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rolaue aforethought, beforehand, prior: Quoi ny mast' oc oddys shoh y hoilshaghey, ny ginsh dooin reddyn rolaue? Bible

Inexact matches:

aarlit rolaue ready cooked

ainjys rolaue pre-acquaintance

baase rolaue predecease

bee rolaue anticipate

blass rolaue foretaste

chaghter rolaue harbinger

cheet rolaue antecede

coagyrit rolaue ready-cooked, ready-made

eeckit rolaue prepaid

eeck rolaue prepay, prepayment

fakin rolaue foresee

fys rolaue foreknowledge, foresight

goll rolaue antecede

inshit rolaue foretold

insh rolaue1 augur, foretell, predict

insh rolaue2 (jeh) bode

jeant rolaue prefabricated, ready-made

kiarail rolaue (f.) foresight, predestination, providence

oarderit rolaue bespoke

sheiltyn rolaue presuppose

smooinaght rolaue forethought

soiaghey rolaue preset

soit rolaue preconcerted, preset

cur shilley er rolaue preview

gyn fakin rolaue unforeseen

gyn smooinaght rolaue unpremeditated

gyn studeyrys rolaue unstudied

lhiggey stiagh rolaue pre-admission

screeu laa yn vee rolaue (cheque) antedate

smooinaghtyn rolaue er premeditate

antecede (v.) cheet rolaue; goll roish; goll rolaue

foresight (n.) fys rolaue; grine; kiarail rolaue; faih

preset (adj.) roie-hoit, soit rolaue; (v.) soiaghey rolaue

ready-made jeant rolaue, coagyrit rolaue

bode (v.) insh rolaue jeh, insh rolaue; jannoo faaishnys jeh; jannoo faaishnys

aforethought (adj.) roie-chiarit, roie-smooinit, rolaue

anticipate (v.) bee rolaue

beforehand rolaue: There are two bad payments, beforehand and never - Daa ghrogh eeck t'ayn, eeck rolaue as dyn eeck edyr. DF idiom

bespoke (adj.) oarderit rolaue

foretaste (n.) blass rolaue

forethought (n.) kiarailys, smooinaght rolaue

foretold (v.) inshit rolaue

harbinger (n.) chaghter rolaue

pre-acquaintance ainjys rolaue

pre-admission lhiggey stiagh rolaue

preconcerted (adj.) soit rolaue

predestination (n.) kiarail rolaue, roie-oardaghey

prefabricated jeant rolaue; roie-yeant

premeditate (v.) smooinaghtyn rolaue er

prepaid (adj.) eeckit rolaue, roie-eeckit

prepay (v.) eeck rolaue; roie-geeck

prepayment (n.) eeck rolaue

presuppose (v.) sheiltyn rolaue

prior (n.) priorey; (adj.) rolaue

ready cooked aarlit rolaue

ready-cooked coagyrit rolaue

unpremeditated (adj.) gyn smooinaght rolaue

predict (v.) faaishnaghey, insh rolaue, roie-insh

unstudied (adj.) anoayllagh, gyn studeyrys rolaue

antedate (v.) (cheque) screeu laa yn vee rolaue

augur (n.) faaishneyder; (v.) ginsh ro laue, insh rolaue

foreknowledge (n.) fys rolaue, fysseree, tushtey ro-laue

foretell (v.) faaishnaghey, insh rolaue, roie-insh, tuarey; insh roïe

predecease (v.) baase rolaue; geddyn baase roish

preview (v.) cur shilley er rolaue; (n.) roie-haishbynys

providence (n.) ard-chiarail, ard-chiarailys, kiarailys, kiarail rolaue; fakin-roie; faih

unforeseen (adj.) gyn faaishnys, gyn fakin rolaue, gyn jerkalys, gyn jerkallys

foresee (v.) fakin rolaue: I foresee all that we must be prepared for - Ta mee fakin ro-laue ooilley shegin dooin ve aarloo er e hon. JJK idiom

vain1 (adj.) stroineeishagh, eddrym; fardail: I'll willingly go there, if you wish; I can tell you beforehand, it will be in vain - He'm dys shen dy-arryltagh, my sailt; foddym gra rhyt rolaue, bee eh ayns fardail. JJK idiom; awaneagh

gyn reaghey undesigned: Yn ellan lieh-varbaragh shoh, raad va riftanyn garroo shooyl stiagh sy thie gyn reaghey red erbee rolaue as gyllagh magh 'Kys t'ou uss, ven? SF; without purpose, without intent

shooyl stiagh walk in: Yn ellan lieh-varbaragh shoh, raad va riftanyn garroo shooyl stiagh sy thie gyn reaghey red erbee rolaue as gyllagh magh 'Kys t'ou uss, ven?' SF


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