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rose rosag; rose: There's no rose without a thorn - Cha nel rose erbee fegooish jolg. JJK idiom; rose-uinnag; ruissag; sock; (v.) dirree: He rose from the dead - Dirree eh veih ny merriu. DF idiom

rose (f.) ceiling rose; erysipelas; rose: bee'n fadaneys gennal, as blaaghey myr y rose Bible

Inexact matches:

briar rose (n.) drughaig villish

burnet rose (n.) drine drughaig

ceiling rose (n.) rose

Christmas rose (n.) blaa Nollick

cotton rose (n.) lus ny croshey

dog rose (n.) drine drughaig, drughaig

guelder rose (n.) thramman sniaghtee; tramman ushtey

moss rose (n.) rose cheynnee

musk rose (n., adj.) drughaig gharey

rock rose (n.) drine ny greg

rose bay (n.) lus ny sheillee

rose bed (n.) immyr rose

rose bowl (n.) meilley rose

rose-breasted grosbeak (n.) gobbagh-mooar cleeau-yiarg

rose bud (n.) gobbey rose

rose-coloured starling (n.) truitlag rangagh; trutlag ruissagh

Rose Cottage (n.) Croit ny Roseyn

rose garden (n.) garey rose

rose nail (n.) treiney chione diamanagh

rose rash (n.) brooan ruissagh

rose-ringed parakeet (n.) parakeet coillaragh

rose tree (n.) crouw rose

rose up (v.) dirree: And rose up, and thrust him out of the city - As dirree ad, as deiyr ad eh magh ass yn ard-valley Bible; hrog: And the men rose up from thence - As hrog ny deiney orroo veih shen Bible; dirree seose: thou hast overthrown them that rose up against thee - tou er choyrt fo-chosh adsyn dirree seose dtoi Bible

rose water (n.) ushtey rose

rose wine (n.) feeyn ruissagh

tea rose (n.) tey-rose

wild rose (n.) drughaig

crouw rose (f.) rose tree

garey rose rosary, rose garden

gobbey rose rose bud

immyr rose (f.) rose bed

meilley rose (f.) rose bowl

rose cheynnee (f.) moss rose

Rose-ghlassan mooar Great Rosefinch

Rose Millish Melrose

thammag rose (f.) rosebush

ushtey rose rose water

Dog Rose Lake (n.) Lough Drughaig

Ridge of the Dog Rose (n.) Dreeym ny Drughaig

rose of Jericho (n.) lus yn irree seose reesht

rose of Sharon (n.) lus vuigh ny Manninee

lus yn rose (f.) herb robert

rose ny marrey rosemary

drine drughaig burnet rose, dog rose

dirree rose up: dirree yn dooinney eck 'sy voghrey Bible; rose; arose

erysipelas (n.) rose

Melrose (n.) Rose Millish

rosebush (n.) rosag, thammag rose

thorn (n.) drine; jialg; jolg: There's no rose without a thorn - Cha nel rose erbee fegooish jolg. JJK idiom; skeaigagh; skeaig-ghrine

blaa Nollick Christmas rose

dirree seose rose up

drughaig (f.) dog rose, hip, wild rose: Gow yn bayr glass gys beeal y ghlion Raad ta'n drughaig fee dy chionn Dhoor

drughaig gharey (f.) musk rose

drughaig villish (f.) briar rose

feeyn ruissagh rose wine

rosag (f.) rose; rosebush

rose-uinnag (f.) rose, rose-window

ruissag (f.) rose

tey-rose tea rose

thramman sniaghtee guelder rose

Great Rosefinch (n.) Rose-ghlassan mooar

rose-coloured (adj.) ruissagh

rose-copper (n.) rose-chopuir

rose-laurel (n.) rose-laurys

rose-pink rose-banejiarg

rose-red (adj.) rosejiarg

rose-window (n.) rose-uinnag

rosewood (n.) rose-foiee

brooan ruissagh rosela, rose rash

Croit ny Roseyn Rose Cottage

drine ny greg rock rose

gobbagh-mooar cleeau-yiarg rose-breasted grosbeak

Lough Drughaig Dog Rose Lake

parakeet coillaragh rose-ringed parakeet

rose-banejiarg rose-pink

rose-chopuir (f.) rose-copper

rose-foiee rosewood

rosejiarg rose-red

rose-laurys rose-laurel

tramman ushtey (f.) dogberry, guelder rose

treiney chione diamanagh (f.) rose nail

truitlag rangagh (f.) rose-coloured starling

trutlag ruissagh (f.) rose-coloured starling

herb robert (n.) crouw yiarg, lus yn rose

rosary (n.) crooin Voirrey, cruineenyn Voirrey; garey rose

rosemary (n.) druight ny marrey, rose ny marrey

Dreeym ny Drughaig Ridge of the Dog Rose

lus ny croshey (f.) cotton rose, crosswort

lus ny sheillee (f.) marsh willow-herb, rose bay

lus vuigh ny Manninee (f.) rose of Sharon

lus yn irree seose reesht (f.) rose of Jericho

ruissagh florid, reddish, rose-coloured, rosy, ruddy

for ever and ever son dy bragh as dy bragh: And her smoke rose up for ever and ever - as hrog yn jaagh eck seose son dy bragh as dy bragh bible

thence (adv.) veih shid, veih'n traa shen; veih shen: And the men rose up from thence - As hrog ny deiney orroo veih shen Bible

they1 (pron) ad: They rose early and have breakfasted, as they have much to do - D'irree ad dy-moghey as t'ad er vrishey nyn drostey, myr ta mooarane oc dy yannoo. JJK idiom

hrog lifted, raised: hrog ny fir-chiaullee nyn goraa seose dy ard Bible; builded; rose up; arose

lilee (f.) pl. lileeyn, lilleeyn lily: She mish rose Sharon, as lilee ny coanyn. Bible

She 1 (intj) aye, yea; 2 (emph.) T'is a: She mish rose Sharon, as lilee ny coanyn. Bible; 3 be

sock (f.) 1 pl. sick bow, horn of anvil, nose, snout, toe a: Cur scain er y sock. DF; 2 mould-board, ploughshare, share; 3 jet, nozzle, rose

minister (n.) airey, cooat-doo, jed, minishter; shirveishagh: And Moses rose up, and his minister Joshua - As hrog Moses er, as e hirveishagh Joshua Bible; (v.) shirveish: unto the priests that minister in the house of our God - gys ny saggyrtyn, ta shirveish ayns thie yn Jee ain Bible


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