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reaghys (f.) arbitration, arrangement, clearing, conciliation, set, settlement, tryst, understanding: Nod oo cur reaghys er y feysht shoh? DF

Inexact matches:

fer reaghys referee, umpire

gyn reaghys (as affair) open: Faag yn oyr gyn reaghys. DF

jannoo reaghys umpire

reaghys chaggee (f.) battle order, military array

reaghys cullyr (f.) colour scheme

reaghys greienyn (f.) instrumentation

cur reaghys er clear up, sort out, tidy

umpire eddyr-chiartagh, eddyr-chiartaghey, jannoo reaghys, reaghey; fer reaghee, fer reaghys, reagheyder

arrangement (n.) oardagh; reaghys: We had an arrangement - Va reaghys eddyr ain. DF idiom

clearing1 (n.) reaghys; seyrey

colour scheme (n.) reaghys cullyr

conciliation (n.) aachaarjys, caarjaghey, reaghys

instrumentation (n.) jeshaghtys, reaghys greienyn

military array (n.) reaghys chaggee

open2 (as affair) gyn reaghys

settlement (n.) reaghey, balley beg, glenney, kiartagh, rick; reaghys: This opens the door to a settlement - Ta shoh fosley yn raad gys reaghys. DF idiom; ynnyd–vaghee

tryst (n.) reaghys

arbitration (n.) briwnys, eddyr-chiartaghey, reagheydys, reaghys

clear up (v.) cur reaghys er

understanding reaghys: To come to an understanding with - Dy heet gys reaghys marish. DF idiom; tastaght; toiggalagh; toiggaltagh; toiggaltys; toiggalys; toiggyl; toiggal: It is past all understanding - T'eh erskyn ooilley toiggal. DF idiom; tushtey: He has a great understanding of Manx - Ta tushtey mooar jeh'n Ghaelg echey. DF idiom; tushtagh

battle order (n.) oardyr caggee, order-caggee; reaghys chaggee

referee (n.) briw, eddyr-chiartagh, fer reaghys; (v.) eddyr-chiartaghey

sort out (v.) cur reaghys er; sorchaghey

tidy cur reaghys er, jannoo skeoigh, jeshaghey; cumir; cumiragh; jeadagh; jesh; resoonagh; skeoigh

friendly (adj.) caarjysagh, mooinjeroil; caarjoil: Friendly understanding - Reaghys caarjoil. DF idiom; curtheet: Him and her have been too friendly - T'eshyn as ish er ve ro churtheet. DF idiom

will put ver: He will put things straight - Ver eh reaghys er. DF idiom

set1 beoyn, reaghey; chymsaght; cuirr; goll dy lhie, goll fo; jesheenaghey, kiartee; laare; lhejey; reaghys; sett; settit; soiagh: And the priest shall set the woman before the Lord - As neen saggyrt soiagh yn ven kiongoyrt y Chiarn Bible; soiaghey: and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof - as dorrys yn arg nee oo soiagheysy lhiattee echey Bible; soit; starkaghey; taah; troa; hoie: And God set them in the firmament of the heaven - As hoie Jee ad ayns yn aer fo niau Bible; hoit; (to); (dy) hoiaghey: And in cutting of stones, to set them - As ayns giarey claghyn, dy hoiaghey ad Bible; soiaghey jeh; soit: And there was set meat before - As va bee soit roish Bible; soie: Son of man, set thy face against Zidon - Vac y dooinney, soie dty eddin noi Zidon Bible


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