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rick creaghag; eeckey; eek; eekad; ruck; sheeyney; sheeyney mwannallagh

rick 1 consistence, order, satisfaction, settled rule, settlement, steadiness, uniformity a: Cha row rick ny resoon ayn JK; 2 intelligence, news, story, tale

Inexact matches:

rick cloth (n.) coodagh eekad

turf rick (n.) eek voaney; eekad moaney; creagh voaney

freayll rick er handle, monitoring, oversee: Choud as vees mayd freayll rick er y thuryssid cultooroil shoh, cha bee eh ro olk as oddagh eh jannoo foays dy-liooar da Mannin. Carn

consistence (n.) cohassooaght, rick

settled rule rick

steadiness (n.) neuchorraghys, rick

story (n.) rick, skeeal

coodagh eekad rick cloth

creaghag (f.) rick

eeckey rick

eek (f.) rick, small stack

eekad moaney turf rick

eek voaney (f.) turf rick

ruck (f.) haycock, rick

sheeyney mwannallagh rick

rick-yard (n.) uhllin

uniformity (n.) caslid, colaikys, rick, un-chummey

creagh voaney (f.) turf rick, turfstack

oversee (v.) freayll rick er, jeeaghyn harrish, oaseiraghey

eekad (f.) columnar rock in sea, rick, small stack

monitoring (v.) cummal sooill er; goaill baght coorsagh; freayll rick er

handle1 cass, cass doarnane, loaghtee; cleaysh; doarnane; illish; shout; holt; loaght; (v.) freayll rick er, obbraghey, stiurey

in2 (existence) ayn: There is neither rhyme nor reason in it - Cha nel rick ny resoon ayn. DF idiom

intelligence (n.) chyrrysid, fys, inchynaght, naight, rick, tushtaght; tushtagh: It is the work of an intelligence - She obbyr hushtagh eh. DF idiom; toiggalys: He showed intelligence - Hoilshee eh toiggalys. DF idiom

news (n.) bun; naight: We've received some depressing news - Ta shin er n'gheddyn naight olk. JJK idiom; rick; skeeal; skeet

satisfaction (n.) cooilleeney, glenney, rick, saasaght, saie; corrym: I had no satisfaction from him - Cha dooar mee corrym er. DF idiom; taittin: It gives me satisfaction - S'taittin lhiam eh. DF idiom; eeck dy liooar

settlement (n.) reaghey, balley beg, glenney, kiartagh, rick; reaghys: This opens the door to a settlement - Ta shoh fosley yn raad gys reaghys. DF idiom; ynnyd–vaghee

tale (n.) naight, rick; skeeal: I have heard that tale before - Cheayll mee yn skeeal shen hannah. DF idiom

jannoo foays benefit: Choud as vees mayd freayll rick er y thuryssid cultooroil shoh, cha bee eh ro olk as oddagh eh jannoo foays dy-liooar da Mannin. Carn

sheeyney elongate, give, hand, increase, lengthen, lengthening, marry, pass, produce, prostrate, range, rick, spin out, sprain, spraining, spread, strain, stretch, stretching, stretch out, uncoil: cha jinnin sheeyney magh my laue Bible; dilation, extension, production, prolongation, prostration, tension; stretches

order ayns shayll, order, reaghey; cur ayns oardagh, cur sarey da, gra, oardaghey; dy lieragh; foaynoo; oardagh: It's out of order - Cha nel eh ayns oardagh. JJK idiom; oardrailys: Pecking order - Ordrailys spulgee. DF idiom; oardreilys; oardyr, ordyr; reajid; reajys; reill; reir; reirey; rere; rick; sarey; goardrail; oardee

ro vooar too big: Er y fa dy vel Mooinjer Veggey er n'aase ro vooar dooin ta gobbragh nastee da dy reayll rick er ta shalee noa ec y ving dy chur er bun startey slane-traa son oaseir vees cur cooney as ynsaghey Dhoor; too large

uhllin (f.) (pl -yn) corn-yard, farmyard, haggard, rick-yard, stack-yard: Oie ayns yn uhllin as oie ayns yn aaie, Tol, etc, as oie ayns pishyr glass ec Kione jiass ny faaie, Tol, etc. GB


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