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receive (v.) cur failt er, oltaghey, goaill rish, jannoo soiagh jeh, goaill stiagh; goaill; geddyn: You don't receive the newspapers regularly, do you? - Cha nel shiu geddyn ny pabyryn-naight dy-rea, vel (shiu) ? JJK idiom

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cur failt er receive, welcome: Dy cur failt er y niarragh. DF; greet

forgiveness (n.) leih: that they may receive forgiveness of sins - dy vod ad leih peccaghyn y gheddyn Bible; maih, maihnys

letters (n.) lettyraght; (npl.) screeunyn: I receive letters every day - Ta mee geddyn screeunyn dagh laa. JJK idiom; letteryn, lettyryn

pans (npl.) pannaghyn: And thou shalt make his pans to receive his ashes - As nee oo pannaghyn dy ghoaill y leoie Bible; pannyn: and baked it in pans - as vroie ad eh ayns pannyn Bible

presents (npl.) toyrtyssyn: Your children receive presents on New Year's Day, don't they? - Ta nyn baitchyn geddyn toyrtyssyn er Laa n'Ollick Beg, nagh vel? JJK idiom

geddyn acquire, beget, get, obtain; getting: Eh ta geddyn creenaght, shynney lesh e annym hene Bible; acquisition, procurement; receive

goaill (=Ir. gabhail) (f.) 1 acceptance, affect, apprehend, apprehension, arrest, capture, catch, contraction, engage, preoccupation, reduce, seizure, receive, seizing, tangle, take a: nee ad goaill daue hene eayn Bible; 2 (of office) assumption; 3 (as disease) contract

goaill rish accept, acknowledge; receive: nee ad ooilley goaill-rish dty ghoan Bible; recognition; admit guilt, confess: As ver Aaron e ghaa laue er kione y ghoayr bio, as harrishyn goaill-rish ooilley peccaghyn chloan Israel Bible; (of guilt) acknowledgement, admission, confession; (treaty etc.) sign

jannoo soiagh jeh accept, respect, receive, prefer, regard: ta Jee nish jannoo soiagh jeh dty obbraghyn. Bible

oltaghey (=Ir. altú) 1 entertain, entertaining, entertainment, hospitality, receive, reception, refresh, regale, salutation, salute, treat, welcome a: hug eh oltaghey daue Bible; 2 (as food) bless; 3 (before food) grace

abundance (n.) laanid, lhieenaraght, palchid, palchys, skyoll, ymmodys; niart: Abundance of money - Niart argid. DF idiom; slane palchey; slane towse: they which receive abundance of grace - adsyn ter gheddyn slane towse dy ghrayse Bible; palchey: and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things - as lesh gennallys cree, son palchey eh dy chooilley nhee Bible

believing credjuagh; credjal: I am miles from believing it - She foddey voym eh credjal eh. DF idiom; credjue: And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive - As cre-erbee nee shiu geearree ayns padjer, lesh credjue, yiow shiu eh. Bible

everlasting beayn: he hath made with me an everlasting covenant - teh er nyannoo rhym conaant beayn Bible; bragh beayn; bragh farraghtyn; dy bragh: thou art from everlasting - tou uss veih dy bragh Bible; dy bragh farraghtyn: that they may receive you into everlasting habitations - dy vod ad shiu y ghoaill stiagh gys ny ynnydyn vaghee dy bragh farraghtyn Bible; er-dy-rieau: thou art God from everlasting; and world without end - she uss Jee er-dy-rieau, as seihll gyn jerrey Bible; foddey beayn: for an everlasting possession - son cummal foddey beayn Bible; gyn scuirr; kinjagh: by an everlasting covenant - liorish conaant kinjagh Bible; son dy bragh: For the Lord is gracious, his mercy is everlasting - Son tan Chiarn graysoil, ta e vyghin son dy bragh Bible; vees gy bragh

goaill stiagh 1 annex, comprise, contain, include, including; 2 annexation, inclusion, ingathering, intake; 3 comprehend; 4 take in, taking in a: rish shey-bleeaney nee oo cuirr dty halloo, as goaill stiagh ny messyn echey: Bible; 5 retain a: Lhig da dty chree goaill stiagh my ghoan Bible; 6 receive a: lhig dan chleaysh eu goaill stiagh goo e veeal Bible; b: cre vees yn goaill stiagh oc reesht, agh bioys veih ny merriu? Bible; 7 gather a: myr ta kiark goaill stiagh e hein Bible


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