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river (n.) awin: That river is twenty feet deep - Ta'n awin feed trie er diunid. JJK idiom; strooan

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Big River (n.) Awin Vooar

Black River (n.) Doo

Blaeberry River (n.) Awin Blaber

Bully's River (n.) Awin Bully

Douglas River (n.) Awin Ghoolish; (Yn) Doolaish

Dumb River (n.) (Yn) Awin Valloo

Green River (n.) Awin Ghlass

Little River (n.) Awin Veg

Michael's River (n.) Awin Vitchel

Oakwood River (n.) Awin ny Darragh

Raven's River (n.) Rhumsaa

Red River (n.) Awin Ruy

river angler (n.) breckeyder awin

river angling (v.) breckeragh; eeastagh awiney

River Bank (n.) Claddagh

river bank (n.) broogh awiney, claddagh

river basin (n.) glion awiney

river channel (n.) ammyr awiney

River Close Close ny Hawin

River Croft Croit ny h'Awin

river crossing (n.) crossag

River Division (n.) Rheynn Awin

river dweller (n.) awinagh

River Enclosure (n.) Close ny h'Awin

River Farm (n.) Balley ny h'Awin, Balley Glass

river fisherman (n.) brackeyder, breckeyder, eeasteyr awiney

River Fold (n.) Bwoaillee ny h'Awin

River Glass (n.) (The); (Yn) Glass

River House (n.) Thie ny Hawin

River Marsh (n.) Curragh ny h'Awin

River Meadow (n.) Lhiondaig, Lheannee ny h'Awin

river mouth (n.) aber, beeal awiney, cass awiney, inver

River Neb (n.) (The); (Yn) Neb

river pilot (n.) oayllagh awiney, stiureyder awiney

river police (npl.) poleenyn awiney

river port (n.) purt awiney

river source (n.) moir ny hushtaghyn

River View (n.) Reayrt ny Hawin

river warbler (n.) kiaulleyder awiney

river watcher (n.) awineyr

Ruddy River (n.) Mouru, Nouru

Rushen River (n.) Amnis de Russyn

Salmon River (n.) Laksaa

sluggish river (n.) awin valloo, awin varroo

Sulby River (n.) Awin Hulby; (Yn) Awin Vooar

Taggart's River (n.) Awin Taggart

tidal river (n.) awin hidee

Winding River (n.) Crogga

Bank of the River (n.) Broogh ny Hawin

bank of the river (n.) broogh ny hawin

Big River Meadow (n.) Lhiondaig Vooar

brink of the river (n.) broogh ny hawin

Cashin's River Meadow (n.) Lhiondaig Cashen

Colorado river toad (n.) rannag awin Colorado

Farm of the River Nook (n.) Balley ny h'Injeig

Foot of the River (n.) Cass ny h'Awin

Great Glen River (n.) Awin Glion Mooar

Grey River Holm (n.) Lheeah Cosh Strah

land by a river (n.) claddagh

Little River Division (n.) Rheynn Awin Beg

Marshy River Road (n.) Bayr Curragh ny h'Awin

Meadow River Well (n.) Chibbyr Claddagh

Mill River Ford (n.) Cornama

of a river (gen.) awiney: The upper waters of a river - Baare awiney. DF idiom

of the river (ny) hawin: upon the brink of the river - er broogh ny hawin Bible

Old River Road (n.) Shenn Raad ny h-Awin

O'Rogan's River Mouth (n.) Arragon

Penny River Bank (n.) Ping ny Brooie

Port of the River (n.) Purt ny Hawin

River Banks Farm Balley Brooghee

River Division Bottom (n.) Toinn Rheynn Awin

River Meadow Fence (n.) Faaldraw

River Meadow Flat (n.) Faaie ny Lhiondaig

River Meadow Land (n.) Claddagh

River Meadow Mint (n.) Lhiondaig Vynthey

River Meadow of Rocks (n.) Claddagh yn Sker

River Meadow Water (n.) Claddagh Ushtey

river of blood (n.) strooan foalley

River of the Chapel (n.) Awin y Cabbal

River of the Fork (n.) Awin y Ghollane

