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sannish (=Ir. sanas) (f.) allusion, hint, suggestion, whisper: haink eh myr sannish gys my chlashtyn Bible

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cur sannish da suggest: Nish ren nane jeh ny fir-toshee smoo niartal, enmyssit Guilleychollym, cur sannish da Sorley mychione yn argid shoh. Chron

Laa'l Moirrey ny Sannish (The) Annunciation

loayrt myr sannish (dy); (to) speak under breath

hint cowrey; coyrle; faaue: Give a hint - Faaue y chur da peiagh. DF idiom; fou; sannish: Drop a hint - Sannish y chur da peiagh. DF idiom; (v.) cur faaue da

suggestion (n.) coyrle, faaue, sannish

allusion (n.) cheet er, faaue, sannish

auto-suggestion (n.) hene-sannish

hene-sannish (f.) auto-suggestion

speak under breath (v.) sansheraght, sonsheraght; (to); (dy) loayrt myr sannish

suggest (v.) coyrlaghey da; cur sannish da

Annunciation2 (n.) (The) Laa'l Moirrey Arree; Laa'l Moirrey ny Sannish; Laa'l Moirrey 'Syn Arree

hannish See sannish whisper: shen ta shiu er ghra myr hannish, ayns shamyryn, bee eh er ny ockley magh er mullagh ny dhieyn. Bible

keeayle sense: As cha nel shen dy ghra dy row dagh faaue as dagh sannish ayns keeayle yn ughtar tra va'n obbyr jeant. Dhoor

whisper pisheyragh; hannish, sannish; sansheraght: All mine enemies whisper together against me - Ta ooilley my noidyn sansheraght cooidjagh m Bible; sonnish: I heard the whisper of the sea - Cheayll mee sonnish ny marrey. DF idiom; sonsheraght; thaish: There is a whisper in heaven of a new world - Ta thaish ayn Niau jeh seihll noa. DF idiom

fo'n ennal sotto voce: ghooin ee e laueyn ry cheilley as dooyrt ee, She myr sannish-feayslee fo'n ennal eck. BS

kishan peck, skep; skip: Ta Mainshtyr Young cur sannish dy jean y costys jeh failley kishan getlagh seose dys foddey ny smoo na queig ny shey cheead punt, tra vees orçh costal keead punt y thunney ec yn ynnyd lhieeney thalloo. BS


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