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Road (n.) Giat

road1 (n.) (little) bollan

road2 (n.) (town) raad: The road is forty metres broad - Ta'n raad daeed meter er lheead. DF idiom

road3 (n.) (country) bayr: Road that runs along the river - Bayr ta sheeynt rish yn awin. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

Albany Road (n.) Raad Nalbin

arterial road (n.) bollagh mooar

Baldwin Road (n.) Raad Baldwin

Ballafesson Road (n.) Raad Balley Phesson

Ballagawne Road (n.) Raad Balley Gawne

Ballakermeen Road (n.) Raad Balley Kermeen

Ballakilley Road (n.) Raad Valley Killey

Ballaleigh Road (n.) Bayr Balley Leigh

Ballanard Road (n.) Raad Balley'n Ard

Ballaquayle Road (n.) Bayr Valley 'c Phaayl

Ballavale Road (n.) Raad Balley Vale

Barrule Road (n.) Raad Barroole

Belmont Road (n.) Raad Belmont

Big Road (n.) Bayr Mooar

Black Road (n.) Bayr Doo

branching road (n.) fo-vayr

Bridge Road (n.) Raad y Droghad

Broad Road (n.) Bayr Lhean

Bromet Road (n.) Raad Bromet

Brunswick Road (n.) Raad Brunswick

Buck's Road (n.) Raad Buck

Christian Road (n.) Raad Creesteen

Church Road (n.) Raad ny Killey

Circular Road (n.) (Y) Raad Kiarkylagh

Clypse Road (n.) Raad Clypse

coast road (n.) raad marrey

Conister Road (n.) Raad Kione y Ster

Craige's Road (n.) Giat Craige

Cronkbourne Road (n.) Raad Strooan y Chrink

Cross Road (n.) Bayr Tessyn; Bayr Crosh

Deemster's Road (n.) Bayr y Vriw

Deep Road (n.) Bayr Dhowin

Demesne Road (n.) Raad Chiarnys

Devonshire Road (n.) Raad Devonshire

Dirty Road (n.) Bayr Broigh

Frowde's Road (n.) Bayr Frowde

Garrett's Road (n.) Bayr y Garrett

Gawne's Road (n.) Bayr Gawne

Gorse Road (n.) Bayr Aittin

Greeba Road (n.) Raad Greeba

Groves Road (n.) Raad ny Keylljyn

Hampton's Road (n.) Bayr Huntan

Harbour Road (n.) Raad y Phurt

Harcroft Road (n.) Raad Harcroft

Hildesley Road (n.) Raad Hildesley

hill road (n.) bayr crink

hollow road (n.) bayr lhaggagh

Holmfield Road (n.) Raad yn Aaie

Horses' Road (n.) Bayr ny Gabbil

Irishman's Road (n.) Bayr ny Nerinagh

James Road (n.) Raad James

Janet's Road (n.) Bayr Janet

Julian Road (n.) Raad Julian

Kaighin's Road (n.) Bayr y Kaighin

Killip's Road (n.) Giat Killip

Kneen's Road (n.) Bayr Kneen

Laburnum Road (n.) Raad Laburnum

Lake Road (n.) Raad y Logh

Lancaster Road (n.) Raad Lancaster

Level Road (n.) Rea Vayr

Lheaney Road (n.) Bayr y Lheeannee

Little Road (n.) Bayr Beg, Vowlan

little road (n.) bollan; giat

local road (n.) cheu-vayr

long road (n.) raad liauyr

Maine Road (n.) Raad ny Marrey

main road (n.) bayr mooar, raad mooar

major road (n.) raad mooar

Mannin Road (n.) Raad Vannin

Marathon Road (n.) Raad Marathon

Marine Road (n.) Raad ny Marrey

Marsh Road (n.) Bayr Curragh

Mary's Road (n.) Bayr Woirrey

McSayl's Road (n.) Giat McSayl

Mountain Road (n.) Bayr 'n Ell; Giat y Clieau; Slieau Volley

Narrow Road (n.) Bayr Coon

narrow road (n.) raad coon

New Road (n.) Noa Raad, Bayr Noa

Oak Road (n.) Raad Darragh

Old Road (n.) Bollagh

Orchard Road (n.) Raad yn Ooylagh

Oystercatcher Road (n.) Raad Bridjeen

pack road (n.) bollagh cabbil

Palace Road (n.) Raad y Phlaase

Palatine Road (n.) Raad Palatine

Peel Road (n.) Raad Purt ny h-Inshey

Peveril Road (n.) Raad Peveril

Plank Road (n.) Bayr ny Claairey

Potter's Road (n.) Bayr ny Pasheyder

Pulrose Road (n.) Raad Poyll Roish

Quane's Road (n.) Giat y Whane

Quarry Road (n.) Bayr ny Quarralagh

Quiggin's Road (n.) Bayr Quiggin

Red Road (n.) Bollagh Jiarg, Bayr Jiarg, Bayr Ruy

Ridgeway Road (n.) Raad Bayr Drommey

road book (n.) lioar raaidey; lioar vayrey

road crossing (n.) crossag raaidey; crossag vayrey

road drill (n.) road drill

Road Farm (n.) Bravost, Braust

Road Flat (n.) Faaie ny Raaidey

road map (n.) caslys bayrey

Road Meadow (n.) Lheannee Volley

road metal (n.) claghyn bayrey

road race (n.) ratch bayrey

road races (npl.) ratchyn raaidey

road safety sauchys raaidey

road sense (n.) keeal raaidey

Road Shrubbery (n.) Garee ny Raad

road surveyor (n.) baghteyr raaidey

road traffic (n.) troailtee er ny raaidyn; troailtys-raaidey; troailtys-raaidjey; traaght; traght bayrey, traaght raaidey

