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Rest (n.) (The); (Yn) Aash

rest aash: Change of work is rest - Caghlaa obbyr aash. JJK idiom; aashagh: It's at rest now - T'eh aashagh nish. DF idiom; cagh elley; (yn) chooid elley; cur aash da; fea: She is at rest now - T'ee ec fea nish. DF idiom; fieau: Let's rest here a while - Lhig dooin fieau ayns shoh rish tammylt. DF idiom; goaill fea, jannoo fea; scuirr: The waves never rest - Cha nel ny tonnyn rieau scuirr. DF idiom; taggey; (to); (dy) hannaghtyn

Inexact matches:

at rest (adj.) feagh; ec fea: She is at rest now - T'ee ec fea nish. DF idiom; scuirrit: The boat is at rest - Ta'n baatey scuirrit. DF idiom

back rest (n.) boayrd drommey

book rest (n.) shasstan lioar

of rest (dy) ea: There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. - Ta laa dy ea er-y-fa shen B ible; (dy) aash: a sabbath of rest to the Lord - doonaght dy aash dan Chiarn Bible

rest assured bee shickyr

rest camp (n.) camp aash

rest cure (n.) lheeys aash

rest harrow (n.) camraasagh, feeackle dhone

Rest Hill (n.) Cronk Aash

rest house (n.) thie aash

take rest (v.) gow fea

day of rest (n.) laa dy ea

home of rest (n.) thie aash

Place of Rest (n.) Boayl Fea

spiny rest harrow (n.) camraasagh yialgagh

thie aash home of rest, rest house

Aash (Yn); (The) Rest

boayrd drommey back rest

camp aash rest camp

camraasagh (f.) rest harrow

Cronk Aash Rest Hill

cur aash da rest

feeackle dhone (f.) rest harrow

lheeys aash rest cure

shasstan lioar book rest

chin-rest (n.) cummeyder smeggin

elbow-rest (n.) tackish uillin

knife-rest (n.) skynn tackey

rest-harrow (n.) streng bow

Boayl Fea Place of Rest

camraasagh yialgagh (f.) spiny rest harrow

cummeyder smeggin chin-rest

skynn tackey (f.) knife-rest

streng bow (f.) bowstring, rest-harrow

tackish uillin (f.) elbow-rest

taggey rest, second in command, stud

ea (dy) of rest: Ta laa dy ea er-y-fa shen cour pobble Yee. Bible

gow fea take rest: Gow fea, O gheay-jiass, agh dooisht, O gheay-twoaie Bible

change1 arraghey, coonrey; caghlaa: Change of work is rest - Caghlaa obbyr aash. JJK idiom; cassey; ceaghley; neealeraght

disquiet anaashagh; anvea: that he may give rest to the land, and disquiet the inhabitants of Babylon - son fea y choyrt dan cheer, agh anvea da Bible; imnea; neuaash

night (n.) oie: I've had a very good night's rest - Ta aash oie feer vie er ve aym. JJK idiom

screech owl (n.) hullad-screeagh: the screech owl also shall rest there - nee yn hulladscreeagh myrgeddin fastee y ghoaill ayns shen Bible; hullad rhullickey

sinews (npl.) fehyn: my sinews take no rest - cha vel aash ec my fehyn Bible; fehghyn

aash (=Ir. fois) (f.) break, easement, rest; ease: bee eh ec aash as ec fea Bible; assuagement

aashagh acquiescent, easy, effortless, leisurely, rest, softly, unlaboured: ta my whing aashagh, as my errey eddrym Bible; tolerable

bee shickyr rest assured: bee shickyr dy nymmyrk oo oo hene lesh injillid as craueeaght wooar CS

cagh elley everyone else, rest: Shoh yn bardoon myr hooar mee eh bleeantyn er dy henney, agh va'n pabyr raipit ec yn jeihoo raane, as cagh elley caillt. Coraa

chooid elley (yn) rest: Ta'n chooid elley jeh ny coyrleyn as padjeryn cha ymmyrçhagh CS

ec fea resting: Shohn raad veem ec fea, son dy bragh Bible; at rest

fea (=Ir. fèath) quiet; rest: as ghow eh fea er y chiaghtoo laa veih ooilley e obbyr v'eh er chroo. Bible; quietness, stillness

feagh at rest, calm, composed, docile, patient, restful, still: Bee-jee feagh eisht Bible; piano, quiet; sedate

goaill fea quiet, quieten, rest, take it easy: Ta my hooill shilley gyn scuirr, ny goaill fea Bible

hannaghtyn (dy); (to) abide, continue, remain, rest: deiyr ymmodee jeh ny Hewnyn, as jeh ny proselyteyn crauee er Paul as Barnabas; as loayr ad roo, as choyrlee ad ad dy hannaghtyn ayns grayse Yee. Bible

jannoo fea rest: as gha ren ayd fee y goyl la na yi, gra, kasserick, kasserick, kasserick, hiarn jih ully gniartuoil, va, as ta, as ta ra hiit. PB1610

laa dy ea day of rest: Ta laa dy ea er-y-fa shen cour pobble Yee. Bible

scuirrit hove to, resting, stalled, stopped: Ta mee bwooiagh dy chlashtyn dy vel y prowaltys er ve scuirrit - son y traa t'ayn. Carn; at rest

booty (n.) cragh: And their camels shall be a booty - As bee ny camelyn oc son cragh Bible; griu; spooilley: And the booty, being the rest of the prey which the men of war had caught - As y spooilley, ta shen, yn chooid elley jehn chragh va ny deiney- caggee er ghoaill Bible; griu-vaarlee

men of war (npl.) deiney-caggee: And the booty, being the rest of the prey which the men of war had caught - As y spooilley, ta shen, yn chooid elley jehn chragh va ny deiney-caggee er ghoaill Bible; sidooryn: And Eleazar the priest said unto the men of war which went to the battle - As dooyrt Eleazar y saggyrt rish ny sidooryn hie gys y chaggey Bible; treanee caggee: with mighty men, and with all men of war - lesh deiney niartal, as lesh ooilley ny treanee caggee Bible

fieau 1 rest, wait, waiting: hig ny moidynyn ta fieau urree ayns dty enish. Bible a: Choud as v'ad fieau er y dooinney poosee, huitt ad ooilley er saveenagh as cadley. Bible; b: As va'n pobble fieau son Zacharias, as yindys orroo dy row eh cumrail choud ayns y chiamble. Bible

scuirr (=Ir. scoir, scor) abort, adjourn, break up, bring to, cease, ceasing, desist, discontinue, halt, leave off, let up, pause, prorogue, pull up, rest, ring off, shut off, stall, stop; (f.) adjournment, cessation, discontinuance, intermission, intermittence, interval, prorogation, respite, retirement; stopped: As er y chiaghtoo laa scuirr Jee veih yn obbyr v'eh er chroo Bible


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