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running (v.) roie: The sea is running heavily - Ta'n keayn roie feer hrome. DF idiom

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blockade running (v.) brishey chemmaltys

running commentary (n.) coontey roie, coontys roie, lioar hoilshee

running jump (n.) lheim roie

running knot (n.) sniem roie

running loop (n.) sneim roie

running noose (n.) lhoob roie

running over chummalagh

running rope (n.) tead roie

running shoes (npl.) braagyn roie

running sore (n.) gangrail

braagyn roie (f.) running shoes

brishey chemmaltys blockade running

chummalagh running over

coontey roie running commentary

gangrail (f.) gangrene, running sore

lheim roie running jump

lhoob roie running noose

lioar hoilshee (f.) running commentary

sneim roie running loop

tead roie running rope

gun-running (v.) smuggleragh gunnaghyn

smooth-running (adj.) so-ghleayshagh

smuggleragh gunnaghyn gun-running

so-ghleayshagh biddable, malleable, smooth-running

coontys roie current account, running commentary

sniem roie (f.) running knot, slip knot

bare1 (v.) baarey, loamey, lommey, meayllaghey, roostey, rooishtey; (impv) baare; (adj.) lhome; lhomey: Running under bare poles - Shiaulley fo cruin lhomey DF idiom

fitted currit seose; currit stiagh; dest: He fitted out the house with running water - Dest eh y thie lesh ushtey roie. DF idiom

pipes (npl.) feddanyn; lhiggaghyn; piobyn: Running pipes through a wall - Cur piobyn trooid boalley. DF idiom

poles (npl.) sthewir; poullyn; cruin: Running under bare poles - Shiaulley fo cruin lhomey. - Shiaulley fo cruin lhomey. DF idiom

sweat (v.) cur magh tastid; gollish; taah; (n.) ollish: The sweat is running down the crack of my arse - Ta'n ollish roie sheese chlash my hoyn. DF idiom

crack1 chlash: The sweat is running down the crack of my arse - Ta'n ollish roie sheese chlash my hoyn. DF idiom; (n.) frap; gaaigey; scaaney; scoltey: Had the dish a crack? - Row scoltey ayns y jyst? JJK idiom; (adj.) jeh'n cheid chummey

roie (=Ir. rith) bolt, burst, cursive, dart, flow, full retreat, melt, race, range, run, scurry, slip, sprinting: roie dy mooar ayns eash Bible; raced; smuggle, smuggling; (as animals) charging; (as pain) shooting; (ale) draught; ladder; flowing, flying, running; See roïe before: Myr dooyrt shin roie Bible; ran; rushed; See roïe previously; heretofore


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