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aase ry-cheilley accretion

boandey ry-cheilley band together

boandit ry-cheilley banded together

broojit ry-cheilley bunch

cassey ry-lhiattee caracole

chaglym ry-cheilley consolidate

cheet ry-cheilley amalgamate, club, come together, confluence, congress, converge, focusing, get together, harmonize, herd, mix, tally: Arganeys nagh vel cheet ry-cheilley. DF

chionney ry-cheilley bunch, close up

chionnit ry-cheilley close-ranked

coadail ry-cheilley coincide

coloayrtys ry-cheilley intercommunicate

cruinnaghey ry-cheilley (of persons) hive

currit ry-cheilley compiled, connected, put together: Bee ny cowraghyn currit ry-cheilley ec jerrey y choorse dy gheddyn magh y graayd ta'n studeyr er chosney ayns TCG. Dhoor

currit ry-lhiattee in abeyance: Agh dooyrt Caairliagh Radio Vannin, Charles y Karagher, nagh beagh y studeyrys currit ry-lhiattee choud's veagh eshyn ayn. BS

cur ry-cheilley assemblage, assemble, associate, clump, combine, compile, connect, connotation, consolidate, consolidation, construct, evolve, incorporate, keep together, reconcile, relate, sum, teamwork

cur ry-lhiattee adjourn, appropriation, head off, lay by, set apart, suspension: Shegin cur ry lhiattee adsyn ta anmagh, tee gra. BS

eamagh ry-cheilley call together

eashyn ry-heet (f.) after ages

freggyrt ry-cheilley harmonize

Gerrymee ry-cheilley Professionals together

goll ry-cheilley alike, associate, go together: v'ad er dy chooilley aght goll ry-cheilley Bible

kiangley ry-cheilley clip; join up: Ta kianglaghyn lajer eddyr yn Ghaeltaght as Loghlin ass Claare yn Ymmyl Twoaie ta kiangley ry-cheilley baljyn beggey veih'n Ghaeltaght, Loghlin as yn Eeslynn. Dhoor

kione ry-cheilley end to end

laghyn ry-heet after-days: T'ad bwooiagh dy ynsaghey voue shen va kionefenish as, gyn ourys, bee eh ny share ayns ny laghyn ry-heet. Carn

lhie ry-cheilley dovetail

loayrt ry-cheilley commune: Myrgeddin uss vac y dooinney ta cloan dty phobble kinjagh loayrt my-dty-chione, rish ny voallaghyn, as ayns porchyn nyn dhieyn, as loayrt ry-cheilley, dagh fer rish e vraar Bible

obbraghey ry-cheilley co-ordinate, co-ordination, pull together

ooilley bun-ry-skyn all awry

roie ry-cheilley confluent, fuse, hang together

ry cheau consumable

ry chreck for sale, venal: Va ny Manninee 'sy chiaghtoo keead jeig agglit dy row ad ry chreck son daa phing y pheesh as dy beagh nyn ashoon currit mow. Carn

ry chur wherewith: Cha row freegyrt erbee aym ry chur er. DF

ry faill plying for hire

ry-gheddyn reesht recoverable

ry hoiggal understandable, understood

ry laue nearby; to hand: Shoh'n cubbyl s'aaley ren laue Yee y chroo fud e chretooryn; cha row veg gollroo, shooyl laue ry laue v'ad glen, nyn aigney seyr veih dagh failleil ta cur er graih gaase feayr; va'n graih oc dooie, sheshoil, meiygh PC

ry lheayst by the thigh, on the thigh

ry yeru earnestly, instantly, seriously: ayns yn 'askyr, as y voghre, as ag mynn la, niym padier y goyl, as shen ry ieru : as kluini e my ghora. Psalm1610

ry ynsaghey to be learned

seihll ry-heet hereafter, Kingdom come: Son dy vel ymmodee nagh vel smooinaght er nyn anmeenyn, ny er seihll ry heet CS

