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saagh (=Ir. soitheach) pl. siyn bowl: Roish my vees yn coyrd argid er ny eaysley, nyn saagh airh er ny vrishey Bible; container, feeder, holder, press, trough, utensil, vase, vessel, vial: va saagh er ny hoiaghey lane vinegar Bible; bushel; ship

Inexact matches:

clout saagh tea cloth

saagh aer aircraft

saagh aunlyn sauce-boat

saagh awree soup-tureen

saagh bainney churn

saagh crayee earthenware vessel

saagh crowal hovercraft

saagh doo inkpot

saagh dridlagh slop-pail

saagh feayree cooler

saagh feeyney winepress, wine vessel: keead dy vessyn-souree, as saagh feeyney. Bible

saagh fuinnee kneading trough

saagh fuygh wooden vessel: edyr eh ve saagh-fuygh, ny coamrey Bible

saagh iu drinking vessel

saagh lheie crucible

saagh mooiney urine bottle

saagh mustart mustard pot

saagh premmee lavatory pan

saagh sheeabin soap dish

saagh shiauill sailing ship

saagh sleab slaver

saagh teaumee bailer, decanter

saagh traghtee merchant ship

saagh ushtey 1 confutement; 2 cruse a: As nish jeeagh cre vel shleiy yn ree, as y saagh ushtey vec e chione. Bible

ushtey saagh dish water

saagh feeyney erin ampulla

saagh feeyn geayr vinegar cruet

saagh gyn croan dumb craft

saagh ny mucyn pig pail

saagh ooill reeoil ampulla

Saagh ry akin (intj) Sail ho

saagh tree cruin barque

saagh y snauean float chamber

Traie ny Saagh Cask Shore

ampulla (n.) saagh feeyney erin, saagh ooill reeoil

aircraft (n.) etlan; saagh aer

bailer (n.) saagh teaumee; spooitcher

bushel (n.) tubbag; saagh: Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel - Chamoo ta sleih foaddey cainle, as dy choyrt ee fo saagh Bible

confutement (n.) saagh ushtey

container (n.) bocs, cummeydane, saagh

cooler (n.) feayreyder, saagh feayree

decanter (n.) saagh teaumee

dish water (n.) ushtey saagh

drinking vessel (n.) saagh iu

inkpot (n.) saagh doo

lavatory pan (n.) saagh premmee

mustard pot (n.) saagh mustart

sauce-boat (n.) saagh aunlyn

slaver (n.) saagh sleab; (n., v.) shelley

slop-pail (n.) saagh dridlagh

soap dish (n.) saagh sheeabin

soup-tureen (n.) saagh awree

urine bottle (n.) saagh mooiney

utensil (n.) greie, jeshaght, saagh

vase (n.) corn, saagh, saagh-blaa

vessel (n.) feddan; lhong, saagh

vial (n.) saagh

wine vessel (n.) saagh feeyney

wooden vessel (n.) saagh fuygh

towse-saagh measure: Cha jean shiu neu-chairys erbee ayns briwnys, ayns towse-lhiurid, ny towse-trimmid, ny ayns towse-saagh Bible

barque (n.) barc; saagh tree cruin

Cask Shore (n.) Traie ny Saagh

cruse (n.) cruishtin, crushtin, saagh ushtey

dumb craft (n.) saagh gyn croan

float chamber (n.) saagh y snauean

hovercraft (n.) lhong chrowal; saagh crowal

pig pail (n.) saagh ny mucyn

Sail ho (intj) Saagh ry akin

vinegar cruet (n.) saagh feeyn geayr

wash basin (n.) saagh-oonlee

saagh-blaa vase

saagh-niaghyn tub

saagh-nieeaghyn wash-pot: Moab my haagh-nieeaghyn Bible

saagh-oonlee wash basin: As yn altar dy oural-losht, lesh ooilley e yeshaghtyn as yn saagh-oonlee lesh y stoyl echey, Bible

churn (n.) cuinneig, saagh bainney; (v.) mastey, seiy

crucible (n.) lheie choirrey; pash veayn; saagh lheie

earthenware vessel (n.) saagh crayee; crockan, crockanys

feeder (n.) arrey, beeagheyder, coaraghey, fasseyder, saagh

kneading trough (n.) losht fuinnee, saagh fuinnee

merchant ship (n.) lhong hraghtee; saagh traghtee

sailing ship (n.) lhong hiauill, saagh shiauill

tea cloth (n.) eaddagh buird, eaddagh tey, clout saagh

tub (n.) buckad, doagh, tubbag, saagh-niaghyn

holder (n.) cummalagh, cummeyder, greimmeyder, saagh; shellooder: Licence holder - Shellooder kiedoonys. DF idiom

