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resoonagh (=Ir. réasúnta) 1 coherent, consistent, logical, rational, remonstrative, sensible; 2 moderate, reasonable, judicious a: cha beagh eh agh resoonagh dooys Bible; 3 tidy; 4 (n.) reasoner

Inexact matches:

dy resoonagh decent, reasonably

reasonable (adj.) resoonagh: If you were reasonable - Dy beagh shiu resoonagh. JJK idiom

coherent (adj.) co-haagh; colhiantynagh; resoonagh

consistent (adj.) cohassooagh; resoonagh

judicious (adj.) keeayllagh; resoonagh; toiggalagh

logical (adj.) resoonagh

rational resoonagh

reasonably (adv.) dy resoonagh

reasoner (n.) resoonagh, resooneyder

remonstrative (adj.) arganeagh; resoonagh

sensible (adj.) keeallagh, resoonagh

moderate castrey; cur streean er; meein-chinjagh; meeinaghey; resoonagh; sheelt; soccaragh; tempreil

tidy cur reaghys er, jannoo skeoigh, jeshaghey; cumir; cumiragh; jeadagh; jesh; resoonagh; skeoigh

decent (adj.) dy cooie, dy doaieagh, dy resoonagh, feeudagh; coar: He's a decent old body - T'eh ny henn ghooinney coar. DF idiom; doaieagh: He's a decent sort - T'eh ny ghooinney doaieagh. DF idiom; cooie

ceau sooill er look over: ta reddyn ec Hommy as mish dy resoonagh magh mayrt mychione tholtan Ballaskeig, as lurg shen foddee hig oo marin as ceau sooill er y voayl. Dhoor

gyn soilshaghey unexplained: Son er-lhiam pene dy row eh red neu resoonagh pryssoonagh y choyrt, as gyn soilshaghey ny cooishyn va lhiasit n'oi. Bible

neuresoonagh illogical, irrational: Son er-lhiam pene dy row eh red neu resoonagh pryssoonagh y choyrt, as gyn soilshaghey ny cooishyn va lhiasit n Bible; unrealistic, unreasonable

meechoardailys clashing, disagreeableness, disagreement, discord, dissent, incompatibility, variance: sleih er nyn shirrey erreish da bing ardwhaiyllagh sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit v'er resooney dy row yn fendeilys leighagh jeh 'smaghtagh resoonagh' ayns meechoardailys rish Conaant ny h-Ashoonyn Unnaneyssit cour Cairyn ny Paitçhyn. BS


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