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ry-cheilley en masse, together, with each other: as ren ad caggey ry-cheilley ayns coan Siddlm Bible

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aase ry-cheilley accretion

boandey ry-cheilley band together

boandit ry-cheilley banded together

broojit ry-cheilley bunch

chaglym ry-cheilley consolidate

cheet ry-cheilley amalgamate, club, come together, confluence, congress, converge, focusing, get together, harmonize, herd, mix, tally: Arganeys nagh vel cheet ry-cheilley. DF

chionney ry-cheilley bunch, close up

chionnit ry-cheilley close-ranked

coadail ry-cheilley coincide

coloayrtys ry-cheilley intercommunicate

cruinnaghey ry-cheilley (of persons) hive

currit ry-cheilley compiled, connected, put together: Bee ny cowraghyn currit ry-cheilley ec jerrey y choorse dy gheddyn magh y graayd ta'n studeyr er chosney ayns TCG. Dhoor

cur ry-cheilley assemblage, assemble, associate, clump, combine, compile, connect, connotation, consolidate, consolidation, construct, evolve, incorporate, keep together, reconcile, relate, sum, teamwork

eamagh ry-cheilley call together

freggyrt ry-cheilley harmonize

Gerrymee ry-cheilley Professionals together

goll ry-cheilley alike, associate, go together: v'ad er dy chooilley aght goll ry-cheilley Bible

kiangley ry-cheilley clip; join up: Ta kianglaghyn lajer eddyr yn Ghaeltaght as Loghlin ass Claare yn Ymmyl Twoaie ta kiangley ry-cheilley baljyn beggey veih'n Ghaeltaght, Loghlin as yn Eeslynn. Dhoor

kione ry-cheilley end to end

lhie ry-cheilley dovetail

loayrt ry-cheilley commune: Myrgeddin uss vac y dooinney ta cloan dty phobble kinjagh loayrt my-dty-chione, rish ny voallaghyn, as ayns porchyn nyn dhieyn, as loayrt ry-cheilley, dagh fer rish e vraar Bible

obbraghey ry-cheilley co-ordinate, co-ordination, pull together

roie ry-cheilley confluent, fuse, hang together

sheeyney ry-cheilley abut, adjoin, contiguous, marry

sheeyn ry-cheilley abut

sheeynt ry-cheilley adjacent

sniemmey ry-cheilley alligate, anchylose, conjoin, join, piece together, unite

taah ry-cheilley anchylose

taghyrt ry-cheilley concur

tannaghtyn ry-cheilley hang together, keep together

tayrn ry-cheilley canalisation, canalise, constringe, pull together

tuittym ry-cheilley clicking

as ny laueyn ry-cheilley interlinked

ben cur ry-cheilley (f.) (female) assembler

cheet stiagh ry-cheilley combine

cochast feeit ry-cheilley interwoven

cur ry-cheilley reesht reunite

fer cur ry-cheilley assembler

goaill coyrle ry-cheilley confer

gyn cheet ry-cheilley inharmonious

jannoo conaant ry-cheilley associate

lesh foyryn ry-cheilley edgeways

nagh row goll ry-cheilley diverse one from another: As haink kiare beishtyn mooar seose veih yn aarkey, nagh row goll ry-cheilley. Bible

nyn neesht ry-cheilley conjointly

associate1 sheshaghtagh; (pref.) co-; coheshaghtagh; (v.) cosoylaghey, cur ry-cheilley, freayll sheshaght rish, goll ry-cheilley; jannoo conaant ry-cheilley

abut (v.) cochagliaghey, sheeyn ry-cheilley, sheeyney ry-cheilley

anchylose (v.) sniemmey ry-cheilley, taah ry-cheilley

hang together (v.) roie ry-cheilley, tannaghtyn ry-cheilley

pull together (v.) obbraghey ry-cheilley, tayrn ry-cheilley

consolidate (v.) chaglym ry-cheilley, chymsaghey cooidjagh, cur ry-cheilley, niartaghey, stooaltaghey

keep together (v.) cur ry-cheilley; freayll ry cheilley; tannaghtyn ry-cheilley

bunch1 (v.) broojit ry-cheilley; chionney ry-cheilley, kiangley ayns dossanyn; (n.) crouw, deaill, dhoss, doss, dossan, gass, glackaid, keshag, possan

harmonize (v.) cheet ry-cheilley; cur rere y cheilley; freggyrt ry-cheilley; jannoo bingyssagh; jannoo rere y cheilley

