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rope1 (n.) coyrd; tead, tedd; teidd: Let us twist the rope - Lhig dooin cassey yn teidd. JJK idiom; thow; (v.) kiangley lesh teaddyn, teaddey

rope2 (of beer) reenaghey

Inexact matches:

bell rope (n.) tead clag, tead cluig

buoy rope (n.) thow

cable-laid rope (n.) tead caabylchast

guy rope (n.) tead stiuree

heather rope (n.) gaid, suggane freoaie

hempen rope (n.) tead kennipey

hide rope (n.) tead crackan

loose rope (n.) tead

mooring rope (n.) moaral, tead thallooin

rope dancer (n.) daunseyr tead

rope house (n.) thie tead

rope in (v.) cur tead mysh

rope off (v.) cur tead er

rope stone (n.) bwoid suggane

rope walk (n.) cassan tead

running rope (n.) tead roie

skipping rope (n.) tead skibbylt

slack rope (n.) tead bog

tow rope (n.) tead tayrn

on a rope er louyn

rope of two strands (n.) tead daa 'illey

twisted straw rope (n.) suggane

thow buoy rope, line, painter, rope

bwoid suggane rope stone

cassan tead rope walk

daunseyr tead rope dancer

gaid heather rope

kiangley lesh teaddyn rope

suggane freoaie heather rope

tead (=Ir. téad, Sc.G. teud, tiad) See tedd pl. teaddyn guy, line, loose rope, rope, string: Hayrn ad er y tead derrey vrish eh. DF [O.Ir. tét]

tead bog slack rope

tead caabylchast cable-laid rope

tead crackan hide rope

teaddey rope

tead kennipey hempen rope

tead roie running rope

tead skibbylt skipping rope

tead thallooin mooring rope

thie tead rope house

bell-rope tead clag, tead cluig

bolt-rope (n.) tead coadee

guide-rope (n.) tead laue

hay-rope (n.) suggane corrag

head-rope (n.) steir

rope-ladder (n.) tead-aarey; aarey-tead

rope-maker (n.) teaddeyder

rope-yarn (n.) kennip

rush-rope (n.) suggane leaghyragh

stay-rope (n.) sthoe

thumb-rope (n.) suggane corrag

tiller-rope (n.) tead stiuree

aarey-tead rope-ladder

cur tead mysh rope in

reenaghey (of beer) rope; stiffen, toughen, toughening

steir head-rope

sthoe stay-rope

suggane corrag hay-rope, thumb-rope

suggane leaghyragh rush-rope

tead-aarey (f.) rope-ladder

tead clag bell-rope, bell rope

tead cluig bell-rope, bell rope

tead coadee bolt-rope

teaddeyder rope-maker

tead laue guide-rope

tead stiuree guy rope, tiller-rope

cur tead er guy, rope off, string

er louyn along; by hand; on a rope

moaral (v.) moor, tie up; (n.) mooring rope, moorings

tead daa 'illey rope of two strands

tead tayrn heaving line, tow rope

foul2 (as rope) tramman: The rope is foul - Ta'n tead tramman. DF idiom

suggane (=Ir.sugan) twisted straw rope: Jannoo suggane lesh y choar. DF

let go (v.) lhiggey'n raad da, lhiggey'n raad; lhig: He let go the rope - Lhig eh y tead voish. DF idiom

twist1 baic; cammaghey; car; carral; cassey: Let us twist the rope - Lhig dooin cassey yn teidd. JJK idiom; clinkal; clinkey; faast; faastey; kessey; slew

coyrd 1 line, rope a: lhig ee sheese ad er coyrd trooid yn uinniag Bible; b pl. coyrdyn; 2 (of wood) cord; 3 chord

tedd pl. teddyn rope: Smerg dauesyn ta tayrn mee-chraueeaght lesh coyrdyn dy ardalys, as peccah myr dy beagh eh lesh tedd cart! Bible [O.Ir. tét]

kennip (f.) (pl -yn) cannabis, hashish, pot: Lurg da prowal smuggleragh cocaine as kennip va feeu daeed as hoght meeilley jeig punt stiagh syn Ellan, hie dooinney voish Doolish er deyrey gys tree bleeaney as hoght mee ayns pryssoon. BS; hemp, rope-yarn


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