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red beg liauyr longish: Ta'n skeeal mie agh red beg liauyr. DF

Red (Political) er y cheu hoshtal

red jiarg: Red tape - Rybban jiarg. DF idiom; jiargey; yiarg; ruy: I don't care a red cent! - S'cummey lhiams er chor erbee! DF idiom

red (=Ir. rud) pl. reddyn article, item, matter, object, thing: Cha vel cabbyl coontit agh red fardalagh dy hauail dooinney Bible

Inexact matches:

blood red fuill-yiarg

dark red (n.) dorraghey-yiarg

light red bane-yiarg; ruagh

red admiral (n.) ard-marragh jiarg

red ant (n.) sniengan ruy

red-backed shrike (n.) buitchoor beg, ushag vuitchooragh

Red Bank (n.) Broogh Yiarg

red bearberry (n.) lus y vaghauin

Red-billed Duck (n.) Laagh ghob-jiarg

red birch (n.) beih yiarg

Red Bishop (n.) Aspick jiarg

red-breasted goose (n.) guiy cleeau-yiarg

red-breasted merganser (n.) thunnag yiarg; sheeltey yiarg

red-breasted nuthatch (n.) scoltan cleeau-yiarg

Red-breasted Wheatear (n.) Thoyn-vane chleeau-ruy

Red Brow (n.) Broogh Jiarg

red campion (n.) blaa ny ferrishyn

red cherry (n.) shillish yiarg

red clover (n.) shamrag ny gabbil

Red Creek (n.) Giau Ruyal

red-crested pochard (n.) laagh yiarg-chereenagh

Red Croft (n.) Croit Ruy

Red Cross (n.) (The); (Yn) Chrosh Yiarg

red dead-nettle (n.) ard-firryn jiarg

red deer (n.) feeaih ruy

red disease (n.) gorley ny beinney

Red Division (n.) Rheynn Ruy

red dock (n.) cabbag yiarg

Red Enclosure (n.) Close Jiarg

Red Ensign (n.) Mergey Jiarg

red ensign (n.) mergey traghtee

red-eyed vireo (n.) glass-eean sooill-yiarg

Red Farm (n.) Balley Jiarg

Red Field (n.) Magher Jiarg

red-flanked bluetail (n.) famman gorrym jiarg-lhiatteeagh

Red-footed Booby (n.) Gant ommidjagh; Boobee jiarg-chassagh

Red Gap (n.) Barney Jiarg, Baarney Yiarg, Baarney Jiarg

red giant (n.) rollage foawragh jiarg

Red Glen (n.) Glion Ruy

red goosefoot (n.) coll mea jiarg

Red Ground (n.) Thalloo Jiarg

red grouse (n.) kellagh freoaie, kellagh ruy, kiark freoaie, kiark 'reoaie, tarmaghan

