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salt (v.) cur sheese, cur sollan er; (n.) sollan: You are the salt of the earth - Shiuish sollan y thallooin. DF idiom; (adj.) sailjey, sailley, saailey, saljey

Inexact matches:

bay salt (n.) sollan sailley

coarse salt (n.) sollan neuvyn

kitchen salt (n.) sollan garroo

of salt sailley; (dy) hollan: Full of salt - Lane dy hollan. DF idiom

old salt (n.) shenn varrinagh

rock salt (n.) clagh-hollan, sollan frangagh, sollan meaniney

salt beef (n.) feill vart hailjey, feill vart sailjey

salt cellar (n.) sailleyr, sonsey

salt fish (n.) eeast sailjey

salt lake (n.) logh hailjey

salt marsh (n.) boglagh marrey, reeast gort

salt pan (n.) lhag sollan

salt pit (n.) sollanane; slogh sollan

salt plant (n.) lus varrey

salt pork (n.) feill vuc sailjey

salt rime (n.) dredge

salt sea (n.) aarkey-sailjey; faarkey sailjey; keayn saljey

salt spoon (n.) spein ry hoi sollan, spein sollan

salt tax (n.) keesh hollan

salt water (n.) saailley, sailley

sea salt (n.) sollan marrey

table salt (n.) sollan meein, sollan meen

too salt ro hailjey

Salt Lake City (n.) Ard-Valley y Logh Sailjey

sailley brine, corn, cure, pickle, salt, salt water: hie eh gys y choan sailley Bible; (f.) pl. saillaghyn (of mountain) spur; (gen.) of salt

boglagh marrey salt marsh

clagh-hollan (f.) rock salt

cur sollan er salt

eeast sailjey salt fish

keesh hollan (f.) salt tax

lhag sollan salt pan

lus varrey (f.) salt plant

reeast gort salt marsh

ro hailjey too salt

sailleyr (f.) salt cellar

sollanane salt pit

sollan frangagh rock salt

sollan garroo kitchen salt

sollan marrey sea salt

sollan meaniney rock salt

sollan meein table salt

sollan meen table salt

sollan neuvyn coarse salt

sollan sailley bay salt

sonsey (=Ir. sailtear) salt cellar

spein sollan (f.) salt spoon

salt-box (n.) kishtey ry hoi sollan, kishtey sollan

salt-mine (n.) meain hollan

feill vart hailjey (f.) salt beef

feill vuc sailjey (f.) salt pork

kishtey sollan salt-box

meain hollan (f.) salt-mine

Ard-Valley y Logh Sailjey Salt Lake City

feill vart sailjey (f.) corned beef, salt beef

kishtey ry hoi sollan salt-box

logh hailjey (f.) (arm of the sea) lake; salina, salt lake

shenn varrinagh old salt, old sea dog

spein ry hoi sollan (f.) salt spoon

saailey salt: bee ad shen fo saailey gennish Bible

saljey salt: ayns coan Siddim, ta nish enmyssit yn keayn saljey Bible

slogh sollan salt pit: ooilley fo undaagagh, as nyn sloghyn sollan Bible

how long (interrog.) caid, caïd: How long has it been in the salt? - Caid t'ee er ve ayns sollan? JJK idiom

pillar (n.) buttoor, goull; colloo; pillar: But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt - Agh yeeagh ben Lot back, as vee chyndaït gys pillar dy hollan Bible; pillyr

quantity (n.) cooid yiooldagh, mooad; kuse: A quantity of salt - Kuse dy hollan. DF idiom

seasoned blastal: Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt - Lhig dan ghlare eu dy kinjagh ve jeant blastal lesh y sollan dy ghrayse Bible; blasstal, blaystal; cliaghtit, faagit

aarkey-sailjey salt sea: As van chagliagh shiar-ass oc veih oirr yn aarkey-sailjey, veihn baïe ta lhie lesh y jiass: Bible

dredge salt rime: geayghyn stermagh, dorrin as barrag ghyere, geiyrt dredge y diunid d' etlagh trooid yn aer PC

faarkey sailjey salt sea: ren ny ushtaghyn va roie sheese lesh faarkey yn strah, dy jarroo yn faarkey sailjey, failleil, as chyrmaghey seose Bible

hollan (dy) of salt: Agh yeeagh ben Lot back, as vee chyndaït gys pillar dy hollan Bible

keayn saljey salt sea: Vad shoh er nyn jaglym cooidjagh ayns coan Siddim, ta nish enmyssit yn keayn saljey.

saailley (f.) salt water, sea water: Ta saailley ny share dy chummal red er snaue na far ushtey. DF

sailjey brackish, briny, corned, pickled, saline, salt, salty: cha vod farrane erbee cur magh ushtey sailjey as oor Bible

sollan (=Ir.,Sc.G. salann) pl. sollanyn salt: as dy vel ooilley'n thalloo echey, brimstone, as sollan, as lostey Bible [O.Ir salann]

cur sheese confound, lower, put down, send down, subdue, suppress: Ny marr ad, er-aggle dy jarrood my phobble eh: agh skeayl ad dy lhean mastey'n pobble, as cur sheese ad, O Hiarn, nyn vendeilagh. Bible; book, deposit, depress, discharge, give in, lay, prescribe, salt


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