shassoo ry-lhiattee stand aside; stand beside

Sheenagh ry-gholl Chinese take away

sheeyney ry-cheilley abut, adjoin, contiguous, marry

sheeyn ry-cheilley abut

sheeynt ry-cheilley adjacent

shooyl cheu-ry-heu walking abreast

skeabey ry-lhiattee brush aside, sweep aside

sniemmey ry-cheilley alligate, anchylose, conjoin, join, piece together, unite

taah ry-cheilley anchylose

taghyrt ry-cheilley concur

tannaghtyn ry-cheilley hang together, keep together

tayrn ry-cheilley canalisation, canalise, constringe, pull together

thie bun-ry-skyn bear garden

thie ry-hoiaghey house to let

tooilley ry-heet (to be) continued

traa ry-heet after-days, to be: Son ta'n ashlish foast son traa ry-heet, agh ee y jerrey nee eh loayrt, as cha nee ayns fardail Bible

tuittym ry-cheilley clicking

yeearree ry-phoosey propose

ymmyrkey ry-eeck carriage forward

as ny laueyn ry-cheilley interlinked

Aundyryn Bree Traa Ry-heet Future Energy Awards

ben cur ry-cheilley (f.) (female) assembler

bentyn ry cheilley kiss: Va ny skianyn oc bentyn ry-cheilley Bible

bun ry baare confusion, disorder, disordered, topsy-turvy, upside-down

bun ry skyn disordered, inverted, topsy-turvy, upside-down, upturned, vice versa, wrong side up: Colin y Jerree - Seihll Bun-ry-Skyn? Carn

bwoalley noi ry hoi bumping

cab ry cheilley scissors

caggey laue ry laue hand to hand fighting

ceau bun ry-skyn upset

ceau ry cheilley throw together

ceau ry lhiattee throw aside

chaglym ry cheilley muster: s'cliaghtey lesh ny Manninee veih lhing Ree Ghorree Crovan as tammylt roish shen chaglym ry cheilley dy chlashtyn ny leighyn noa er nyn loayrt magh as aghinyn as neuaashidyn er nyn gur roish y Chooyrt dy gheddyn couyr Carn

cheet stiagh ry-cheilley combine

cheu ry heu adjacent, apposition, broadside on, side by side

Chirveish-Lheiys Erskyn-Ghorrym ry-hoi Crackan (f.) (yn); (the) Ultraviolet Skin Treatment Service

chyndaa ry lhiattee turn aside

cleayshyn ry-chlashtyn er prick-up ears

cochast feeit ry-cheilley interwoven

cooid cho-earrooder ry cheau (f.) computer consumables

cooid ry cheau consumables

coreggyrt ry cheilley intercommunicate

cosh ry cholbey cheek by jowl, side by side: Hie ad magh cosh ry cholbey. DF

coyrt ry cheilley join

Cre ta ry heet (intj) What next

cryss ry-hoi argid (f.) money belt

cur bun ry-baare disorder

cur bun ry-skyn capsize, disorder, invert

cur cheu ry-heu rish flank

cur ry-cheilley reesht reunite

dellal argidoil ry-hoi aachummey financial restructuring deal

eamagh ry lhiattee call aside

eddin ry eddin 1 face to face a: As loayr y Chiarn rish Moses eddin ry eddin Bible; 2 head on; 3 vis-à-vis

emshir ry heet (f.) future tense

famman ry amman tail to tail: hyndaa eh ad famman ry amman Bible

fee ry cheilley interweave

fer cur ry-cheilley assembler

freayll ry cheilley keep together

geaylin ry gheaylin abreast, shoulder to shoulder: Shassoo geaylin ry gheaylin. DF

gholl bun ry skyn (dy); (to) turn turtle

glast ry cheilley locked

goaill coyrle ry-cheilley confer

gob ry ghib abreast, even

goll bun ry-skyn capsize, capsizing

gour ry ghib faceways

gyn cheet ry-cheilley inharmonious

gyn cur ry lhiattee unappropriated

jannoo conaant ry-cheilley associate

kiangle ry cheilley join

king ry cheilley both ends together

kishtey ry hoi sollan salt-box

lesh foyryn ry-cheilley edgeways

lhiantyn ry cheilley stick together

lhiattee ry lhiattee side by side: Nish, ayns y tullagh shen, tra v'ad nyn soie cooidjagh lhiattee ry lhiattee, as eshyn as ny roihyn echey mygeayrt y mooee as y lhieckan echey bentyn rish y lhieckan ecksh GB

