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rosh reach: ve mysh lhie ny greiney tra rosh ad gys cronk Ammah Bible

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reach reirey: Reach of a river - Reirey awin. DF idiom; rosh; roshtyn; roshtynys; sheeyney magh; roshys; sheeyn: Reach me the hammer - Sheeyn dou yn oard. DF idiom

clane job-lot See slane :1 (yn); (the) caboodle, whole bag of tricks: "Cha row," dooyrt eh, "ren ny ferrishyn yn clane job-lot dooys," dooyrt eh, "oyr tra rosh mee yn magher va'n arroo ooilley ayns stookyn, jesh as kiart. GB

hymn hymn: Va ram deiney geiyrt er y choir-verriu, as fer lurg fer aaloayrt ny kiaulleeaght hymn ny salmyn derrey rosh ad thie saggyrt Malew. Dhoor

Keayn Twoaie (Yn); (The) North Sea: V'eh er ny insh dooin dy vel Mooir Hostyn (Yn Keayn Twoaie myr t'ad gra rish 'sy Vaarle), faarkey feer hrong agh cha vaik shin baatey elley erbee derrey rosh shin ny magheryn ooill. GK

Mee s'jerree y gheuree January: Va turrys liauyr aym, ny smoo na kiare ooyrn as feed, agh 'sy voghrey er y jeihoo laa Mee s'jerree y gheuree 1997 rosh mee PNG. Dhoor


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