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sail (n., v.) shiaull: Trice up a sail - Shiaull y chrappey seose. DF idiom; shiauil; shiauill: Sail north of the island - Shiauill my hwoaie jeh'n ellan. DF idiom; shiauley; shiaulley: To go for a sail - Dy gholl magh son shiaulley. DF idiom

sail seal; (f.) stub

Inexact matches:

gaff sail (n.) shiaull ard

sail arm (n.) cleeah hiauill

Sail ho (intj) Saagh ry akin

square sail (n.) clout; shiaull kerrinagh

storm sail (n.) shiaull dorrin

studding sail (n.) shiaull corneilagh

White Sail (n.) Shiaull Bane

foot of sail (n.) boyn

leg of mutton sail (n.) shiaull tree ghib

loop in edge of sail (n.) crinkyl

to trice a sail shiaull y chrappey seose

Sail Ard-Vriw yn Ven-Rein Ooasle as Cleragh ny Recortyssyn Seal of Her Majesty's First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls

stub bwon; sail

cleeah hiauill (f.) sail arm

Shiaull Bane White Sail

shiaull corneilagh studding sail

shiaull dorrin storm sail

shiaull kerrinagh square sail

fore-sail (n.) shiaull toshee

sail-cord (n.) rimlagh

sail-loft (n.) lout shiaull

lout shiaull sail-loft

Saagh ry akin (intj) Sail ho

shiaull ard gaff sail, mainsail

shiaull toshee fore-sail

crinkyl clew, cringle, loop in edge of sail

shiaull tree ghib leg of mutton sail

shiaull y chrappey seose to trice a sail

shiauill (=Ir. seol) sails: Lhong ta gymmyrkey mooarane shiauill. DF; sail

shiauley sail: ren yn arg shiauley er eaghtyr ny ushtaghyn Bible

get under (v.) cur fo chosh; goll fo: To get under sail - Dy gholl fo hiauill. DF idiom

knots (npl.) cruint, khyr; meeilley faarkee: Sail at ten knots - Jeih meeilley faarkee 'syn oor y hiaulley. DF idiom; meeilley marrey: The ship is making twenty knots - Ta'n lhong goll feed meeilley marrey 'syn oor. DF idiom

seal (n.) raun: Lobster, mackerel and seal - Gimmagh, breck as raun. DF idiom; sail, cowrey; seal: Break the seal of a letter - Seal screeuyn y vrishey. DF idiom; (v.) sealal, cowraghey

Seal of Her Majesty's First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls (n.) Sail Ard-Vriw yn Ven-Rein Ooasle as Cleragh ny Recortyssyn

trice (v.) crappey seose: Trice up a sail - Shiaull y chrappey seose. DF idiom

boyn (=Ir. bonn) (f.) pl. boynyn, boynnyn 1 heel a: nee ad croymmey sheese ec boyn dty choshey Bible; 2 foot of sail, tread of shoe; 3 (of window) basement; 4 medal

clout cloth: Va clout 'sy laue eck. DF; clot, clout, patch; square sail; printed

saill vuckey brawn: Ta yn kri acksyn gho raur as sail vucky : agh va my vian ayns tdy lyois. Psalm1610

shiauil sail: Aanrit keyl lesh obbyr-snaidey, ren oo skeayley magh son shiauil dhyt Bible

shiaull pl. shiauill sail: ghow ad yn shiaull neose Bible; octave: shiaull s'bingey as s'dowiney Kelly; tenor

shiaulley (=Ir. seoladh) boating, cruising, floating, float off, sailing, voyaging: Shen y raad ta ny lhongyn shiaulley Bible; boat, boat trip, cruise, sail, ship; navigation; shipment; clearance, crew, navigate, voyage; (on surface) flow

coast (n.) coast; cheu ny marrey; coose: Boat that follows the coast - Baatey ta shiaulley rish y choose. DF idiom; slyst: The coast lies east and west - Sheear as shiar ta'n slyst ny lhie. DF idiom; slyst-marrey: to sail the coast - dy hiaulley er slyst ny marrey AC; (v.) goll gyn seiy

full1 blubbagh, lhean; er croo; lane: Full of pep - Lane dy vree. DF idiom; lhieent: Keep the sail full - Freill ny shiauill lhieent. DF idiom; ec y vullagh: The moon is at the full - Ta'n eayst lane. DF idiom

rimlagh (f.) cord, sail-cord; fishing line: Ren ee e cooid share dy hayrn yn rimlagh stiagh sy vaatey, agh cha dod ee tayrn yn eeast dys eaghtyr yn ushtey. CJ


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