River of the Moor (n.) Awin yn Reeast

River Shrubbery Farm (n.) Balley Garee

River Thicket Farm (n.) Balley Garee

source of river (n.) moir-awin

Strand End River (n.) Awin Kione ny Traie

Top River Bank (n.) Claddagh Heose

tributary of river (n.) crouw-awin, mair

Turbary River Meadow (n.) Lhiondaig ny Moaney

Turfy River Fork (n.) Injeig Voaney

water of the river (n.) ushtey ny hawin: that thou shalt take of the water of the river and pour it upon the dry land - dy drog oo jeh ushtey ny hawin as dy deayrt oo eh er y thalloo chirrym Bible

Wild Garlic River (n.) Rhumsaa

Yellow River Meadow (n.) Claddagh Wuigh

Claddagh River Bank, Riverbank Meadow, River Meadow Land

Balley Garee Ballagarey, River Shrubbery Farm, River Thicket Farm

Awin Vooar Big River: Feayshil ny kiare ainleyn ta kianlt ayns awin vooar Euphrates. Bible; Sulby River

Rhumsaa (f.) Ramsey, Raven's Isle, Raven's River: Ta shin shiaulley lesh Rhumsaa. DF; Wild Garlic River

ammyr awiney (f.) river channel

Arragon O'Rogan's River Mouth

Awin Blaber Blaeberry River

Awin Bully Bully's River

awineyr river watcher

Awin Ghlass Green River

Awin Ghoolish (f.) Douglas River

awin hidee (f.) tidal river

Awin Ruy Red River

Awin Taggart Taggart's River

Awin Valloo (f.) (Yn) Dumb River

awin valloo sluggish river

awin varroo sluggish river

Awin Vitchel Michael's River

brackeyder river fisherman; sharpener

breckeyder angler, river fisherman

breckeyder awin river angler

broogh ny hawin bank of the river, brink of the river: hass ad liorish y maase elley er broogh ny hawin Bible

claddagh pl. claddeeyn bank, beach, land by a river, littoral, polder, river bank: Ta claghyn, shillee as genniagh ayn, Yn famlagh fliugh, cha nel eh goan, As er ny niee liorish yn tonn, Skeabys claddagh Loch Linne. Dhoor; marsh

Crogga Winding River

Doolaish (Yn) Douglas River

eeastagh awiney river angling

eeasteyr awiney river fisherman

Faaldraw River Meadow Fence

Glass (Yn); (The) River Glass, Stream

glion awiney river basin

kiaulleyder awiney river warbler

Lhiondaig River Meadow

moir-awin (f.) source of river

Neb (Yn); (The) River Neb

Nouru Ruddy River

oayllagh awiney river pilot

poleenyn awiney river police

purt awiney (f.) river port

Rheynn Awin River Division

stiureyder awiney river pilot

river-bed (n.) lhiabbee awiney

river-pool (n.) lhing, lhingey

up-river seose yn awin

Amnis de Russyn Rushen River

Awin ny Darragh Oakwood River

Balley Brooghee River Banks Farm

Balley ny h'Awin River Farm

beeal awiney estuary, river mouth

broogh awiney (f.) (n.) river bank, riverside

Bwoaillee ny h'Awin River Fold

cass awiney estuary, river mouth

Chibbyr Claddagh Meadow River Well

Claddagh Heose Top River Bank

Claddagh Ushtey River Meadow Water

Claddagh Wuigh Yellow River Meadow

Close ny Hawin River Close

Close ny h'Awin River Enclosure

Croit ny h'Awin River Croft

Curragh ny h'Awin River Marsh

Doo Black River, Black Water

Injeig Voaney Turfy River Fork

Lheannee ny h'Awin River Meadow

lhiabbee awiney (f.) river-bed

Lhiondaig Cashen Cashin's River Meadow

Lhiondaig Vooar Big River Meadow

Lhiondaig Vynthey River Meadow Mint

Reayrt ny Hawin River View

strooan foalley river of blood

Thie ny Hawin River House


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