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ruggey born: Shegin diu v'er nyn ruggey reesht Bible

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born (v.) behrt; er ny assaid; er ny brey; er ny vrey; ruggit; ruggey; rug

cur rish peccah sin, transgress: Quoi-erbee t'er ny ruggey jeh Jee, cha vel eh cur rish peccah ; son ta'n rass echey tannaghtyn ayn Bible

gonney rare; vexed; famine: da Joseph va er ny ruggey daa vac roish my daink ny bleeantyn gonney Bible

keead blein d'eash centennial, hundred years old: As va Abraham keead bleïn dy eash, tra va e vac Isaac er ny ruggey da

lhiannoo mac male child, man-child: Ta lhiannoo mac er ny ruggey dhyt; cur-volley da. Bible

lhiy yn assyl fadane wild ass's colt: Son baillish dooinney donney ve coontit creeney, ga dy vel eh er ny ruggey myr lhiy yn assyl fadane Bible

smaylyn sparks: Ny-yeih ta dooinney er ny ruggey gys seaghyn, myr ta smaylyn yn aile getlagh lesh yn yrjid. Bible

varr See marr killed, slew: Varr eh ooilley yn chied er ny ruggey ayns nyn jeer Bible

overcome (v.) castit, fo chosh, geaylt, jargit er; barriaght; geddyn barriaght er: For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world - Son cre-erbee ter ny ruggey jeh Jee, te geddyn barriaght er y theihll Bible; goaill mainshtyraght er, geddyn mainshtyraght er

wild1 faasagh; fadane: though man be born like a wild ass's colt - ga dy vel eh er ny ruggey myr lhiy yn assyl fadane Bible; feaynid; jeh chash; reeastane; feie; feïee: And he will be a wild man - Bee eh ny ghooinney feïee Bible; feïe: I will also send wild beasts among you - Neem marish shoh cur beishtyn feïe ny-vud eu Bible

reiltys (=Ir. rialtas) (f.) pl. reiltyssyn governance, rule: va'n reiltys er ny ghoaill voue Bible; kingdom: Myr shen ghow Saul yn reiltys harrish Israel Bible; dominion: Son va reiltys echey harrish ooilleyn cheer er cheu shoh jehn awin Bible; government: Son dooinyn ta lhiannoo er ny ruggey, dooinyn ta mac er ny choyrt, as bee yn reiltys er e gheaylin Bible


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