lhiggey ry cheilley (of guns) volley

lhoob bun ry skyn purl stitch

mestey ry cheilley mix up

Moggyl ry hoi Aachummey Keesh Tax Reform Newtwork: Ta'n Moggyl ry hoi Aachummey Keesh gobbraghey dy lhiettal shaghney keesh feiy ny cruinney. Carn

mooie ry cheilley at variance

mooinjer ry heet (f.) posterity

nagh row goll ry-cheilley diverse one from another: As haink kiare beishtyn mooar seose veih yn aarkey, nagh row goll ry-cheilley. Bible

nagh vel ry hroo unenviable

neu-gholl ry cheillid dissimilarity

noi ry hoi against one another, contrariwise, contrasting: Tra va daa vulk ny ainleyn noi ry hoi heill Satan nish dy chur e phooar 'sy veih noi pooar y Chroodagh, as dy ve'n chooid sloo ayns corrnys rish, mannagh beagh eh ny smoo. PC

nyn neesht ry-cheilley conjointly

oaie ry hoaie rish vis-à-vis

obbraghyn ry hoi glenney ushtey water treatment works

roie ry cheilley unite

ry-akin da'n tooill macroscopic

ry-chur noi coontys (costs) chargeable

ry chur ort for outward application

ry-chur sheese da (to cause) chargeable

ry-gheddyn er ash retrievable

ry-hoi laa fliaghee provided for a rainy day

Saagh ry akin (intj) Sail ho

seihll ta ry-heet afterlife, futurity: Son cha vel eh er choyrt fo reill ainleyn yn seihll ta ry-heet, my-e-chione ta shin loayrt. Bible

seiy ry lhiattee thrust aside

sessyn ry-hoi ablid d'obbraghey work capability assessments

shass eddin ry eddin rish confront

shassoo eddin ry eddin confront

shassoo seose noi-ry-hoi stand together: lhig dooin shassoo seose noi-ry-hoi; quoi ta m'oï;? PB1765

sheelogheyn ry heet after ages

shirveish ry-hoi arraghey surransee patient transfer service

slane ry-hoi red expressly

sniem ry cheilley unite

soiaghey noi ry-hoi contrast

soie noi ry hoi contrast

spein ry hoi sollan (f.) salt spoon

startaghyn ry gheddyn situations vacant, job opportunities

sthie ry cheilley reconciled

'sy theihll ry heet beyond the veil, in the world to come: agh quoi erbee loayrys noi yn Spyrryd Noo, cha bee eh er ny leih da, edyr 'sy theihll shoh, ny 'sy theihll ta ry-heet. Bible

'sy traa ry-heet hereafter: Myr shen nee my ynrickys gansoor er my honsy traa ry heet Bible

'sy traa ta ry-heet in the future: Dooyrt shin er-y-fa shen, tra jir ad myr shoh rooin, ny rish nyn sluight, 'sy traa ta ry-heet, dy vod mayd gansoor Bible

ta ry heet prospective: ayns ny earishyn ta ry heet. Bible

tayrn ry lhiattee (as curtains) withdraw

traa ta ry-heet futurity: nagh jir yn chloan euish rish y chloan ainyn ayns y traa ta ry-heet, Cha vel ayrn euish ayns y Chiarn. Bible

Tuinney - Dhyts Ry-gheddyn (Yn); (The) Universe - Yours to Discover

vlein ry heet (f.) (yn) next year: Yn vlein ny yei'n vlein ry heet. DF

whaaley ry cheilley sew up, stitch up

yei ry cheilley (ny) in series

Aundyr Zayed son Bree sy Traa Ry-heet Zayed Future Energy Prize

Billey ry-hoi Reirey Gaue Thooillaghyn Flood Risk Management Bill

Reagheydys ry-hoi Co-obbraghey as Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh OECD

