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roym before me, in preference to me: quoi yn bochilley shen oddys shassoo roym Bible

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hem roym I will depart: Hem roym dy valley gys my chied heshey, son va mee ny s'maynrey mârishyn, na ta mee nish. Bible

I will depart faagyms: I will depart from the city - faagyms yn ard-valley Bible; hem roym: I will depart to mine own land - hem roym gys my heer Bible

before me roym, royms, roym's: Next before me - Dy jeeragh roym. DF idiom; er my veealloo: Straight before me - Dy jeeragh er my veealloo. DF idiom; kiongoyrt rhym: He is sitting before me - T'eh ny hoie kiongoyrt rhym. DF idiom

in preference to me roym

quoth (v.) as: I'll go, quoth he - Hem roym, as eshyn. DF idiom

cheet reesht come again: Ta mee goll roym, as cheet reesht hiu. Bible

fakyder (pl -yn) seer: Mish yn fakyder: gow seose roym gys yn ard-ynnyd Bible

myrrhey of myrrh: hem's roym gys y charnane myrrhey Bible

myrtle myrtle: hem's roym gys y charnane myrrhey Bible

appease (v.) castey, cur shee er, kiunaghey, meelaghey; meeinaghey: I will appease him with the present that goeth before me - Neem y veeinaghey eh lesh y gioot ta goll roym Bible

object (n.) nhee; red: My immediate object - Yn chied red ta roym. DF idiom; (v.) shassoo noi: It is open to you to object - Ta kied ayd dy hassoo noi. DF idiom

predecessor (n.) fer roish: My predecessor in the job - Yn fer roym 'sy staartey. DF idiom; roie-immeeaght

press on (v.) arral; chionney roish: I will press on with it - Chionneeym roym lesh. DF idiom

proceeding immeeaght: I am proceeding on my way - Ta mee gimmeeaght roym. DF idiom; gell

scene (n.) ardane, boayl, shilley; reayrt: What a scene met my eyes! - Lheid y reayrt va roym! DF idiom; reayrtys: Fade one scene into another - Daa reayrtys y vestey ry-cheilley. DF idiom

shall prepare kiartee: and he shall prepare the way before me: - as kiartee eh yn raad roym Bible

arran casherick shewbread: As nee oo dy kinjagh arran casherick y hoiaghey er y voayrd roym. Bible

cha voddin I could not: Hass eh roym, agh cha voddin baght y ghoaill jeh e chummey Bible

dy kiune quietly, soft, softly: Agh ny-yeih sheign maynrys Phargys 'aagail son ny ta jeant ayd, shen vees aym jeh dt'aill; ymmyrk dy kiune nish ny ta Jee er harey, son sheign dooys dt'akin goll magh roym veih'n gharey. PC

focklym literature: Ta my chree cur roym dy vel nuy reddyn maynrey, as focklym magh yn jeihoo lesh my hengey Apoc

fuirraght delay: yinnin eisht cosney roym foddey jeh: as fuirraght ayns yn aasagh. Bible

gollan (=Ir. gobhlan) fork; martin, swift: Va mee ayns San Borondon, va glonney roym as va daeed gollan mooar ellanagh getlagh er ard. Dhoor

gollan mooar swift: Va mee ayns San Borondon, va glonney roym as va daeed gollan mooar ellanagh getlagh er ard. Dhoor

Guilcagh Broom Place: huitt scell er magher buigh lesh plaggad, as roym va tholtan beg, guilcagh as dress cho ard as ny boallaghyn glassey. Coraa

hem I shall go, I will go: Hem roym dy valley gys my chied heshey Bible

kiartee corrective; set, set in rows; shall prepare: kiartee eh yn raad roym Bible; prepare

markym-jeelym mirage: foddey voym, fo'n droghad roie Awin ny Braddanyn, yn sheean eck myr thaish, as va markym-jeelym er y vayr roym, as eer ny h-eeanlee hene nyn dost. Coraa

my yei after me: T'eshyn ta cheet my yei er ny hoiaghey roym Bible

seihll kyndagh underworld: Te roym dy choyrt jerrey er ooilley sheelnaue; son ta'n seihll kyndagh roo lhieent lesh tranlaase Bible

towl doo black hole: fow uss voym, son ta mish kiarit, as nee'm ny ta roym; tilgym uss jiu as ooilley pooar dty Yee ayns y towl doo shen jeh t'ou branlaadee! PC


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