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roit cast, melted, molten, moulded: t'ad er chummey daue hene jallooyn roit jeh nyn argid Bible; raced, run

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jalloo roit molten image: Cre'n foays t'ayns yalloo grainnit, dy vel yn obbree er ghrainney eh; yn jalloo roit, as y fer-ynsee dy vreagyn, dy vel yn obbree treishteil ayns ny jallooyn balloo, obbyr e laueyn hene ? Bible

roit ass stale, run out: Ta mee roit ass ennal. DF

roit neeu starved: hig eh gy-kione, tra vees ad roit neeu lesh accyrys, dy bee ad ayns lheid yn angaish dy jean ad gwee mollaght er nyn ree as nyn Yee, as jeeaghyn seose. Bible

yiarn roit casting iron

starved lhedit; lhejit; roit neeu: The man is starved - Ta'n dooinney roit neeu. DF idiom; shanglanit; starvit

molten (adj.) lheiht, lheit, roit

casting iron (n.) do-vrishey, yiarn roit

moulded er lheeah; oorit; roit

molten image (n.) jalloo lheiht, jalloo lheït; jalloo roit

ass ennal blown, breathless, puffed, puffy: Ta mee roit ass ennal. DF

spakyn spokes: ny croughyn oc, as ny spakyn oc ooilley roit Bible

melted lheiht; roit; theinniuit; lheie, lheïe: and when the sun waxed hot, it melted - as lesh chiass ny greiney, ren eh lheie Bible

raced ratchit; roit; roie: He raced down the street - Roie eh sheese y traid. DF idiom

run (n.) aber; straih; turrys; jerrey lhuingey; (v.) cur er e hoshiaght; cur ny roie; goll seose; ratch; roie; roit; sheeley; shelg

croughyn felloes: y rhollanyn oc, as ny croughyn oc, as ny spakyn oc ooilley roit Bible

essylyn axletrees: va ny essylyn oc, as ny rhollanyn oc, as ny croughyn oc, as ny spakyn oc ooilley roit. Bible

muck (f.) pl. muckyn pig: Dooinney ta poost ta e hreishteil roit ass, Te kiart goll-rish muck lesh tedd er y chass. EF

rhollan (f.) hub, nave, ring: va ny essylyn oc, as ny rhollanyn oc, as ny croughyn oc, as ny spakyn oc ooilley roit. Bible

cast1 builley, cuirt, skah; coontit; cur skimmee da; far hooill; jannoo; jiooldit; lhuan; lught; mac-skeih; orraghey; plaitail; roit; skimmee; snoaid; tilgane; tilgey: The sheep cast her lamb - Ren y cheyrrey tilgey yn eayn eck. DF idiom; tilgit; hilg; ceau, cheau: He cast his garments - Cheau eh jeh e gharmadyn. DF idiom; cuir; hilgys; tilg; (to); (dy) hilgey; ceaut: The die is cast - Ta ny jeeslaghyn ceaut. DF idiom

race (n.) area, arey, clash, race, stroo; dooghys, reis; ratch, ratçh: Leading car in a race - Gleashtan toshee ayns ratch. DF idiom; roie: His race is run - Ta'n roie echey roit. DF idiom; kynney: The human race - Yn kynney deiney. DF idiom; sluight: He comes from a long race of seafaring men - Marrinnee va'n sluight echey er dy rieau. DF idiom; fraue; (v.) ratchal, roie ratch

stale (adj.) gart, gort: Stale milk - Bainney gort. DF idiom; gear; loau; eig: This ale is stale - Ta'n lhune shoh eig. DF idiom; goll eig; roit ass; shenn: This bread is stale - Ta shenn vlass er yn arran shoh. DF idiom

rhollanyn 1 rings a: Er son ny rhollanyn oc vad cha ard dy row ad atchimagh, as va nyn rhollanyn lane dy hooillyn mygeayrt-y-moo nyn giare. Bible; 2 naves a: va ny essylyn oc, as ny rhollanyn oc, as ny croughyn oc, as ny spakyn oc ooilley roit. Bible

thummyd size: v'ad ooilley roit er yn un aght, jeh'n un towse, as yn un thummyd. Bible; fatness: t'ou uss er n'aase roauyr, as t'ou er n'ghoaill thummyd, t'ou coodit lesh saill Bible; multitude: Eisht chuir ad: as nish cha row dy niart oc yn lieen y ghoaill stiagh va lhied y thummyd eeast ayn. Bible


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