red gurnard (n.) crodane ruy

Red Headland (n.) Gob Jiarg

red herring (n.) skeddan jiarg

Red Hill (n.) Cronk Ruyagh, Cronk Ruy, Cronk Jiarg

red hot (adj.) jiarg-cheh

red-hot poker rinn yiarg

Red House (n.) Thie Jiarg

Red Indian (n.) Injinagh ruy

red ink (n.) doo-jiarg

Red Island (n.) Ruy Ellan

red lead (n.) leoaie yiarg

red-legged partridge (n.) patrag rangagh

red letter (n.) jiarg-lettyragh

Red Meadow (n.) Lheannee Yiarg

red meat (n.) feill aw

Red Mount (n.) Slieau Jiarg

Red Mountain (n.) Slieau Ruy

red mullet (n.) mullad ruy

red murrain (n.) mooyn-folley

red-necked grebe (n.) eean kereen jiarg; greeb ruy

red-necked nightjar (n.) screeaghag oie yiarg

red-necked phalarope (n.) ushag ny Sheltyn; falaroip mwannal-jiarg

red-necked stint (n.) leayrane mwannal-jiarg

Red Nook (n.) Cooil Ruy

red oak (n.) darragh ruy

red petticoat (n.) oanrey jiarg

Red Place (n.) Ynnyd Jiarg, Boayl Ruy

Red Point (n.) Gob Ruy

Red Pond (n.) Loughan Ruy, Loghan Ruy

Red Pool (n.) Poyll Ruy

Red Rib (n.) Asney Ruy

Red Ridge (n.) Drommey Ruyagh, Dreeym Ruy

Red River (n.) Awin Ruy

Red Road (n.) Bollagh Jiarg, Bayr Jiarg, Bayr Ruy

Red Rock (n.) Creg Ruy

Red Roof (n.) Clea Yiarg

red-rumped swallow (n.) gollan thoyn-ruy

Red Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Ruy; faarkey jiarg

Red Slope (n.) Liargee Ruy

red tape (n.) ro-oikoilys, rybban jiarg

red-throated diver (n.) thummeyder fliaghee, thunnag ny scoarnagh ruy; lhargey yiarg

red-throated pipit (n.) tweet scoarnagh-yiarg

red whortleberry (n.) lus ny gounagh

red wine (n.) feeyn jiarg

yellowish red buigh-yiarg

chied red (yn) first of all

keiltyn red sneak

noi red repugnant

red beg bit: Lhig da red beg dy ushtey Bible; rather, slightly, somewhat: V'ad red beg quaagh er y fa dy row ad credjal son cooilleeiney goo Yee dy nhegin daue chaghlaa y vible chasherick ayns dy-chooilley ghlare sy theihll Dhoor; little

red caghlaaee variable

red cheddin ditto, same thing: lhig dooin tastey choyrt da'n red cheddin. Bible

red cooilleeinit fait accompli

red custhey scourge

red ennagh aught, something: Cur dou red ennagh dy yannoo Bible

red erbee anything, whatsoever: Cha jean shiu gee red erbee ta geddyn baase jeh hene Bible

red feohdagh sickener

red follit mystery: jeagh, ta mi soilsaghy diifs red falliit, gha jean meid ully kadly, agh bii meid ully er 'an gyghla, as shen ayns shallid, ayns glyast ny suyl liorish y truymp arjery PB1610

red graney eyesore

red neuchadjin rarity

red noa novelty: ta'n Chiarn er chroo red noa er y thalloo Bible

red ommidjagh piece of folly

red quaagh oddity: As t'eh sheiltyn dy row lught "Nationwide" coontey eh myr red quaagh dy row club ayns Caernarfon raad nagh row Baarle lowit Carn

red shenn-emshiragh antiquity

red sloo least thing: Son slaynt, teh geamagh huggeysyn ta faase: son bioys, teh guee gys red gyn-vioys: son cooney, teh jannoo accan imlee gys y red sloo cooney tayn Apoc

red smessey worse, worst: ny jean peccah ny smoo, er-aggle dy jig red smessey ort. Bible

red toshee foremost

shenn red1 antique

shenn red2 (yn) laziness

un' red (yn) ditto

British Red Cross (n.) (The); (Y) Chrosh Yiarg Ghoaldagh

large red damselfly (n.) snaid-veg yiarg liauyr

Little Red Riding Hood (n.) Cloagey Jiarg

red and black jiarg as doo

Red Ferny Place (n.) Jiarg Rhennee

Red Ford Glen (n.) Glion yn Aah Ruy

Red Headland Portion (n.) Ayrn Howe Ruy

red iron ore (n.) cray yiarg

Red John's Meadow (n.) Lheannee Yuan Ruy

Red John's Pasture (n.) Pairk Yuan Jiarg, Pairk Juan Jiarg

Red Point Place (n.) Ruy Gobbagh

Red Ridge Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Drommey Jiarg

Red Road Flat (n.) Faaie yn Vayr Ruy

Red Tidal Rock (n.) Bowe Jiarg

Road of the Red Pool (n.) Bayr y Poyll Ruy

stag of red deer (n.) dow jiarg

as red elley furthermore, moreover: As red elley ta scanshoil, t'eh jeeaghyn dy vel ny paitchyn goaill soylley jeh'n "ghamman". Carn

