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sanction (v.) cur chied da; (n.) kied, lhiettrimys, lowaltys, ughtarys

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cur chied da sanction

lowaltys approbation, justification, sanction; limit, tolerance: Lowaltys daa housaneoo. DF

kied (=Ir. cead) (pl -yn) assent, faculty, furlough, leave, licence, pass, permission, permit, sanction, sufferance: As shoh nee mayd, lesh kied Yee Bible; first, primary, senior; licensing

lhiettrimys 1 bafflement, ban, constriction, disqualification, drag, drawback, handicap, hang up, hazard, hindrance, hold up, impediment, injunction, jam, obstacle, prevention, sanction, victimization a: Hug ad lhiettrimys er y villey ayns Tinvaal. DF; 2 (hindrance) balk; 3 (obstruction) bar

ughtarys authorization, authorship, sanction: Ta ny treealtyssyn noa kiarail cur tooilley pooar da lughtyn-reill ynnydagh liorish fo-leighaghyn oc hene, as bree currit daue liorish fir-oik as ughtarys oc. BS


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