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sauchys refuge: bee ad son sauchys diu veih'n cooilleeneyder-folley Bible; safekeeping, safeness, safety, security

Inexact matches:

baatey sauchys lifeboat, ship's boat

booie sauchys lifebuoy

cooylley sauchys (f.) safety valve

cryss sauchys (f.) safety belt, seat belt

cullee sauchys (f.) safety equipment

freeney sauchys safety pin

jaggad sauchys (f.) life-jacket

sauchys raaidey road safety

snauean sauchys lifebuoy

Coyrleyder Slaynt as Sauchys Health and Safety Advisor

Sauchys Raaidey Vannin Isle of Man Road Safety

lifebuoy (n.) booie sauchys, snauean sauchys

life-jacket (n.) jaggad sauchys

road safety sauchys raaidey

safekeeping (n.) sauchys

safeness (n.) sauchys

safety belt (n.) cryss sauchys

safety equipment (n.) cullee sauchys

safety valve (n.) cooylley sauchys

seat belt (n.) cryss sauchys

maritime security (n.) sauchys-marrey

safety net (n.) lieen-sauchys

safety regulations (npl.) reillyn-sauchys

lieen-sauchys safety net

reillyn-sauchys safety regulations

sauchys-marrey maritime security

Health and Safety Advisor (n.) Coyrleyder Slaynt as Sauchys

Isle of Man Road Safety (n.) Sauchys Raaidey Vannin

safety pin (n.) freeney doont, freeney sauchys

ship's boat (n.) baatey lhuingey, baatey sauchys

safety (n.) sauchys: Factor of safety - Cooid hauchys. DF idiom; sauchey

oo hene thyself, yourself: bee oo hene, as dty hie, ayns sauchys Bible

lifeboat (n.) baatey lhuingey, baatey sauchys; baatey sauaillagh: Port St Mary lifeboat was out last night - Va baatey sauaillagh Phurt le Moirrey mooie riyr. DF idiom

security (n.) lhiettal loghtyn, raane gialtagh, sauchys; raanteenys: He has ample security - Ta raanteenys lhean echey. DF idiom; shickyrys: Financial security - Shickyrys argidagh. DF idiom

fer-choyrlee advisor: Raad nagh vel coyrle, ta'n theay goll naardey: agh ayns ymmodee fer-choyrlee ta sauchys. Bible; warner

gallverg (f.) bitter enemy, ferocity, sarcasm, spite, spiteful hatred, virulence, virulent anger: sauchys ny shee cha row ayns aer ny thalloo agh eulys ghewil, gallverg as noidys hiarroo. PC

jei shoh (ny) henceforth: son t'ou er heet gys sauchys; bee dy yien mie, bee oc bio noght, as ny-jei shoh Apoc

meainyn mines: Rish ny smoo na tree feed vlein as jeih v'ee gobbraghey troggal ushtey veih diunid y theihll as cur lhee sauchys dauesyn va gobbraghey ayns ny meainyn. Coraa; metals

mie jeant (thing) well-made: Fakin liort's dy vel shin baghey ayns shee as sauchys, as dy vel ymmodee obbraghyn mie jeant son yn ashoon shoh liorish creenaght dty reill's.

noal across, from beyond, hence, hither, homewards, over: hie ad noon as noal son sauchys Bible

obbreyder operator: Agh nish, Nick Black, Ard- offishear Slaynt as Sauchys y Reiltys, t'eh er screeu gys Mainshtyr Cretney as gys obbreyder y loghan lesh coyrle neuchramp dy chur er y loghan dy ve sauchey. BS

currit ersooyl dismissed; put away: Haink yn caggey as cha row yn obbyr shoh jeant, agh cheayll mee dy row ny rhollanyn currit ersooyl ec Marstrander dys boayl chemmyrk ayns Dublin son sauchys. MB; sent away: Cha leah's ren y laa toshiaght soilshaghey, va ny deiney currit ersooyl, ad hene as nyn assylyn. Bible

stad arrest, intermission, stage, stand, standstill, station, stationary, stay, stoppage, stop sign; pull up, stop, stopping place, stop point: Ta'n stad er ve ayns Straid Christeen rish kuse dy hiaghteeyn, lurg da goll er garraghey veih'n stashoon-barroose, kyndagh rish cooishyn-sauçhys. BS; rank

traaght 1 road traffic a: Ta ny moiraghyn feer voirit mychione sauchys nyn baitchyn er y fa dy vel traaght trome er raad faggys da'n scoill Vretnish. Carn; 2 tread of tyre; 3 essay, written thesis: Haink ny smooinaghtyn shoh ayns my chione tra lhaih mee mychione traaght va screeut ec olloo Bretnagh Carn


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