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ro (=Ir. rĂ³) before, too, unduly: te ro yindyssagh as ro ard er my hon Bible

Inexact matches:

brisheyderyn-recortys ro-hendeeagh prehistoric record breakers

eiyrit ro-hiyragh overdrive: as my vees ad eiyrit ro-hiyragh agh un laa, bee yn slane shioltane dy choayl Bible

fakin ro-laue foreseeing: t'ee fakin ro-laue cowraghyn, as yindyssyn, as taghyrtyn keillit ayns imbaghyn as traaghyn. Apoc

fer ro-chrauee puritan

gyn ro-aggyrtys unpretentious

jannoo ro-skee over-fatigue

jeant ro-skee over-fatigued

Lioaryn Ro-scoill Early Reading

loayrt ro-laue bespeak

ro-aggyrtagh rish pretentious

ro aggys too near: Chea veih peccah, myr veih eddin yn ard-nieu: son my hig oo ro aggys da, lhottee eh oo Apoc

ro ard extortionate: Dy hoiggal shoh, te ro yindyssagh as ro ard er my hon Bible

ro ghaaney too bold

ro gheyr too dear: Oh'n coonrey ta ro gheyr dy v'er ny hurranse liorish aigney seyr PC; exorbitant

ro ghiare too short: Bee yn traa er ve ro ghiare? JJK

ro hailjey too salt

ro henn too old: Ta'n ayr eu ro henn dy ghoaill er lheid y ventyr mooar. JJK

ro hionn overtight, too tight: My ver oo argid er eeasaght da veg jeh my phobble, ta fo boghtynid mayrt, cha jig oo ro hionn er, chamoo hroggys oo thack jeh. Bible

ro hiu too thick: Ta'n doo ro hiu. JJK

ro hrome seriously

ro 'oddey overlong, too long

ro pheeikearagh too inquisitive

ro veeit overfed, overstalled

ro veg too little, too small: Va Mannin ro veg son fo-ghlaraghyn kiart dy heet rish. Carn

ro vie too good: T 'ad miolagh sleih dy yarrood Jee, dy smooinaght ro vie jeu hene, as dy hreishteil ayndoo hene CS

ro voghey too early: Bee shen ro voghey diu? JJK

ro vollagh too completely

ro vooadit too artificial

ro vooar too big: Er y fa dy vel Mooinjer Veggey er n'aase ro vooar dooin ta gobbragh nastee da dy reayll rick er ta shalee noa ec y ving dy chur er bun startey slane-traa son oaseir vees cur cooney as ynsaghey Dhoor; too large

teksal ro-inshagh predictive texting

tushtey ro-laue foreknowledge

Ynnyd-Sess Ro-Scoill Pre-School Assessment Centre

ynseydee ro-scoill pre-school pupils

aase ro vooar da outgrow

Brastyllyn Oikanagh as Ro-scoillyn Nurseries and Pre-schools

cadley ro anmagh oversleep

cur coontey ro vooar da overrate

cur leagh ro ard er overvalue

gaase ro vooar outgrowth

ginsh ro laue augur: Quoi, myr mish, oddys ginsh ro-laue Bible

goaill ro-foays ass exploit

gra ro veayl understate

gyn reaghey ro laue undesigned

jannoo ro-acteyrys er overact

jannoo ro heh overheat

leagh ro ard overcharge

lhie ro vooar er overstress

Ratchyn Classicagh Ro-TT Blackford Blackfords Pre TT Classic Races

ro ghraihagh er overfond: Cha bee oo ro agglagh roish e heaghyn, ny ro ghraihagh er e ardail; son dy bee dy gerrit jerrey orroo ny neesht. CS

