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sassey easier, easiest: Te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey, Bible

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easier (adj.) assey: It's far easier here - T'eh foddey s'assey ayns shoh. DF idiom; sassey: Nothing's easier than that - Cha nel veg ny sassey na shen. JJK idiom; (ny) s'assey

s'assey (ny) easier: son va ny Leviteyn ny sassey er nyn gasherickey, na ny saggyrtyn Bible

easiest (adj.) sassey

croae (f.) eyehole; (of needle) eye: Te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey Bible

of a needle (gen.) snaidey: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle - Te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey Bible

assey easier: Te ny saasagh [= sassey] dy gheddyn ayns boirey na dy gheddyn ass. EF

camel pl. camellyn, camelyn camel: Te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey Bible

chengey ny cheerey (f.) language of the country, vulgar tongue: Lhisagh eh ve ny sassey da ny Manninee nyn bossan dy loayreyderyn y vooadaghey er y fa dy vel foast cooinaghtyn er mayrn jeh'n Ghaelg myr chengey ny cheerey. Carn

coayl obbyr redundancy: Lught y Rheynn Dellal as Jeadys, t'ad gra dy bee eh beggan ny sassey d'eddyn kiartaghyn noa da obbreeyn er y fa dy bee ad coayl obbyr harrish kuse dy veeghyn. BS

dooinney berchagh (=Ir. duine beartach) rich man: Son te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey, na da dooinney berchagh dy gholl stiagh ayns reeriaght Yee. Bible

ennalaghey aspirate, aspiration, breathe, breathing apparatus: Lhisagh 'ta mee er ngoaill' ve ayn, agh share lhiams 'ta mee er ghoaill' lesh ennalaghey er-yn-oyr dy vel eh ny s'assey dy ghra. Dhoor

Laa ny Briwnys Day of Judgement, Doomsday: Dy firrinagh ta mee gra riu, Dy bee eh ny sassey son Sodom as Gomorrah ec laa ny briwnys, na son yn ard valley shen. Bible

Sheenagh Chinaman, Chinese: Ta tushtey dy liooar cheet veih'n smooinaght dy vel eh foddey ny sassey dy yannoo studeyrys er cooishyn Frangagh, Rooshagh, Giarmaanagh, Sheenagh as myr shen na er cooishyn Celtiagh. Carn

snaidey knit; (gen.) of a needle: Te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey Bible


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