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rocky (adj.) carragh, clettagh, creggagh, cregganagh

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Rocky Creek (n.) Rabog

Rocky Croft (n.) Croit y Creggan

Rocky District (n.) Borrane

Rocky Enclosure (n.) Close ny Creggey

Rocky Farm (n.) Balley Creggey, Balley Creggan

Rocky Flat (n.) Faaie Chreggan

rocky ground (n.) screg

Rocky Hill (n.) Cronk Creggan, Carnane

Rocky Hollow (n.) Lag Creggan

Rocky Home (n.) Balley Creggey

Rocky Island (n.) Kitterland

Rocky Islet (n.) Kitterland

Rocky Mountains (npl.) (Ny) Sleityn Cregganagh; (Ny) Sleityn Skerragh

Rocky Nook (n.) Cooil ny Creggey

Rocky Place (n.) Scregganagh, Creggan, Carrthure

rocky place (n.) borrane, corragh, creggan, foltey, loaganagh

Rocky Places (n.) Cregganyn

Rocky Point (n.) Gob y Creggagh

Rocky Rampart (n.) Creggan yn Arragh

Big Rocky Place (npl.) Creggan Mooar

Black Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Doo

Crow's Rocky Place (n.) Creggan yn Annag

Gorsy Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Aittin

Grey Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Lheeah

Grey Stone Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Creg Lheeah

Little Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Beg

Road of the Rocky Place (n.) Bayr y Creggan

Rocky Bare Hill (n.) Creggan y Veayll

Rocky Brook Gorge (n.) Breid ny Boshen

Rocky Ground Croft (n.) Croit y Chreggan

Rocky Hill Fold (n.) Bwoaillee ny Garnane

Rocky Place Fold (n.) Bwoaillee ny Greggan

Rocky Place of the Nook (n.) Creggan ny Cooilley

Small Round Rocky Hill (n.) Creggan y Cor

Tail of the Rocky Isle (n.) Famman Kitterland

Thick Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Roauyr

Thorny Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Drine

White Rocky Land (n.) Creggan Bane

Women's Rocky Place (n.) Creggan ny Mraane

Balley Creggey Rocky Home; Rocky Farm

Kitterland Rocky Island, Rocky Islet: Ta'n Ellan Kitterland beaghey tree goair 'sy vlein. DF

Balley Creggan Rocky Farm

Borrane Rocky District

borrane rocky place

Carnane Cairn; Rocky Hill

Carrthure Rocky Place

clettagh reefy, rocky, unnavigable

creggagh cragged, ironbound, rocky

Creggan Rocky Place

Cregganyn Rocky Places

Cronk Creggan Rocky Hill

Faaie Chreggan Rocky Flat

foltey rocky place

Lag Creggan Rocky Hollow

Rabog Rocky Creek [Scand]

screg (f.) rocky ground

Scregganagh Rocky Place

Sleityn Cregganagh (The) Rocky Mountains

Sleityn Skerragh Rocky Mountains

Close ny Creggey Rocky Enclosure

Cooil ny Creggey Rocky Nook

creggan rocky place, stony hill

Creggan Aittin Gorsy Rocky Place

Creggan Bane White Rocky Land

Creggan Beg Little Rocky Place

Creggan Doo Black Rocky Place

Creggan Drine Thorny Rocky Place

Creggan Lheeah Grey Rocky Place

Creggan Mooar Big Rocky Place

Creggan Roauyr Thick Rocky Place

Creggan yn Arragh Rocky Rampart

Croit y Creggan Rocky Croft

Gob y Creggagh Rocky Point

Bayr y Creggan Road of the Rocky Place

Breid ny Boshen Rocky Brook Gorge

Bwoaillee ny Garnane Rocky Hill Fold

Bwoaillee ny Greggan Rocky Place Fold

cregganagh cragged, rockbound, rocky, rugged; bass, groper

Creggan Creg Lheeah Grey Stone Rocky Place

Creggan ny Cooilley Rocky Place of the Nook

Creggan ny Mraane Women's Rocky Place

Creggan y Cor Small Round Rocky Hill

Creggan yn Annag Crow's Rocky Place

Creggan y Veayll Rocky Bare Hill

Croit y Chreggan Rocky Ground Croft

Famman Kitterland Tail of the Rocky Isle

carragh carious, crazy, rocky, rough, scab, scabby, scurfy, scurvy: nee'n saggyrt jeeaghyn er y boayl carragh Bible

corragh (=Ir. corrach) 1 crazy, eccentric, erratic, fitful, hectic, infirm, irresolute, sensitive, skittish, uneasy, unequal; 2 (as career) chequered; 3 falling, unstable, unsteady, tottering, wobbly a: ren ooilley ny croink craa dy corragh Bible; 4 (of period) troubled; 5 (of mind) unbalanced; 6 (as temper) uneven; 7 jerry-built; 8 rocky place

loaganagh rocking, staggering, staggery, wavering: Dirree eh dy loaganagh. DF; groping; rocky place; unstable; crawler, staggerer


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