Reagheydys ry hoi Co-obbraghey Tarmaynys as Lhiasaghey Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD

side by side (adj.) cheu ry heu, cosh ry cholbey, dy lieragh, lhiattee ry lhiattee

associate1 sheshaghtagh; (pref.) co-; coheshaghtagh; (v.) cosoylaghey, cur ry-cheilley, freayll sheshaght rish, goll ry-cheilley; jannoo conaant ry-cheilley

abut (v.) cochagliaghey, sheeyn ry-cheilley, sheeyney ry-cheilley

after-days laghyn ny yei shen; laghyn ry-heet; traa ry-heet

anchylose (v.) sniemmey ry-cheilley, taah ry-cheilley

confront (v.) cheet kionennee rish, shass eddin ry eddin rish, shassoo eddin ry eddin

consolidate (v.) chaglym ry-cheilley, chymsaghey cooidjagh, cur ry-cheilley, niartaghey, stooaltaghey

futurity (n.) seihll ta ry-heet; traa ta ry-heet

hang together (v.) roie ry-cheilley, tannaghtyn ry-cheilley

keep together (v.) cur ry-cheilley; freayll ry cheilley; tannaghtyn ry-cheilley

pull together (v.) obbraghey ry-cheilley, tayrn ry-cheilley

unite roie ry cheilley, sniem ry cheilley, sniemmey ry-cheilley, taahey; taah; unnaneysee; unnaneysey

vis-à-vis (n., adv.) bentyn da, bentyn rish; oaie ry hoaie rish, eddin ry eddin

abreast (adj., adv.) er un linney, geaylin ry gheaylin, gob ry ghib; heose rish; corrym rish

disordered baanrit; bun ry baare; bun ry skyn; ching; doghanagh; doghanit; fud y cheilley; neureajagh

facing jeeragh er; eddin ry eddin: He was facing me - V'eh eddin ry eddin dou. DF idiom

join cochiangley, chiangley; coventyn; coyrt ry cheilley; cur cooidjagh; coyrt cooidjagh; joynal; juntaghey; juntee; kiangle; kiangle ry cheilley; sniemmey ry-cheilley

topsy-turvy (adj., adv.) bun ry baare, bun ry skyn, fud y cheilley, kione y vreimmey 'syn aer

upside-down bun ry baare; bun ry skyn; cheu heose sheese; fud-y-cheilley; kione y vremmey 'syn aer

noi-ry-hoi together: my heaghyn troggit seose ayns ny meihaghyn noi-ry-hoi Bible

ry-eeck payable: Yn garey t'ou smooinaghtyn jeh, t'eh ry-eeck. JJK

ry-lhiattee apart, aside: lheïm ry-lhiattee myr bow brisht. Bible; abeyance

ynnyd-eggey website: Ta naightyn shiaghtinoil ayns Gaelg veih Radio Vannin ry lhaih as ry chlashtyn ec ynnyd-eggey Radio Vannin Dhoor

bunch1 (v.) broojit ry-cheilley; chionney ry-cheilley, kiangley ayns dossanyn; (n.) crouw, deaill, dhoss, doss, dossan, gass, glackaid, keshag, possan

capsize (v.) cur beeal fo, cur bun ry-skyn, goll beeal fo, goll bun ry-skyn

consumables (npl.) cooid ry cheau

dissimilarity (n.) neu-gholl ry cheillid

faceways gour ry ghib

harmonize (v.) cheet ry-cheilley; cur rere y cheilley; freggyrt ry-cheilley; jannoo bingyssagh; jannoo rere y cheilley

understandable (adj.) ry hoiggal, so-hoiggal

venal (adj.) ry chreck

volley2 (of guns) lhiggey ry cheilley

wherewith (adv.) ry chur

withdraw2 (as curtains) tayrn ry lhiattee

guillyn boys: As v'eh baghtal ry akin as ry chlashtyn dy row ny inneenyn ny share na ny guillyn sy vrastyl shoh. Carn

laue-ry-laue hand in hand: Ayns shoh va'n sarey as y viallys goll laue-ry-laue, cooilleenit aynsyn nish PC

mean ny cheerey midland: Smerg dauesyn ta cur thie ry hie, as magher ry magher, derrey nagh bee boayl faagit, agh ad dy chummal ooilley cooidjagh orroo hene ayns mean ny cheerey ! Bible


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