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recortys lectragh y chree (f.) electro-cardiogram

recortys (f.) pl. recortyssyn chronicle, record, recording, register, registration slip, registry, testimony, witness: ghow mee feanishyn firrinagh son recortys Bible

Inexact matches:

brisheyderyn-recortys ro-hendeeagh prehistoric record breakers

jannoo recortys recording

Lioaran Recortys (f.) Log Book

oik recortys registry office

recortys aght-screeuee spelling log

recortys chillagh (f.) church register

recortys lettraghey spelling log

recortys rybbanagh (f.) tape recording

screeuyn recortys testimonial

tashtey-recortys er-linney online archive

Tashtey-recortys Ronsee Research Archive

Ainle yn Recortys Recording Angel

jannoo recortys jeh record, tape

jannoo recortys rybbanagh tape recording

recortys-bieauid thallooin seihll world land speed record

recortys derrey nish (f.) all-time record

Stureyder Recortys-lhong Ellan Vannin Director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry

record jannoo recortys jeh; recortey; recortysey; (n.) recortys: All-time record - Recortys derrey nish. DF idiom; recort; claare

recording (v.) jannoo recortys; (n.) recortys: The Recording Angel - Ainle yn Recortys. DF idiom; (adj.) recortyssagh; recortyssee

spelling log (n.) recortys aght-screeuee; recortys lettraghey

tape recording (v.) jannoo recortys rybbanagh; (n.) recortys rybbanagh

chronicle recortey; recortys; cronnickyl

church register (n.) recortys chillagh

registration slip (n.) recortys

registry (n.) recortys

registry office (n.) oik recortys

testimonial (n.) screeuyn recortys

testimony (n.) feanish, recortys; recort

all-time record recortys derrey nish

archive (n.) tashtlann; tashtey-recortys

electro-cardiogram (n.) recortys lectragh y chree

online archive (n.) tashtey-recortys er-linney

Recording Angel (n.) Ainle yn Recortys

Research Archive (n.) Tashtey-recortys Ronsee

ship registry (n.) recortys-lhong; recortys-lhuingys

tape (v.) jannoo recortys jeh; (n.) rybban

video recording (n.) feesh-recortys

feesh-recortys video recording

recortys-lhong ship registry

tashtey-recortys archive

Log Book (n.) Lioaran Recortys, Lioaran Shellooderys

prehistoric record breakers brisheyderyn-recortys ro-hendeeagh

register1 ream; recortey; recortys; recortyssey; rolley

world land speed record (n.) recortys-bieauid thallooin seihll

Director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry (n.) Stureyder Recortys-lhong Ellan Vannin

witness1 (v.) fakin; recort, recortys; feanish: I call you to witness - Ta mee g'eamagh erriu ooilley dy ymmyrkey feanish. JJK idiom

freiltagh relic: Cre'n recortys na cre'n freiltagh jeh'n Hiarn Beeagh gys traa ry-heet, agh ennal follym As fouaghyn jeh ourys? Dhoor

recort See recortys, pl. recortyn record, testimony, witness: As va ny cooishyn shoh mychione Purim jeant mie liorish decree Esther: as ve currit er recort Bible

on high ayns flaunys; ayns niau; er ardjey; 'syn yrdjid: and my record is on high - as my recortyssyn yrjid Bible; dy ard: the man who was raised up on high - y dooinney ver ny hroggal seose dy ard Bible; er yn yrjid: with a loud voice on high - lesh ard choraa, er yn yrjid Bible; syn yrjey: the host of the high ones that are on high - sheshaght ny ard-vooaraleesyn yrjey Bible

Kione Doo Black Head: Ta seaghyn mooar orrym nagh row greie-recortys ayn ayns ny laghyn shid hug Caesar orryms as er my vraar "Kione Doo" dy screeu sheese yn sheean hene jeh'n Ghaelg echey as cha nee yn aght screeuee ta ry-geddyn ayns Gaelg screeuit. LTQ

sur-virleeyn super-yachts: T'eh jerkit dy jean turrys ny Shirveishee gys Monaco, dy jean eh greinnaghey tooilley shellooderyn jeh 'sur-virleeyn as obbreyderyn dy ghoaill ymmyd jeh recortys- lhuingys Vannin. BS


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