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riojit frostbitten, frosted, frozen, icebound, iced: va ny diunidyn riojit ayns cree yn aarkey Bible

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key riojit (f.) ice cream

riojit stooalt frozen solid

iced (v.) riojit: The pond was soon iced over - Va'n dubbyr riojit dy tappee. DF idiom

frostbitten (adj.) riojit

frozen lhejit: I am frozen - Ta mee lhejit. DF idiom; riojit: The river has frozen up - Ta'n awin riojit. DF idiom

frozen solid riojit stooalt

icebound (adj.) fest 'sy rio; riojit

far-riojit frosted

frosted far-riojit; fo vrat shugyr; riojit

dubbyr plash; pond: Va'n dubbyr riojit dy tappee. DF

ice cream (n.) key riojey: Get me a bucket of ice cream to make ice creams - Fow lane-chruick dy chey riojey dou dy yannoo riojagyn. DF idiom; key riojit; riojag

pond (n.) dubbey: The pond was soon iced over - Va'n dubbyr riojit dy tappee. DF idiom; lhingey, loghan

birrag (f.) (pl -yn) canine tooth, eye tooth, fang; skewer, spike: Yn lheeah-rio neesht myr sollan t'eh deayrtey er y thalloo, as tra te riojit, t'eh lhie er baare ny stakyn birragh. Apoc; Dutch rush, shave grass

Lossan y Twoaie (f.) Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights: As chentyn runt mygeayrt, dettyl eh ayns arc Orraghit myr rimmeig, jeh Lossan y Twoaie Ry-akin raad ny inshyn riojit gheuree craa 'Syn oie, lesh feiyryn ard ny marrey hwoaie. Dhoor

troagyraght (f.) hike, hiking, march, marching, tramp, trudge: Er laa ny vairagh va Candide slane riojit, as eh troagyraght gys y valley by niessey CnyO; (walk) tramp

troarey crop, cultivate, production: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta Mannin troarey feill, flooyr, arran, oohyn, caashey, key riojit, lhune as stoo elley jee hene. Carn

thie ollee byre, cattle house, cowhouse: Va dub mooar 'sy vaghey er gerrey da'n thie ollee as ayns shen dod shin shiaulley baatyn beggey, as ec traaghyn jeh rio creoi 'sy gheurey tra va'n ushtey riojit chiu dy liooar dy hassoo er JG


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