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remission (n.) leih, leihys, leodaghey, lhiggey, lhiggey lesh, maih, maihys, pardoon, pardoonys

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maih forgiveness, remission; absolve

maihys remission, remittal

pardoonys remission

leih 1 absolution, forgiveness, forgiving, remission; 2 absolve, excuse, forgive, pardon: a: T'ou er leih mee-chraueeaght dty phobble Bible

leihys forgive, pardon, remission: Son my leihys shiuish da deiney nyn loghtyn, leihee nyn Ayr flaunyssagh myrgeddin diuish. Bible

leodaghey (morally) cheap; decrease, degrade, depreciate, derogate, detract, detractor, diminution, dislike, disparage, disparagement, disrespect, drop, dull, impair, impairment, minimize, mitigate, mitigation, offset, reduce, reduction, remission, subtract, undervalue; diminish: shen-y-fa neem's uss myrgeddin y leodaghey Bible; impoverished

lhiggey lesh abandon, abandonment, comply, concede, concession, connivance, connive, forbear, humour, indulge, indulgence, loosen, loosening, part with, remission, spare, yield: cha jean dooinney erbee lhiggey lesh e vraar. Bible

pardoon condonation, grace, pardon, remission: Cre'n oyr ta paart dy leih ta goaill rish dy vel ad credjal leih peccaghyn, foast jannoo mee-hreishteil dy vow ad pardoon? CS

repentance (n.) arrys: And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations - As arrys as leih peccaghyn dy ve er nyn breacheil ayns yn ennym echey, mastey dy chooilley ashoon Bible; caghlaa-aigney: he was rejected: for he found no place of repentance - v'eh er ny yiooldey: son cha row saase son caghlaa-aigney 'sy chooish Bible

lhiggey1 1 delay, go off, let, lets, let down, let off, letting, level, license, licensing, loose, permission, permit, pierce, remission, slip, suffer, broach a: lhiggey sheese feeaghyn ny boghtyn. Bible; 2 fire, firing, shoot, shooting, shoot up, discharge a: side y lhiggey n'oï Bible; 3 water pipe


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