road transport (n.) ymmyrkey bayrey

Rough Road (n.) Bayr Garroo

Rye Road (n.) Giat Shoggyl

Sandy Road (n.) Sandy Giat

secondary road (n.) fo-raad, fo-vayr

Shore Road (n.) Raad y Traie

Short Road (n.) Bayr Giare

side road (n.) cheu-vayr, fo-vayr

Skinner's Road (n.) Giat Skinner

Smallest Road (n.) Bayr Sloo

small road (n.) bayreen

Snaefell Road (n.) Raad Sniaul

Somerset Road (n.) Raad Somerset

Stinking Road (n.) Bayr Breinn

stone road (n.) raad cloaie

Stony Road (n.) Bayr Clagh

stony road (n.) bayr claghagh

Strand Road (n.) Raad Broogh y Traie

Sulby Road (n.) Raad Sulby

Switzerland Road (n.) Raad yn Elveeish

Tennis Road (n.) Raad Bassag

Thorny Road (n.) Raad Drineagh, Bayr Drinagh

Tower Road (n.) Raad y Toor

trunk road (n.) ard-raad, raad mooar

Twisting Road (n.) Cassey

Tynwald Road (n.) Raad Tinvaal

Vicarage Road (n.) Raad Thie Saggyrt

Viking Road (n.) Raad Quiggin

Walpole Road (n.) Raad Walpole

Wasteland Road (n.) Bayr y Reeast

Westmoreland Road (n.) Raad Westmoreland

White Road (n.) Bayr Bane

Windy Road (n.) Bayr ny Geayee

Woodbourne Road (n.) Raad Strooan ny Keylley

York Road (n.) Raad York

road drill road drill

Anagh Coar Road (n.) Raad Anagh Coar

Back Marine Road (n.) Raad-Cooyl ny Marrey

Barley Field Road (n.) Raad y Vagher Oarn

Big Road Hill (n.) Knock y Vayr Vooar

Bill Gawne's Road (n.) Giat Bill Gawne

Black Ford Pool Road (n.) Bayr Poyll Doo Aah

Bleach Green Road (n.) Bayr Thoar

Bradda West Road (n.) Raad Vradda Heear

Church Road Marina (n.) Raad ny Killey

Corony Mountain Road (n.) Bayr Slieau ny Corony

Creg ny Baa Back Road (n.) Raad Cooyl Chreg ny Baa

Croft of the Road (n.) Croit y Vollee, Croit y Vayr

Croft of the Windy Road (n.) Croit Bayr ny Geayee

curving uphill road (n.) bollagh, bollee

Deep Winding Road (n.) Lhoob Dowin

Douglas Road Corner (n.) Corneil Raad Doolish

Elm Tree Road (n.) Raad Lhiouan

Enclosure of the Road (n.) Close y Vollee, Close y Vollagh, Close y Vayr

Farm of the Road (n.) Balley yn Vollee, Balley yn Vayr

Ferny Isle Road (n.) Bayr yn Ellan Rhennee

Field Below the Road (n.) Magher Fo yn Vayr

Four and Twenty Road (n.) Raad ny Kiare as Feed

Gawne's Farm Road (n.) Bayr Balley Gawne

Glen Stream Road (n.) Bayr Ghlion Truan

Goat Cliff Road (n.) Bayr y Harstal

grassy road verge (n.) oirr faiyragh y raad

Hammer Mountain Road (n.) Bayr Ammell

High View Road (n.) Raad y Reayrt Ard

Hill of the New Road (n.) Cronk Bayr Noa

Hill of the Road (n.) Cronk y Vayr

Isle of Man Road Safety (n.) Sauchys Raaidey Vannin

keep on the road (v.) tannaghtyn er yn raad

Leot's Farm Road (n.) Giat Leodest

Little White Road (n.) Bayr Bane Beg

Lonan Old Church Road (n.) Raad Henn Cheeill Lonan

Marshy River Road (n.) Bayr Curragh ny h'Awin

Mill Road Yard (n.) Close Raad y Wyllin

Mill Road Yard Industrial Estate (n.) Steat-Jeadys Close Raad y Wyllin

Mountain Land Road (n.) Bayr Halloo Clieau

Mountain Old Road (n.) Slieau Volley

Mountain Road Stream (n.) Strooan Bayr Lieau

Mouth of the Road (n.) Beeal y Vayr

Near the Road (n.) Raaidey

New Castletown Road (n.) Raad Noa Balley Chashtal

North White Road (n.) Bayr Bane Twoaie

of a road (gen.) bayrey

of the road raidjey, raaidey

Old Castletown Road (n.) Shenn Raad Valleychashtal

Old River Road (n.) Shenn Raad ny h-Awin

Old Road Enclosure (n.) Close y Vollee


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