Ro-scoill Thie Victoria Victoria House Nursery

ro vooar da'n eash ec overgrown

shirrey prios ro injil undercharge

too close ro hionn: You write too large, too small, too close - T'ou screeu ro vooar, ro veg, ro hionn. JJK idiom

too large ro vooar: You write too large, too small, too close - T'ou screeu ro vooar, ro veg, ro hionn. JJK idiom

too small (adj.) ro veg: You write too large, too small, too close - T'ou screeu ro vooar, ro veg, ro hionn. JJK idiom

puritan (n.) fer ro-chrauee, puritaanagh, ro-chrauee

exorbitant (adj.) roud; ro gheyr: Were we exorbitant? - Row shin ro gheyr? JJK idiom

too early ro voghey: Will that be too early for you? - Bee shen ro voghey diu? JJK idiom

too thick ro hiu: The ink is too thick - Ta'n doo ro hiu. JJK idiom

meecheealagh See meecheeallagh unwise: Ta ny smoo dy gheiney caillit liorish ve ro cheeayllagh ny liorish ve ro veecheealagh. EF

ro-ghoillee impracticable, too difficult: Vel nhee erbee ro-ghoillee da'n Chiarn ? Bible

extortionate (adj.) chenjagh; ro ard

outgrowth (n.) gaase ro vooar

overfed (adj.) ro veeit

overlong (adj.) ro 'oddey

oversleep (v.) cadley ro anmagh

overstalled ro veeit; trartagh

overtight ro hionn

seriously (adv.) ry yeru; dy trome: On the contrary, she spoke quite (seriously / in all seriousness) - Er y cheu elley, loayr ee dy-trome. JJK idiom; ro hrome: He takes it too seriously - T'eh goaill eh ersyn hene ro hrome. DF idiom

too artificial ro vooadit: This explanation appears to me too artificial - Strooys dy vel y soilsheydys shoh ro vooadit. JJK idiom

too big ro vooar

too bold ro ghaaney: It is good to be bold, but evil to be too bold - S'mie ve daaney agh s'olk ve ro ghaaney. JJK idiom

too completely ro vollagh

too dear ro gheyr: Bought wit is the best, if it be not bought too dear - Keeal chionnit yn keeal share, mannagh vel ee kionnit ro gheyr. JJK idiom

too good ro vie

too inquisitive ro pheeikearagh: It is not good to be too inquisitive - Cha nee mie ve ro pheeikearagh. JJK idiom

too near ro aggys

too old ro henn: Your father is too old for so great an undertaking - Ta'n ayr eu ro henn dy ghoaill er lheid y ventyr mooar. JJK idiom

too salt ro hailjey

too short ro ghiare: Will the time have been too short? - Bee yn traa er ve ro ghiare? JJK idiom

too tight (adj.) ro hionn

alembicated (adj.) ro-heelit

cocksure (adj.) ro-yarrooagh

early reader (n.) ro-lhaihder

Early Reading (n.) Lioaryn Ro-scoill

finicky (adj.) crimmanagh, ro-imneagh

foreseeing (v.) fakin ro-laue: And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith - As y scriptyr fakin ro-laue dy jinnagh Jee seyrey ny Ashoonee trooid credjue Bible; roie-akinagh

