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before them roue, rouesyn; cheu nyn meealloo; nyn meealloo: Situated right before them - Ny hoie kiart nyn meealloo. DF idiom; rhymboo: He walked before them - Hooill eh rhymboo. JJK idiom

prior to them rhymboo

forwards (npl.) tosheeyn; (adv.) er-y hoshiaght; roish; rhymboo

hooill walked: Hooill eh rhymboo JJK

brisheyder (pl -yn) breaker up, infringer, smasher: Ta'n brisheyder er jeet seose rhymboo Bible

jimmee went: Myr shen hyndaa ad, as jimmee ad rhymboo Bible

Baarle Vrisht (f.) (language) Anglo-Manx; pidgin: Haink kuse dy Injinyn ayns corragh dy chur raaue daue ayns glare-laue as Baarle vrisht dy row tuittym-ushtey-mooar rhymboo Dhoor

boayl ard high place: tra vees aggle orroo dy hooyl er boayl ard, as atchim rhymboosy raad Bible

Daa Raad Two Roads: As hie ad rhymboo, as hooar ad y lhiy kianlt cheu-mooie jeh'n dorrys, ayns boayl va daa raad cheet dy cheilley: as deayshil ad ee. Bible

ooilyn ointments: As haink ad rhymboo, as hooar ad aarloo spisyn as ooilyn Bible

pillar pl. pillaryn pillar: As hie'n Chiarn rhymboo 'sy laa ayns pillar bodjallagh, dy leeideil y raad daue, as 'syn oie ayns pillar dy aile, dy choyrt daue soilshey; dy gholl er nyn doshiaght 'sy laa as 'syn oie. Bible

soiagh assail, attack, raid; placing, set: dy lowal traa daue dy hirveish Jee as soiagh sambyl rhymboo dy yannoo shen, cooinaght kinjagh nagh vel Jee soiagh jeh persoonyn ta goaill neose un er as soiagh seose fer elley. Bible

dividing rheynn: rightly dividing the word of truth - rheynn dy kiart yn goo dy ynrickys Bible; scarree; scarrey: by the right hand of Moses with his glorious arm, dividing the water before them - liorish laue yesh Voses lesh e roih gloyroil, scarrey ny ushtaghyn rhymboo Bible


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