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rollageagh astral, astronomical, sidereal, starlight, starlit, starry, stellar, stellated: slane armee rollageagh yn aer Bible

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bleaystan rollageagh star shell

chaglym rollageagh star cluster

co-hollys rollageagh constellation, galaxy, star cluster

cruinnaghan rollageagh star cluster

faaishneyder rollageagh astrologer

faaishnys rollageagh astrology

fishig rollageagh (f.) astrophysics

jyst far-rollageagh satellite dish

lhong rollageagh (f.) starship

onnane rollageagh (f.) star thistle

shiaulteyr rollageagh astronaut

slat rollageagh (f.) astrolabe

soilshey rollageagh starlight

taishbynys rollageagh star shower

traa rollageagh sideral time

star cluster (n.) chaglym rollageagh, co-hollys rollageagh, cruinnaghan rollageagh

starlight (n.) rollageagh, soilshey ny rollageyn, soilshey rollageagh

astral (adj.) rollageagh

astrolabe (n.) slat rollageagh

astronaut (n.) shiaulteyr rollageagh

astronomical (adj.) rollageagh; rollageydagh

astrophysics (n.) fishig rollageagh

constellation (n.) co-hollys rollageagh

sideral time traa rollageagh

sidereal (adj.) rollageagh

starlit (adj.) rollageagh, roltagagh, rondagagh

starry (adj.) rollageagh

star shell (n.) bleaystan rollageagh

starship (n.) lhong rollageagh

star shower (n.) taishbynys rollageagh

star thistle (n.) onnane rollageagh

stellar (adj.) rollageagh

stellated (adj.) rollageagh

galaxy (n.) ard-chruinnaght; co-hollys rollageagh; co-rollageys

interstellar (adj.) eddyr-rollageagh

satellite dish (n.) jyst far-rollageagh

eddyr-rollageagh (f.) interstellar

astrology (n.) astroaylleeaght, faaishnys rollageagh, far-rollageydys, planartys

heavens (npl.) niaughyn: The starry heavens - Ny niaughyn rollageagh. DF idiom

astrologer (n.) astroayllee; faaishneyder rollageagh; fer fysseree; planartagh; rollageydagh: that asked such things at any magician, or astrologer - ta er hirrey lheid ny reddyn veih dooinney creeney erbee, ny rollageydagh Bible


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