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dy reir pro rata

fo-reir da subordinate

my reir loose

reir garraghyn in turn, turn

reir myr in proportion as

reir shen accordingly

fo dty reir to your utmost; at your disposal: Ta mee fo dty reir. DF

fo reir yn steat state-managed

gyn reir rish y cheilley out of proportion

lhiggey my reir loosen

nagh vel co-reir rish incommensurate

reir yn chlaare argidoil budgetary

reir yn leagh ad valorem

dictate jaghtey; reir; sarey

precedent reir; roie-hampleyr

pro rata (adv.) dy reir

according (prep.) (to) coardail; coardail rish: He'll doubtless be punished according to he law of the land - Gyn dooyt bee eh kerrit coardail rish leigh ny cheerey. JJK idiom; reir: According to his wishes - Reir e yeearreeyn. DF idiom; rere: According to his version - Rere yn skeeal echeysyn. DF idiom

ad valorem (adv.) reir yn leagh

in proportion as reir myr

state-managed fo reir yn steat

drogh-reir misconduct, mismanagement

budgetary (adj.) poageenagh, reir yn chlaare argidoil

incommensurate (adj.) nagh vel co-reir rish

mismanagement (n.) drogh-harrooghys, drogh-reir, drogh-reirey, meestiurey

out of proportion gyn reir rish y cheilley

regulation (n.) anney, curmaghey, reilley, gurneil, reir, slattys, stiurey

subordinate curmeydagh; fo-reir da; injillaghey

to your utmost fo dty reir

loosen (v.) feaysley er, laggaghey; lhiggey lesh, lhiggey jeh, lhiggey my reir

misconduct (n.) drogh aghtalys, drogh-reir, drogh-ymmyrkey; (v.) meereirey obbyr, meestiurey

najoor instinct, inwardness, nature: Fo reir leighaghyn najoor. DF

accordingly (adv.) 'naght, reir shen, rere shen; myrgeddin; myr shen: Accordingly I wrote to him - Myr shen screeu mee rish. DF idiom

administer (v.) reirey: They administer it - T'eh fo nyn reir. DF idiom; shirveish er

altogether (adv.) ooilley dy lieragh; ooilley-cooidjagh: It's off my beat altogether - T'eh ass my reir ooilley cooidjagh. DF idiom; trooid as trooid

in turn (adv.) reir garraghyn; ayns shayll: The servants go to church in turn - Ta ny sharvaantyn goll dys y cheeill ayns shayll. JJK idiom

loose1 anshickyr; ceau; cochianglee; feasley, feaysley: Set a dog loose - Moddey y 'eaysley. DF idiom; feayshlit, feayslit; gyn kiangley; lag; lhiggey; my reir; neuhickyr; skeaylt: Loose sheets - Duillagyn skeaylt. DF idiom

nature (n.) dooilliu, raght; najoor: Subject to the laws of nature - Fo reir leighaghyn najoor. DF idiom; dooghys: The nature of fish is to swim - She dooghys eeast eh dy snaue. DF idiom

power bree; cummaght; errear; lheihll; niart; pooar; reir; reirid; (v.) breeaghey, cur cummaght ayn, cur niart ayn, cur pooar ayn

order ayns shayll, order, reaghey; cur ayns oardagh, cur sarey da, gra, oardaghey; dy lieragh; foaynoo; oardagh: It's out of order - Cha nel eh ayns oardagh. JJK idiom; oardrailys: Pecking order - Ordrailys spulgee. DF idiom; oardreilys; oardyr, ordyr; reajid; reajys; reill; reir; reirey; rere; rick; sarey; goardrail; oardee

turn1 cassey; chyndaa; coorse; garrey; reir garraghyn; shayll: The servants go to church in turn - Ta ny sharvaantyn goll dys y cheeill ayns shayll. JJK idiom; hyndaa; turn: One good turn deserves another - Ta derrey turn mie toilchin turn elley. JJK idiom


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