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roostey bare, debunk, deprive, exposure, hull, peel, peeling, rifle, rind, rob, spoil, strip, stripping, unbark, uncover, unmask, unveil; (n.) strip of a girl; despoil

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ben roostey (f.) stripper

gyn roostey unexposed

roostey neughlen indecent exposure

roostey ooirey soil denudation

exposure (n.) anchoodaghey; feayght; oaie: Southerly exposure - Oaie da'n jiass. DF idiom; roostey: Indecent exposure - Roostey neughlen. DF idiom; taishbyney

hull (n.) bleayst, corp; (v.) roostey

peeling roostey; scryssagh

rob roostey; spooilley

soil denudation (n.) roostey ooirey

stripping (v.) lhomey, roostey

unbark roostey

uncover (v.) lhomey, roostey

unexposed1 (adj.) gyn roostey

unveil (v.) rooisht, rooishtey, roostey

mraane-mooinjerey kinswomen: Cha jean oo roostey nearey ben as e inneen, chamoo ghoys oo inneen e mac, ny inneen e inneen, dy roostey yn nearey eck: son ad ny mraane-mooinjerey faggys eck: she croiaght eh. Bible

debunk (v.) jannoo beg jeh, roostey

despoil (v.) milley, spooilley; roostey; stroie

over-expose ro-roostey

over-exposure (n.) ro-roostey

strip of a girl (n.) roostey

time exposure (n.) traa-roostey

underexposure (n.) fo-roostey

under-exposure fo-roostey

fo-roostey under-exposure, underexposure

ro-roostey over-expose, over-exposure

traa-roostey time exposure

deprive (v.) cur ass, goaill ersooyl voish, juailey, roostey

rind (n.) crackan; roost; roostey; scryss; speeineig; speeiney

stripper (n.) ben roostey; lhomeyder, rooishteyder, speeineyder; goaunagh, strig-ghounagh

unmask (v.) cur fareddin jeh, roost, roostey

indecent exposure (n.) anchoodaghey neu-ghlen, lhoamid neu-ghlen, rooishtid anchooie, roostey neughlen

bare1 (v.) baarey, loamey, lommey, meayllaghey, roostey, rooishtey; (impv) baare; (adj.) lhome; lhomey: Running under bare poles - Shiaulley fo cruin lhomey DF idiom

one day (n.) laa dy row; laa er dy henney; un laa: why should I be deprived also of you both in one day? - Cren fa veign er my roostey jeu nyn neesht ayns un laa? Bible

peel (v.) roostey, speeiney; speein: Peel those oranges and throw the peel in the fire - Speein ny horanjeyn shen as ceau ny speeineigyn 'syn aile. DF idiom; (n.) crackan, roost, scryss, sleayst uinnee, speeineig

rifle (n.) gunn laue; gunney-liauyr; raifyl: Rifle set at safe - Raifyl as y glass er. DF idiom; (v.) ronsaghey; roostey

spoil babbaney; caartrey; cragh; craghey; craght; jannoo brock jeh; milley: Don't let us spoil our children - Ny lhig dooin milley nyn baitchyn. JJK idiom; millit; orchal; spooilley; mhilley; roostey

strip cur yn eaddagh jeh; list; lommey; roostey; speeiney; (n.) scheim: Strip of land projecting into the sea - Scheim thallooin roie magh 'sy cheayn. DF idiom; scob; skilleig; straih

ard-pheccah great sin: t'er roostey lesh laue lajer, nagh vel er jyndaa yn yioal, as t'er hroggal seose e hooillyn gys ny jallooyn, t'er n'yannoo ard-pheccah, Bible

dy bollagh absolutely, clean, point-blank, quite, thoroughly, wholly, utterly: as neesht dy bollagh er roostey shin jeh ooilley nyn argid. bee yn chengey brisht dy bollagh ayns sheeloghe. Carn

glen-lhome naked, clean bare: T'eh er choyrt mow my villey-feeyney, as er roostey my villey-figgagh: t'eh er n'yannoo eh glen-lhome, as er yiarey sheese eh, ta ny banglaneyn echey bane-fiojit. Bible

gyn treisht forlorn: dy roostey jeh dagh fea ny h-eebyrtee 's dy reayll ad ayns anvea, torchagh as pian, gyn gerjagh laa ny oie, as gyn treishteil livrey y gheddyn choiee. PC

kione y ven woman's head: neen saggyrt soiagh yn ven kiongoyrt y Chiarn, as roostey kione y ven Bible

rooishtid bareness, nakedness, nudism, nudity: Nearey ben dty ayrey cha jean oo roostey: te rooishtid dt' ayrey Bible

sodjey maghey shoh henceforth: nee ad cummal aynyd, as bee oo yn eiraght ocsyn, as cha jean oo ny sodjey maghey shoh adsyn y roostey jeh deiney. Bible

spooilleyderyn spoilers: ren eh ad y livrey gys laueyn ny spooilleyderyn ren ad y roostey Bible


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