeh ny joarreeyn va ny mast' oc gaase miandagh Bible; covert: Son saynt argid fraue dy chooilley olk: dan chooid cheddin choud as va paart miandagh er bible; fond of: Vel shiu miandagh er bainney? JJK; selfish; addict, craver

rouanys (f.) excess, immorality, profligacy, wantonness: Ayns dty vroïd ta rouanys Bible; lewdness: Ta mee er vakin kys tou er vrishey poosey m, yllaghey dty reaid, rouanys dty vaarderys, as dty obbraghyn naareydagh Bible; drunkenness: ta dty phrinceyn gee ayns traa cooie, son ooraghey, as cha nee son rouanys Bible; lasciviousness, lust: Maarlys, saynt, olkys, molteyrys, rouanys, drogh-hooill, goan mollaghtagh, moyrn, ommijys Bible; rioting, riotousness: Lhig dooin gimmeeaght dy onneragh myr ayns y laa: cha nee ayns rouanys as meshtyrys Bible


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