bunnys yn un red pretty much the same: Ta shoh bunnys yn un red as ny va ry lhaih ayns screeunyn haink veih'n Naigeer. BS

bunnys yn un' red muchness

cur er red elley superimpose

cur red ass e chummey contort

dagh ooilley red everything: Hie dagh ooilley red dy mie DF

fo vun red underlie

gyn red ennagh unprovided

kiarail red y yannoo resolve

lesh y red 'sy chuinney flagrante delicto, caught in the act, in blazing offence

lhied y red such a thing: son cha vel lhied y red er ve jeant roïe. Bible

meer ass red excerpt

red beg accryssagh peckish

red beg aeg youngish

red beg doillee (task) toughish

red beg feayr coldish: Ghow shin soylley mooar jeh'n chilley shen, agh va shin red beg feayr. Dhoor

red beg roauyr stoutish

red beg scooyrit squiffy

red beg sharroo bitterish

red beg shenn oldish

red currit stiagh importation

red dy slane noi shen vice versa

red er lheh solecism

red er ny jannoo fait accompli

red feer ennoil best seller

red shen elley thingummy

red 'sy speyr UFO

red ta cheet voish emanation

slane ry-hoi red expressly

ditto cheddin; red cheddin: Ditto to you? - Yn red cheddin dhyt! DF idiom; (yn) un' red: To say ditto - Dy ghra yn 'un red. DF idiom

fait accompli (n.) nhee er ny jannoo; red cooilleeinit; red er ny jannoo

anything (pron) veg; nhee erbee; red erbee: He won't buy anything - Cha gionnee eh red erbee. JJK idiom

article1 (n.) olt; red: This article is not moving - Cha nel y red shoh goll er creck. DF idiom

commyn institution, organisation, organization: T'eh ny red mie dy vel y Commyn son jannoo red ennagh mysh y chengey. Carn

aught (n.) red ennagh

excerpt (n.) meer ass red

eyesore (n.) geuhooilley; red graney

least thing (n.) red sloo

little2 (n.) (a) rey beg; red beg: A little rain would do good to the garden - Yinnagh red beg dy liaghey mie da'n gharey. JJK idiom

moreover (adv.) agh foast, as red elley, erskyn ooilley, foast, foastagh, harrish shen, lurg ooilley, marish shen as ooilley, myrchaagh, red elley jeh, tooilley elley, tooilley foast; ny-sodjey; sodjey; sodjey na shen; (ny) sodjey; (ny) sodjey na shen; marish shen

mystery (n.) folliaght; red follit

novelty (n.) anoaysh, noaght, noaid, noanid, noays; red noa: It's a novelty to see you - Te red ennagh noa dy akin shiu. JJK idiom

object (n.) nhee; red: My immediate object - Yn chied red ta roym. DF idiom; (v.) shassoo noi: It is open to you to object - Ta kied ayd dy hassoo noi. DF idiom

rarity (n.) red neuchadjin

same thing (n.) red cheddin

sickener (n.) red feohdagh

slightly (adv.) beggan: I know him slightly - Ta beggan enney aym er. DF idiom; red beg: He is slightly deaf - T'eh red beg bouyr. DF idiom

stoutish (adj.) red beg roauyr

thing (n.) nhee; red: The more difficult a thing is, the greater the honour in doing it - Myr s'doillee red, smoo yn onnor jannoo eh. JJK idiom

toughish2 (task) red beg doillee

underlie (v.) fo vun red

whatsoever (adj.) red erbee

ard-firryn jiarg red dead-nettle

ard-marragh jiarg red admiral

Asney Ruy Red Rib

Aspick jiarg Red Bishop

Awin Ruy Red River

Baarney Jiarg Red Gap

Baarney Yiarg Red Gap

Balley Jiarg Red Farm

bane-yiarg light red, pink

Barney Jiarg Red Gap

Bayr Jiarg Red Road

Bayr Ruy Red Road

Boayl Ruy Red Place

Bollagh Jiarg Red Road

Broogh Jiarg Red Brow

Broogh Yiarg Red Bank

buigh-yiarg nacarat, yellowish red


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