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report cur coontey jeh; (to); (dy) gholl kionefenish; feeam; fou: This report is false - Ta'n fou shoh foalsey. JJK idiom; frap; imraa: Meteorological report - Imraa ny hemshyr. DF idiom; insh; insh skeeal er; polt; raah; rooit; sheean; skeeal; tharmane; tuarastyl: Annual report - Tuarastyl vleinoil. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

annual report (n.) tuarastyl vleinoil

background report (n.) imraa shaghadys

bad report (n.) abghoo, drogh-imraa

Chairmans Report (n.) Tuarastyl y Chaairliagh

evil report (n.) drogh-ghoo

interim report (n.) tuarastyl shallidagh

medical report (n.) feanish-slaynt

Members' Report (n.) Tuarastyl ny h-Olteynyn

meteorological report (n.) imraa ny hemshyr

Report of the Independant Auditors (n.) Tuarastyl ny Scruteyderyn Neuchrogheydagh

abghoo bad report

feanish-slaynt medical report

gholl kionefenish (dy); (to) report

imraa shaghadys background report

insh skeeal er report

tuarastyl shallidagh interim report

tuarastyl vleinoil (f.) annual report

imraa ny hemshyr meteorological report

Tuarastyl ny h-Olteynyn Members' Report

Tuarastyl y Chaairliagh Chairmans Statement; Chairmans Report

feeam (f.) bang, report; sound: Feeam y chur da ny r'yn ayd. DF

frap bang, crack, pop, report, smack: Huitt eh frap er y laare. DF

rooit (f.) growl, peal, report, roar, rumble: Ta sheean rooit haarnee echey. DF

Tuarastyl ny Scruteyderyn Neuchrogheydagh Report of the Independant Auditors

spread cur mygeayrt, skeayl, skeayll; lheaney; lheead; scarrey; sheeyney; skeaylley; slaa; skeaylit; skeayley: Who has spread this false report? - Quoi t'er skeayley yn fou foalsey shoh? JJK idiom

this (pron) ee shoh; eh shoh; shoh: This report is false - Ta'n fou shoh foalsey. JJK idiom

cur coontey jeh describe, portray, qualify, report, sketch in: Lurg da'n Çhirveishagh Tashtee, Richard Corkill, cur coontey jeh'n chlaare argidoil, ren olteynyn jeh'n Chiare as Feed votal nuy-jeig gys nane ayns foayr jeh. BS

drogh-ghoo disrepute, reproach, evil report: dinsh Joseph da e ayr jehn drogh-ghoo oc Bible

drogh-imraa bad report, infamy: Yiow ish, ta ammyssagh da e sheshey, slane goo yn ven chreeney: agh hig faghid as drogh-imraa yn theihll urreeish ta craa e moyrn er. Apoc

fou hearsay, hint, inference, inkling, report, rumour: Ta fou ayn dy vel eh marroo. DF

imraa pl. imraaghyn annotation, commemorate, mention, mentioning, noise, rehearse, remember the dead, repeat, repetition, report, speak of: Bee imraa er ny yannoo jeh ymmodee dty chenjallys Bible; (as opinion) voice

insh 1 (v.) announce, communicate, declare, divulge, narrate, report, reporting, tell, telling a: As roie yn ven dy siyragh dy insh shoh da e sheshey Bible; 2 (as joke) crack; 3 (n.) communication, divulgation, utterance, coverage, narration, speech; 4 (f.) island; 5 shew

polt 1 bang, clap, concussion, detonation, explosion, flap, rap, report, shot, snap, stroke, thump a: ta gaue ayn dy bee polt mooar ec Sellafield as dy bee geay niar ayn. Carn; 2 (explosion) blast; 3 (sound) crack

raah 1 good luck, prosperity, well-doing a: ta mee myrgeddin fakin drogh 'leih ayns lheid y raah Bible; 2 report; 3 (f.) rath, ring-fort

sheean (=Ir. sean, Ir. sian) 1 buzz, clamour, noise, report, sound, tone a: sheean y tharmane mooar. Bible; 2 fairy hill, knoll; 3 charm, fortune

skeeal (=Ir. scéal) (f.) pl. skeeallyn, skeealyn advice, anecdote, history, legend, narrative, news, profile, report, rumour, story, submission, tale, tidings, yarn: Haink skeeal jeu gys ree Vabylon Bible

tuarastyl (f.) counterpart, description, emolument, fashion, report, representation: Ta tuarastyl vie jeh ec ny meoiryn shee. DF

pained criuit; gortit; guint: I am pained at my very heart - ta mee guint, eer ec my chree Bible; pianit; seaghnit: so shall they be sorely pained at the report of Tyre - myr shen bee ad dy mooar seaghnit ec y skeeal mychione Tyre Bible; ayns pian: travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered - er-troailt, as ayns pian dy ve livreit Bible


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