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saaue pl. saaueyn saw: bee yn saaue mooaralagh rishyn ta dy hayrn eh? Bible

Inexact matches:

bink saaue (f.) sawbench

feeackle saaue (f.) sawtooth

giarrey saaue kerf, saw cut, notch, channel, slit

meinn saaue (f.) sawdust

saaue billagh frame-saw

saaue bowagh bow-saw

saaue butchooragh meat saw

saaue clashey pit-saw

saaue cleeah fretsaw

saaue cruillagh coping saw

saaue cryssagh bandsaw

saaue foalley meat saw

saaue giarreymagh hacksaw

saaue jeeragh jigsaw

saaue kiarkylagh circular saw

saaue laue hand saw

saaue marrey sawfish, swordfish

saaue runt circular saw

circular saw (n.) saaue kiarkylagh; saaue runt

meat saw (n.) saaue butchooragh; saaue foalley

bandsaw (n.) saaue cryssagh

bow-saw (n.) saaue bowagh

coping saw (n.) saaue cruillagh

frame-saw (n.) saaue billagh

fretsaw (n.) saaue cleeah

hacksaw (n.) saaue giarreymagh

hand saw (n.) saaue laue

jigsaw (n.) saaue jeeragh

kerf (n.) giarrey saaue

pit-saw (n.) saaue clashey

sawbench (n.) bink saaue

saw cut (n.) giarrey saaue

sawdust (n.) meinn saaue; meinn-saue

sawfish (n.) saaue marrey

sawtooth (n.) feeackle saaue

swordfish (n.) colgane, saaue marrey

chainsaw (n.) saaue-slouree

crosscut saw (n.) crosh-saaue

rip-saw (n.) raip-saaue

saw (v.) honnick; chronnee; (v.) saaueal; (n.) saaue

sawfly (n.) saaue-whaillag

saw-toothed (adj.) saaue-eeacklagh

scroll-saw (n.) scrolley-saaue

crosh-saaue crosscut saw

raip-saaue rip-saw

saaue-eeacklagh saw-toothed

saaue-slouree chainsaw

saaue-whaillag (f.) sawfly

scrolley-saaue scroll-saw

circular cruinn; kiarklane; kiarkylagh: Circular saw - Saaue kiarkylagh. DF idiom; runt; ym-screeuyn

notch agg; aggad; croa; cur agg ayn; cur aggad ayn; tailley; giarrey saaue

channel (n.) ammyr: It was a Manxman who discovered the channel to Liverpool - She Manninagh ren feddyn magh yn ammyr gys Lerphul. DF idiom; barrey; bollagh; clash; clasheen; feddan; keyllys; piob; (v.) giarrey clasheen; giarrey saaue

slit fosley; giarrey; scoltey: He slit her throat - Ren eh scoltey y scoarnagh eck. DF idiom; scoltit; speiltagh; (n.) giarrey saaue

laue-jeant artificial; handmade: Hooar mee ayns shen lheid y cliaghtey as nagh dod mee geddyn ayns Sostyn er yn oyr va dy chooilley nhee laue-jeant; cha row greienys erbee elley agh saaue as "gas-engine". JG

doarnane haft, hilt, spoke; (of door) handle, hand grip: Va ooigyn-saaue smoo ec ny marchanyn, lesh saaue hoght trieyn er-lhiurid as trie er lheead ec y vean, lesh doarnane mooar ec dagh kione, Dhoor; fistful: va gamman faro fo raad ayns shen; va daa phunter treih jeig cummal doarnane dy chaartyn y pheesh ny laue CnyO; sheaf of papers


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