accretion (n.) aase ry-cheilley

adjoin (v.) lhiattaghey; sheeyney ry-cheilley

alligate (v.) sniemmey ry-cheilley

assemblage1 (n.) cur ry-cheilley

assembler1 (n.) fer cur ry-cheilley

assembler2 (n.) (female) ben cur ry-cheilley

banded together (v.) boandit ry-cheilley

band together (v.) boandey ry-cheilley

call together (v.) eamagh ry-cheilley

clicking (v.) criggaraght; tuittym ry-cheilley

close-ranked chionnit ry-cheilley

combine (v.) cheet stiagh ry-cheilley, cochiangley, cur ry-cheilley; jannoo cooidjagh: Combine work and pleasure - Obbyr as taitnys y yannoo cooidjagh. DF idiom; (n.) co-unnaneys

compile (v.) co-chruinnaghey; cur ry-cheilley

compiled co-chruinnit; currit ry-cheilley

confluent (n., adj.) co-strooanagh; roie ry-cheilley

conjoin (v.) cochiangley; sniemmey ry-cheilley

connotation (n.) cur ry-cheilley, keeayl

constringe (v.) tayrn ry-cheilley

converge (v.) cheet ry-cheilley, co-chleayney

en masse (adv.) ooilley-cooidjagh, ry-cheilley

hive2 (v.) (of persons) cruinnaghey ry-cheilley

inharmonious (adj.) gyn cheet ry-cheilley

interwoven cochast feeit ry-cheilley

Professionals together (npl.) Gerrymee ry-cheilley

teamwork (n.) cur ry-cheilley

together (adj., adv.) cooidjagh: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; dy cheilley, kione y cheilley, lesh y cheilley, my cheilley; ry-cheilley: Colours blending together - Daaghyn goll stiagh ry-cheilley. DF idiom; noi-ry-hoi

with each other ry-cheilley

canalisation (n.) jannoo ammyryn, tayrn ry-cheilley

canalise (v.) jannoo ammyr, tayrn ry-cheilley

close up chionney ry-cheilley; jeigh

commune (v.) cohaggloo, loayrt ry-cheilley; (n.) commyoon

concur1 (v.) co-obbraghey; co-roie; taghyrt ry-cheilley

confluence (n.) cheet ry-cheilley, co-strooan, cohionnal

consolidation (n.) cur ry-cheilley; niartaghey; stooaltys

construct (v.) cur ry-cheilley, jannoo, troggal

dovetail (n.) feeackle; (n.) jeddylt; (v.) lhie ry-cheilley

get together (v.) cheet ry-cheilley; (n.) giense

go together (v.) goll ry-cheilley; sooree

incorporate cochorpaghey; covestey; cur ry-cheilley

interlinked as ny laueyn ry-cheilley

piece together (v.) meeraghey, sniemmey ry-cheilley

tally cheet ry-cheilley; corrym; tailley

club1 (n.) bad, lorg, maidjey; (v.) bwoalley, cheet ry-cheilley

coincide (v.) coadail ry-cheilley; cohaghyrt; coheeyney; cohuittym

come together (v.) cheet ry-cheilley; cheet cooidjagh

confer (v.) bronney, cohaggloo, goaill coyrle ry-cheilley, stowal er

congress (n.) cheet ry-cheilley, cohionnal, quaiyl ard-eish

connect (v.) co-niemmey; cochiangley; conastey; cur ry-cheilley; kiangley

connected banglaneagh; co-niemmit; conastit; currit ry-cheilley; kianglt

contiguous (adj.) bentyn; faggys da; sheeyney ry-cheilley; faggys

diverse one from another nagh row goll ry-cheilley

focusing cheet ry-cheilley; coyrt gys cruinnaghey

intercommunicate (v.) coloayrtys ry-cheilley, coreggyrt ry cheilley

join up (v.) goll 'syn armee; kiangley ry-cheilley; listal

marry (v.) poose, poosey; (to); (dy) phoosey; sheeyney, sheeyney ry-cheilley; (teaddyn) cubblaghey

reunite (v.) aachiangley, aachoardail, cur cooidjagh, cur ry-cheilley reesht

clingeragh chime, clink: T'ad clingeragh ry-cheilley. DF

amalgamate jannoo unnaneys jeh; jean unnaneys jeh; cheet ry-cheilley; co-lheie; covestey

clump ceab; cur ry-cheilley; doss; glout; sthampey; tarnoal; thammag

conjointly (adv.) lesh y cheilley; nyn neesht ry-cheilley; nyn yees

co-ordination co-oardaghey; cur er yn 'un cheim; obbraghey ry-cheilley

evolve (v.) aafilley, aase, cheet gy kione, cur ry-cheilley, gientyn

fuse co-lheie; cur fioose ayn, roie ry-cheilley; fioose, lheian; lheie

herd bochillagh, bochillaghey; griagh; bochillaght; cheet ry-cheilley; griaght; grih; shelloo; shioltane, sholvane