hypercorrect ro-chiartaghey

hypercritical (adj.) jiarg-vaghteyryssagh; ro-vriwnyssagh

impracticability (n.) neuchooilleentagh, neuchooilleentaght, ro-ghoilleeid

impracticable (adj.) do-yeant, neuchooilleentagh, ro-ghoillee

indulgent (adj.) coar, meiygh, ro-chenjal

modish (adj.) ro-oashagh

modishness (n.) noanaght, ro-oashaght

outgrow (v.) aase ro vooar da

outrageous (adj.) drogh-ghellal, ro-ghaaney; meereiltagh

outrageousness (n.) drogh-ghellalid, ro-ghaanid

over- (pref.) ro-

overabundant (adj.) ro-phalchagh

overconfidence (n.) ro-ghaanys, ro-hickyrys

overconfident (adj.) ro-ghaaney, ro-hickyr

overcrowd (v.) pronnit, ro-lhieent

overcrowding pronney; ro-lhieeney

overdevelop (v.) ro-anchoodaghey

overdevelopment (n.) ro-anchoodaghey

over-estimate ro-ooley; ro-phriseil

over-excite ro-ghreeaghey

over-exertion (n.) ro-streppey

over-expose ro-roostey

over-exposure (n.) ro-roostey

over-familiar (adj.) ro-ainjyssagh

over-fatigue jannoo ro-skee; ro-skeeys

over-fatigued jeant ro-skee

overfeed (v.) ro-veaghey

overfeeding (n.) ro-veaghey

over-free ro-feoiltagh

overheat (v.) jannoo ro heh, ro-hiow

overheated (adj.) ro-heh

overladen (adj.) ro-laadit

over-nice ro-choar

over-officious ro-yeidagh

over-powered ro-lajer

over-powering ro-lajer

overproduction (n.) ro-obbragh

overripe (adj.) ro-appee

overstatement (n.) ro-raa

overweak ro-lhag

overweight riurid; ro-hrome; roauyr

over-wound ro-hogherit

over-zealous (adj.) ro-yeean

pilot programme (n.) ro-chlaare

pleonasm (n.) ro-ocklaghys

pleonastic (adj.) ro-ocklagh

pre- (pref.) ro-; roie-

predictive texting (v.) teksal ro-inshagh

prehistoric (adj.) ro-hendeeagh, roie-hendeeagh

preliminary matters (npl.) ro-chooishyn

preschool (n.) ro-scoill

pre-school pupils (npl.) ynseydee ro-scoill

pretentious (adj.) ro-aggyrtagh rish

pretentiousness (n.) ro-aggyrtys

puritanical (adj.) puritaanagh, ro-chrauee

Puritanism (n.) puritaanaghys, ro-chraueeaght

strategic (adj.) ro-inchynagh

strategy (n.) strateish, strateysh, ro-inchynaght

too hasty ro-hiyragh

too heavy ro-hrome

too hot ro-heh

too long ro 'oddey; roud

undercharge (v.) shirrey prios ro injil

uxorious (adj.) ro-cheilleeoil

ro- (pref.) over-, pre-; too: honnick Micah dy row ad ro-lajer er e hon Bible

ro-aggyrtys pretentiousness

ro-ainjyssagh over-familiar

ro-anchoodaghey overdevelop, overdevelopment

ro-appee overripe

ro-ardjaghey ramp

ro-cheilleeoil uxorious

ro-chenjal indulgent

ro-chiartaghey hypercorrect

ro-chlaare pilot programme

ro-choar over-nice

ro-chooishyn preliminary matters: Ta'n Lhiass-Vriw Moran er ny phoinsheil son y chooish-leigh as t'eh jerkal dy chlashtyn ro-chooishyn ec lieh-oor lurg kiare fastyr jiu. BS

ro-chrackan foreskin

ro-chrauee puritan, puritanical

ro-chraueeaght (f.) Puritanism

ro-feoiltagh over-free

ro-ghaaney outrageous, overconfident

ro-ghaanid outrageousness

ro-ghaanys overconfidence

ro-ghoilleeid impracticability

ro-ghreeaghey over-excite

ro-heelit alembicated

ro-heh overheated, too hot

ro-hendeeagh prehistoric

ro-hickyr overconfident

ro-hickyrys overconfidence

ro-hiow overheat

ro-hiyragh too hasty: eshyn ta ro hiyragh, nee eh tuittym ayns peccah. Bible

ro-hogherit over-wound

ro-hrome overweight; too heavy: Cha vod-yms gymmyrkey errey ooilley'n pobble shoh my-lomarcan, son dy vel eh ro-hrome er my hon. Bible

ro-imneagh finicky

ro-inchynagh strategic

ro-inchynaght strategy

ro-laadit overladen

ro-lajer over-powered, over-powering: As hie cloan Dan er nyn raad: as tra honnick Micah dy row ad ro-lajer er e hon, hyndaa eh as hie eh reesht gys e hie hene. Bible

ro-lhag overweak

ro-lhaihder early reader

ro-lhieeney overcrowding

ro-lhieent overcrowd

ro-oashagh modish

ro-oashaght (f.) modishness

ro-obbragh overproduction

ro-ocklagh pleonastic

ro-ocklaghys pleonasm

ro-oikoilys red tape

ro-ooley over-estimate

ro-phalchagh overabundant

ro-phriseil over-estimate


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