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rio frost, ice: ayns y laa, ren y chiass m'y choyrt naardey, as y rio, 'syn oie Bible; freezing

Inexact matches:

brisheyder rio ice breaker

cammag rio ice hockey

coyr rio (f.) icebox

crou rio (f.) frost-shoe

foawr rio ice giant

moddey rio husky

poagey rio ice bag, ice pack

poynt rio freezing point

puttage rio (f.) ice pudding

rio bleaystagh cat-ice

rio creoi hard frost: nagh ren rieau thenniu, as nagh jean dy braa, chemmit lesh rio creoi, lomman gyere as nieu PC

rio grineagh granular ice

rio magheragh field ice

rio marrey drift ice

scoltey rio crevasse

speih rio (f.) ice axe

treiney rio (f.) frost nail

cur rio ayn ice

cur rio-hugyr er ice

erreish da'n traa rio postglacial

fest 'sy rio icebound

rio goll lesh y troa ice pack

ice (v.) cur rio ayn, cur rio-hugyr er, cur rioeeaght er, riojaghey; (n.) rio: Which are blackish by reason of the ice and wherein the snow is hid - Ta jeeaghyn doo lesh y rio; as ayndoo tan sniaghtey follit Bible; (n.) riojey: Get me a bucket of ice cream to make ice creams - Fow lane-chruick dy chey riojey dou dy yannoo riojagyn. DF idiom; (n.) riojag

ice pack (n.) broogh rioee; poagey rio; rio goll lesh y troa; rio-phaggey

cat-ice rio bleaystagh

crevasse (n.) scoltey, scoltey rio

drift ice (n.) rio marrey

field ice (n.) rio magheragh

freezing rio; rioeeagh

frost (v.) cur brat shugyr er, cur treinaghyn rioee er, riojey; (n.) rio: To-morrow we shall have hard frost - Bee rio creoi ain mairagh. JJK idiom

frost nail (n.) treiney rio

frost-shoe (n.) crou rio

granular ice (n.) rio grineagh

hard frost (n.) rio creoi

ice axe (n.) speih rio

ice bag (n.) poagey rio

icebox (n.) coyr rio

ice breaker (n.) brisheyder rio

ice giant (n.) foawr rio

ice hockey (n.) cammag rio

ice pudding (n.) puttage rio

black frost (n.) doo-rio

freeze-dry (v.) rio-hirmaghey

freezing mixture (n.) rio-vestey

freezing point (n.) poynt rio; point-rioee

glacier (n.) awin rioee, rio-stroo

glazed frost (n.) fliugh-rio

ground frost (n.) lheeah-rio

hoarfrost (n.) barrag, lheeah-rio

husky (adj.) garroo, looyr; (n.) moddey rio

icebound (adj.) fest 'sy rio; riojit

ice plant (n.) rio-phlandey

ice rink (n.) rio-rinck

moraine (n.) rio-hrustyr

pack ice (n.) leac-rio

permafrost (n.) sheer-rio

postglacial (adj.) erreish da'n traa rio

rime (n.) barrag, lheeah-rio

white frost (n.) lheeah-rio

doo-rio black frost

fliugh-rio glazed frost

kishtey-rio refrigerator

leac-rio pack ice

lheeah-rio ground frost, hoarfrost, rime, white frost

rio-hirmaghey freeze-dry

rio-hrustyr (f.) moraine

rio-phaggey ice pack

rio-phlandey ice plant

rio-rinck ice rink

rio-stroo glacier

rio-vestey freezing mixture

sheer-rio permafrost

refrigerator (n.) feayreyder, rioder, riojeyder; kishtey-rio

peeshyn mynney morsels: Teh ceau magh e rio ayns peeshyn mynney Bible

troaryn (f.) crops: Ren yn rio jeeyl er ny troaryn DF; outcomes

hard creoi: To-morrow we shall have hard frost - Bee rio creoi ain mairagh. JJK idiom; doccaragh; doillee; dy creoi, dy lajer; dy trome; geyre; lajer; reen; trome

How many (interrog.) Cre whilleen; C'woad; C'wooad; Quoid: How many degrees of frost? - Quoid keim dy rio? JJK idiom

ceau magh dismiss, eject, evict, jettison, throw out: T'eh ceau magh e rio ayns peeshyn mynney Bible

chemmit bordered, hemmed: Ayns ardjyn elley sleityn sniaghtee va, nagh ren rieau thenniu, as nagh jean dy braa, chemmit lesh rio creoi PC

jiarg-rooisht stark naked: Va shey meeghyn ain roie as shooyl harrish sleityn Vannin, snaue 'sy cheayn as shinyn jiarg-rooisht, brishey yn rio er dubbaghyn GK

ollan (f.) (pl -yn) wool: Teh tilgey sniaghtey myr ollan: as skeayley yn lheeah-rio myr leoie. Bible

theinniu (=Ir. toineadh) defrost, liquefy, melting, thaw, thawing: Laal Thomasesy Nollick va toshiaght yn rio, Cha ren eh rieau theinniu gys laa Bridjey noa. EF; liquefaction

point2 (n.) baare: The point of the sword - Baare y chliwe. DF idiom; birr, byr; bod; gob: Seal Point - Gob ny Rauney. DF idiom; kione: The Point of Ayre light - Thie Soilshey Kione ny Hayrey. DF idiom; point: Fourteen degrees below freezing point - Kiare keimyn jeig fo point rio. JJK idiom; poynt: You can give her a point or two to leeward John - Foddee oo poynt ny ghaa y lhiggey lhee Yuan. DF idiom; (v.) jeeraghey

birrag (f.) (pl -yn) canine tooth, eye tooth, fang; skewer, spike: Yn lheeah-rio neesht myr sollan t'eh deayrtey er y thalloo, as tra te riojit, t'eh lhie er baare ny stakyn birragh. Apoc; Dutch rush, shave grass

grine beg runt small round thing: er eaghtyr yn aasagh va grine beg runt, myn myr y lieh-rio, er y thalloo Bible

thie ollee byre, cattle house, cowhouse: Va dub mooar 'sy vaghey er gerrey da'n thie ollee as ayns shen dod shin shiaulley baatyn beggey, as ec traaghyn jeh rio creoi 'sy gheurey tra va'n ushtey riojit chiu dy liooar dy hassoo er JG


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