reconcile (v.) aachaarjaghey, aachoardail, cur dy cheilley, cur ry-cheilley; jean coardail rish

sum (v.) cur ry-cheilley; (n.) sym; earroo; symm; slane coontey; coontey

unite roie ry cheilley, sniem ry cheilley, sniemmey ry-cheilley, taahey; taah; unnaneysee; unnaneysey

bentyn ry cheilley kiss: Va ny skianyn oc bentyn ry-cheilley Bible

adjacent (adj.) cheu ry heu; faare; faggys; sheeynt ry-cheilley; sniessey: The adjacent house to us - Yn thie sniessey dooin. DF idiom

alike (adj., adv.) cochasley rish, cosoylagh; colaik: They are alike as two peas - T'ad cha colaik as daa phishyr. JJK idiom; goll ry-cheilley, gollrish y cheilley

assorted (adj.) sorchit: They are assorted well - T'ad goll dy mie ry-cheilley. DF idiom

chime bwoalley; cling; clingaghey; clingeragh: They chime together - T'ad clingeragh ry-cheilley. DF idiom; cochlaggintys

clip1 (v.) baarey, cur fasteen er, kiangley ry-cheilley; (n.) croymmag, fasteen; (to); (dy) ghiarey: To clip someone's wings - Dy ghiarey skianyn pagh ennagh. JJK idiom

co-ordinate co-oardaghey, co-oardeeagh, co-ordnaid, cur er yn 'un cheim, er yn 'un cheim rish, obbraghey ry-cheilley

counsel (v.) coyrlagh, coyrlaghey da, cur coyrle da; (n.) coonceil; (n.) coyrle: They took counsel together - Ghow ad coyrle ry-cheilley. DF idiom; pleadeilagh: He represented it by counsel - Ta pleadeilagh gobbragh da. DF idiom

edgeways (adv.) er beeal, er foyr; er oirr: Place a board edgeways - Boayrd y chur er e oirr. DF idiom; lesh foyryn ry-cheilley

end to end (adj.) kione ry-cheilley; kione dys kione: From end to end of the ship - Veih kione dys kione jeh'n lhong. DF idiom

join cochiangley, chiangley; coventyn; coyrt ry cheilley; cur cooidjagh; coyrt cooidjagh; joynal; juntaghey; juntee; kiangle; kiangle ry cheilley; sniemmey ry-cheilley

mix cheet ry-cheilley; covestey; mestey; mest: Mix the drugs - Mest ny stooghyn-lheihys. JJK idiom; sleaystey

relate (v.) bentyn rish; aaloayrt; bentyn da; cur ry-cheilley; insh: Won't he relate it to him? - Nagh n'insh eh da eh / Nagh jean eh insh da eh? JJK idiom

scene (n.) ardane, boayl, shilley; reayrt: What a scene met my eyes! - Lheid y reayrt va roym! DF idiom; reayrtys: Fade one scene into another - Daa reayrtys y vestey ry-cheilley. DF idiom

argane pl. arganeyn altercation, argument, debate, dispute: Eisht hie ad son argane ry-cheilley Bible; (impv) argue

cruinnaght vooar (f.) mass meeting: Haggil ry-cheilley ayns shen cruinnaght vooar jeusyn ta graihagh er y chenn ghlare, marish cummaltee ny skeerey, dy yannoo yn cheeill lung-lane. Coraa

injil (=Ir. íseal) (vulgar) common; depressed, humble, low, low-built, low down, low-grade, low-level, low-lying, low-necked, low-pitched, lowly, subaltern, subdued: Ard as injil, berchagh as boght: dagh unnane ry-cheilley.

Loghlin (f.) Scandinavia: Ta kianglaghyn lajer eddyr yn Ghaeltaght as Loghlin ass Claare yn Ymmyl Twoaie ta kiangley ry-cheilley baljyn beggey veih'n Ghaeltaght, Loghlin as yn Eeslynn. Dhoor

ny vud oc among them: As laa-ny-vairagh haink eh ny vud oc myr v'ad ec streeu ry-cheilley, as baillish ad y hayrn gys coardail, Bible

traa jinnairagh dinner hour, dinnertime: Ta ooilley ny brastylyn, Gaelgagh as Baarlagh, cheet ry-cheilley ec traa jinnairagh as rish oor fastyr Jeheiney agh shen ooilley! Dhoor

assemble1 (v.) chaglym: they assemble themselves for corn and wine - tad chaglym cooidjagh son arroo as feeyn Bible; co-chruinnaghey; cur ry-cheilley; mustyral; tayrn cooidjagh: Assemble me the men of Judah - Tayrn cooidjagh hyms deiney Yudah Bible; chaglym cooidjagh; chaggle: Assemble yourselves and come - Chaggle jee shiu hene as tar-jee Bible


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