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sailliu you like, you please, you will, you wish: jean-jee roo myr sailliu Bible

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myr sailliu go-as-you-please: lhig da'n pobble girree-magh myr sailliu Bible

My sailliu (intj) If you please, Prithee: Cur my chorp-as-slaynt huic, my sailliu JJK

Kiart my sailliu (intj) Just as you please

Cur-shiu freggyrt dan chuirrey my sailliu RSVP

you please sailliu: Where you please - Raad erbee sailliu. JJK idiom

If you please (intj) My bailliu; My sailliu: Try them, if you please - Prow ad, my sailliu. JJK idiom

you will sailliu: Whom will ye that I release unto you? - Quoi sailliu mee dy eaysley diu? Bible

go-as-you-please (adj.) myr sailliu

Prithee (intj) My sailliu

you wish sailliu

you like sailt; (emph.) sailts; (npl.) sailliu; saittin lhieu

Just as you please (intj) Dty choyrle hene; Kiart my sailliu

RSVP Cur freggyrt dan chuirrey my sailt; Cur-shiu freggyrt dan chuirrey my sailliu

corp as slaynt compliments, respects: Gow corp as slaynt voym my sailliu. DF

er enney recognized, sentient: Cur mee er enney j'ee my sailliu. DF

pynt sharroo pint of bitter: Pynt sharroo my sailliu. DF

drawing room (n.) ardchamyr: Will you, please, come into the drawing-room, where they are at present? - Jig shiu stiagh ayns yn ardchamyr, my sailliu, raad t'ad ec y traa t'ayn. JJK idiom; cuillee; shamyr soie

gift1 (n.) gioot: Be pleased to accept this gift - Gow my sailliu yn gioot shoh. DF idiom; nastey: Christmas gift - Nastey Nollick. DF idiom; (v.) giootal; giootal da; giootey; tortys

I will follow eiyrym: Lead the way, please, and I will follow you - Leeid yn raad my sailliu, as eiyrym erriu. JJK idiom

move on (v.) goll roish: Move on please! - Immee reue my sailliu! DF idiom

pint (n.) pynt: A pint of bitter, please - Pynt sharroo my sailliu. DF idiom

to her huic: Please, present my compliments to her - Cur my chorp-as-slaynt huic, my sailliu. JJK idiom; huick; (interrog.) huicksh; jee, jeeish; r'ee, reeish, r'eeish

too (adv.) foast, myrgeddin, ro; (pref.) ro-; neesht: Please cut my hair, too - Giar m'olt neesht, my sailliu. JJK idiom; chammah: My friend is yours too - Ta'n carrey ayms chammah euish. JJK idiom

crush1 broo: He will crush the head of the serpent - Nee eh kione yn ardnieu y vroo. DF idiom; broojey; caagh: He has a crush on her - T'eh caagh urree. DF idiom; creujaghey; creujey; jing: Please crush up a little - Jing-jee seose red beg my sailliu. DF idiom; jingey; (to); (dy) vroo

cut baarey; beam; beamey; buinn; collag; giarreen; giarey, giarrey; grainney; injillaghey; jeeig; oght; slish-woalley; slissey; giareit; vuinn; (to); (dy) ghiarrey; giarit: I must get my hair cut - Shegin dou geddyn m'olt giarit. JJK idiom; giar: Please cut my hair, too - Giar m'olt neesht, my sailliu. JJK idiom

lead1 (v.) coyrt, cur, leeideil, leeideill, lhomey laue, scair, shiaullee, stiurey, toshiaght, reaghey; leeid: Lead the way, please, and I will follow you - Leeid yn raad my sailliu, as eiyrym erriu. JJK idiom; cur er: He spoke in such a manner, as to lead us to think that he was quite innocent - Loayr eh er lheid yn aght, myr dy chur orrin smooinaghtyn dy row eh slane oney. JJK idiom; (n.) caabyl, streir, yeeal, ard-ayrn; (suf.) -toshee

try eab, feysht; eabbey: Thank you, I'll try to learn it in less time - Gura mie eu, eabym dy ynsagh eh ayns ny sloo dy hraa. JJK idiom; fidraghtyn; tryal; shirrey; (impv) prow: Try them, if you please - Prow ad, my sailliu. JJK idiom; prowal: Will you allow me to try it? - Jean shiu lhiggey dou prowal eh? JJK idiom

well1 (n.) chibbyr, chibbyrt, doagh eeast; dy mie: Well done, if you please - Jeant dy-mie, my sailliu. JJK idiom; slane: When you're well, you little know the value of health - Tra ta fer slane; s'beg shione da feeuid slaynt. JJK idiom; dy sour


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