winepress (n.) ammyr feeyney, ammyr vrooee, doagh feeyney, doagh-feeyney, fastan feeyney, press-feeyney, saagh feeyney

ayns ymmyd in commission: saagh erbee t'er ny ve ayns ymmyd Bible

chroghey (dy); (to) hang: jean deiney jannoo pin jeh dy chroghey saagh erbee er? Bible

dolmee emptied: dolmee ee e saagh ayns y trogh-ushtey Bible

messyn-souree summer fruits: keead dy vessyns-ouree, as saagh feeyney. Bible

trogh 1 rook; 2 trough a: dolmee ee e saagh ayns y trogh-ushtey Bible

bowl1 boull; boulleragh; bowl; juist; meilley: Shape clay into a bowl - Meilley y yannoo jeh cray. DF idiom; meiley, meïley; skaaley; saagh

emptied folmit, teaumit; dolmee: And she hasted, and emptied her pitcher into the trough - As hie ee dy tappee, as dolmee ee e saagh ayns y trogh-ushtey Bible

holy water (n.) ushtey casherick: And the priest shall take holy water in an earthen vessel - As neen saggyrt ushtey casherick y ghoaill ayns saagh craie Bible

marred mhillit: And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter - As van saagh craie veh dy yannoo mhillit ayns laue yn phasheyder Bible

press broo, chionney; broojey; chennid; chionney er; craishtey; faastan; greesaghey; jingey; lhiannaghey; preays, preis, preish; preaysal; pronney; traastey; (n.) saagh

ship (v.) cheet er boayrd, shiaulley, troggal er boayrd; (n.) lhong: Can't you perceive the ship in the distance? - Nagh leayr dhyt y lhong foddey jeh? JJK idiom; saagh

trough (n.) doagh, lhagg, saagh; ammyr: Stone trough - Ammyr cloaie. DF idiom; trogh: Drinking trough - Trogh ushtey. DF idiom

wash-pot (n.) saagh-nieeaghyn: Moab is my washpot - Moab my haaghnieeaghyn Bible; crockan niaghan; pash niee

brelleein (f.) pl. brelleeinyn, brelleenyn sheet: As honnick eh niau er ny osley, as saagh dy row cheet neose huggey, myr dy beagh eh brelleein vooar, kianlt ec ny kiare binn, as lhiggit sheese er y thalloo Bible

craie argillaceous, earthen: nee eh marroo unnane jeh ny eeanlee ayns saagh craie Bible

cur (=Ir. cuir) add, communicate, consign, lay, lead, putting, render, site, send; give, place, put: Gow saagh, as cur lane omer dy vanna ayn Bible; giveth [O.Ir. cor]

geaylin (f.) pl. geayltyn shoulder: lhig ee sheese e saagh jeh e geaylin Bible; (of house) corner

imleig (=SG. imlaig; Ir. imlinn) (f.) belly button, navel: Ta dty imleig myr saagh-feeyney aalin as lane Bible; hub

iu't drunk: dy chooilley yough ta iu't ass lheid y saagh, bee eh neu-ghlen. Bible

lhowagh would suffer: cha lhowagh eh da dooinney erbee saagh erbee y chur lesh trooid y chiamble Bible

mhillit marred: va'n saagh craie v'eh dy yannoo mhillit ayns laue yn phasheyder Bible

pin See pinn, pl. pinnaghyn pin: jean deiney jannoo pin jeh dy chroghey saagh erbee er? Bible

pishyr lughag (f.) lentil: pishyr, as millet, as pishyr-lughag, as cur 'syn un saagh ad Bible

tempreil (f.) anneal, annealing, temper: Son ta'n pasheyder tempreil yn chray vog, as dy deinagh cummey dagh saagh son nyn ymmyd Apoc; moderate

towse-lhiurid meteyard: Cha jean shiu neu-chairys erbee ayns briwnys, ayns towse-lhiurid, ny towse-trimmid, ny ayns towse-saagh Bible

towse-trimmid weight: Cha jean shiu neu-chairys erbee ayns briwnys, ayns towse-lhiurid, ny towse-trimmid, ny ayns towse-saagh Bible

measure (n.) saase; towshan, tubbag; towse-saagh; (v., n.) towse: Measure the corn with your own tub - Towse yn arroo liorish dty hubbag hene. DF idiom Give me full measure - Cur towse mie dou. DF idiom

ayns peeshyn piecemeal: Nee uss ad y vroo lesh lorg reill dy yiarn: as brishey ad ayns peeshyn myr saagh-craie. Bible


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