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rise ardane; girree, g'irree: I generally rise early - Ta mee g'irree dy-moghey dy-cliaghtagh. JJK idiom; att; dronnan; geilley: The rise of the river is near Snaefell - Ta'n awin geilley faggys da Sniaul. DF idiom; irree: She must rise earlier in the future - Shegin jee irree ny s'moghey ayns traa-ry-heet. JJK idiom; irree magh; lhieeney; tomman; troggal er; yrjaghey; irree: Rise of the day - Irree yn laa. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

Beechwood Rise (n.) Dreeym Keyll Faih

Elderberry Rise (n.) Crongan Tramman

Hailwood's Rise (n.) Ughtagh Hailwood

Hillcroft Rise (n.) Crongan Croit y Chronk

Hilltop Rise (n.) Crongan Mullagh y Chronk

Rise up (impv) Seose lhiat

Vicarage Rise (n.) Lhargee Thie yn Taggyrt

rise in price (to); (dy) dy ardjaghey

rise of penis bwoalley

rise of the day irree yn laa

unable to rise er troggloo

ardjaghey2 (dy); (to) rise in price

Crongan Tramman Elderberry Rise

dronnan rise, small hump

Ughtagh Hailwood Hailwood's Rise

Dreeym Keyll Faih Beechwood Rise

tomman bump, hummock, rise, tomb

Crongan Croit y Chronk Hillcroft Rise

Crongan Mullagh y Chronk Hilltop Rise

Lhargee Thie yn Taggyrt Vicarage Rise

geilley rise: Ta'n awin geilley faggys da Sniaul. DF

g'irree rise: Cre'n fa ta shiu g'irree cha anmagh? JJK

importunity (n.) sheer-yeearreeaght; jeeanid: yet because of his importunity he will rise - ny-yeih kyndagh rish yn jeeanid echey, irree eh Bible

att bump, distension, enlarge, enlargement, heart, inflate, protrusion, rise, surge, swell: cur-my-ner, my ta'n att bane 'sy chrackan Bible; knob [O.Ir. attaid]

er troggloo bedridden, decrepit, dog-tired, exhausted, helpless, prostrated, unable to rise, worn out, stand still: ny gymmyrkey lesh shen ta er-troggloo Bible

girree (=Ir. éirí) arise, ascendant, getting up, rise: t'ad er gheddyn baase, cha jean ad girree Bible; lifting; rising

irreeagh self raising, self-raising; would rise: yinnagh eh yn obbeeys shoh y vrishey dy derragh eh bible er rheynn erbee ny h-ellan tra irreeagh eh dy bollagh ass yn ushtey myr v'ee ayn dy bunnydagh. GB

irree yn laa dawn, daybreak, rise of the day: Foddym goaill stiagh nish yn aggle anmey veagh er ve er sidooryn fuirraghtyn rish cabbil nyn noidyn lhigey huc ayns keeiragh kayeeagh ec irree yn laa. Dhoor

Seose lhiat (impv) Get up, Rise up: Seose lhiat noi yn cheer shoh, as stroie eh. Bible

troggal er 1 buzz off; 2 rise; 3 raise up a: nee oo troggal er undinyn ymmodee sheelogheyn Bible

yrjaghey draw, elate, elation, elevation, enhance, exalt, exaltation, exhilarate, exhilaration, go up, heighten, hoist, raise, retract, rise: bee yn Chiarn ny-lomarcan er ny yrjaghey 'sy laa shen Bible; hoist up

debt feeaghan, feeaghyn: You would pay your debts - Eeckagh shiu nyn veeaghyn. JJK idiom; lhiastanys, lhiastynys: It is better to go to bed without supper than to rise in debt - Share goll dy lhie fegooish shibber na g'irree ayns lhiastynys. JJK idiom; sthangan

Resurrection (n.) Irree Seose Reesht: And came out of the graves after his resurrection - As cheet ass ny oaiaghyn oc lurg yn irree-seose-reesht echey Bible; irree reesht: For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage - Son ec yn irree-reesht, cha vel ad poosey, ny er nyn goyrt ayns poosey Bible; irree seose: I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day - Ta fys aym dy nirree eh reesht ec yn irree-seosesy laa jerrinagh Bible

without1 (prep.) gyn eie er; fegooish: It is better to go to bed without supper than to rise in debt - Share goll dy lhie fegooish shibber na g'irree ayns lhiastynys. JJK idiom; dyn, gyn: She went away without seeing anybody - Hie ee roee dyn jeeaghyn pagh erbee. JJK idiom; cheumooie, mooie: This church isn't very striking outside - Cha nel y cheeill shoh feer yindyssagh cheumooie. JJK idiom

ardane podium, dias, rostrum: Agh yn oie shen va Hitler ny ard-loayreyder, as myr v'eh ny hoie er yn ardane fuirraghtyn rish yn chaairliagh feer loayrtyssagh dy chur jerrey er yn red v'eh gra GB; tribune; avenue; scene; terrace; ramp, rise

bwoalley (=Ir. bualadh) assault, bang, bash, batter, beat, beat up, belabour, buffet, clap, club, flap, hammer, hit, knock, mint, punch, scramble, shock, slam, slap, smite, strike, thrash, thresh, toll, wallop: honnick eh Egyptian bwoalley Hebrewnagh; fer jeh e vraaraghyn Bible; chime, ring; play; rhythm; pulsate, throb; rise of penis; (n.) percussion; striking; ringing [O.Ir. búailid]

irree1 (=Ir. éirí, éirigh) 1 accrue, arise, ascent, awake, climb, get off, get up, heave, lift, lilt, rise, stand up, step up, swarm, tip, turn out, upgrade, up-grade a: Va'n ghrian er n'irree er y thalloo tra hie Lot stiagh ayns Zoar. Bible; 2 (as plane) take off; 3 emotion, passion

irree magh1 (f.) insurgent, insurrection, mutiny, outbreak, rebellion, revolt, revolution, rising, sedition, turn out, uprising, uproar: er-dyn laa daag oo cheer Egypt, derrey haink shiu gys yn ynnyd shoh, ta shiu er ve ayns irree magh noi yn Chiarn. Bible; (v.) rebel, rise, uprise: as nee Israel hene toiggal; my te er-chee dy irree magh, ny ayns mee-viallys da'n Chiarn, (shen myr choonys eh lhien,) Bible

lhieeney (=Ir. líonadh) fill, fill in, fill out: Ad shoh t'eh er lhieeney lesh creenaght chree Bible; billow, blow up, puff up; (n.) pl. lhieenaghyn flood tide; (as battery) charge, fuel, load; (of tide) make, flow, flowing, rise, saturate: Lhieeney yn roayrt. DF; (as cushion) pad; (as moon) wax; filling; cover in; cram; fulfilling; spasm


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